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Cleaners, Sealants and Sealers

TAL Cleaning Solvent

TAL CLEANING SOLVENT is a non-flammable cleaning solvent suitable for removing grease, oil and wax deposits or residues from glazed tiles, metal surfaces and other non-plastic and unpainted surfaces which are not susceptible to solvent attack.

TAL Epoxy Cleaning Fluid & Gel

TAL EPOXY CLEANING FLUID and GEL are a blend of solvents specifically designed to clean off uncured TAL EPOXY GROUT residues from the surface of tiles after the grouting operation. These products are non-flammable

Goldstar Sealmaster 1000

TAL Goldstar Sealmaster 1000 is a single component permanently flexible moisture curing polyurethane based adhesive and joint sealant. TAL Goldstar Sealmaster 1000 exhibits excellent properties for adhesion between most substrates and materials, including materials with dissimilar coefficients of expansion. TAL Goldstar Sealmaster 1000 is fast curing and is resistant to shock, vibration and temperature change when cured. Available in Grey. White and Black available by special order.

Goldstar Sealmaster 1000 General Purpose Method Statement

Application of TAL Goldstar Sealmaster 1000 Polyurethane Joint Sealant & Adhesive is a skilled operation and should only be carried out by experienced artisans with the correct training. Application by unskilled labour is not recommended.

Sealmaster Cord

TAL Sealmaster Cord is a flexible, readily compressible closed-cell polyethylene backing cord for use in conjunction with elastomeric joint sealants. TAL Sealmaster Cord is fully compatible with TAL Goldstar Sealmaster 1000 polyurethane joint sealant (and most other resilient joint sealants and caulking materials).

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