TAL Floor-Levelling System

Creating beautiful and durable flooring requires the right materials, tools, and techniques. The TAL multi-level system for resilient flooring is designed to meet these needs. It offers a complete range of products including moisture barriers, levelling and smoothing compounds, primers & adhesives that are specifically formulated for use with LVT or vinyl sheeting as well as laminate floors.

Screedmaster flooring


With this system in place you can be sure your floor will last an extended period of time without compromising on quality or aesthetics. To make things even easier we have created an exclusive website just for installers which includes a handy materials calculator so they can quickly determine how much product they need per level before starting their project!

Step by step process

Surface preparation

Taking your time beforehand to ensure that all surfaces are properly prepared for what lies ahead is key to a successful floor levelling project. Our step-by-step video on surface preparation will show you what to do.

Moisture barrier

High or fluctuating moisture levels in the substrate can cause major problems with your flooring installation over time. To help you get started on controlling moisture when levelling your floors, watch our step-by-step video.


Priming creates a strong bond between the substrate and the self-levelling compound. Our step-by-step video shows you how simple it is to apply for optimal results.

Self levelling

The installation of a self-levelling underlayment compound or screed is essential to ensure a smooth, flat and level surface. It also requires a team effort. Watch our easy-to-follow step by step video which shows exactly how it should be done.


The adhesive must be suitable for the installation of the selected floor covering. Different resilient floor coverings have different adhesive requirements. Watch our video to find a suitable adhesive for your project.


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