keyboard_arrow_upHow to prime a surface before tiling using Tal Keymix
keyboard_arrow_downHow to prime a surface before tiling using Tal Keymix

TAL KEYMIX is a cementitious powder primer to be used in a 2:1 mix (by volume) with TAL KEYCOAT. This mix offers phenomenal adhesion to most dense, impervious and smooth surfaces such as: powerfloated/steelfloated concrete and screeds, existing tiles, glass, etc

keyboard_arrow_upTAL’s New Bond Powder
keyboard_arrow_downTAL’s New Bond Powder

Struggling with cracked tiles and tiles that lift? Then take a look at our latest video on the features and benefits of our latest innovation, #TALBondPowder – a tile #adhesive and #grout additive that limits the possibility of your tiles lifting and cracking as it enhances the water resistance and flexibility in your tile adhesive and grout. #StrongestBond

keyboard_arrow_upReviving Shower Grout with TAL: How to remove and replace grout in a shower
keyboard_arrow_downReviving Shower Grout with TAL: How to remove and replace grout in a shower

This video, brought to you by TAL, will walk you through the step-by-step process of removing and replacing grout in a shower.

keyboard_arrow_upX-Calibur X-Tech UraFloor HT
keyboard_arrow_downX-Calibur X-Tech UraFloor HT

X-Tech UraFloor HT is a heavy duty solvent free polyurethane flooring system which is available in both screed and self levelling forms.

keyboard_arrow_upPriming a surface
keyboard_arrow_downPriming a surface

We share some TAL tips on priming a surface before tiling it.

keyboard_arrow_upGrouting Tips
keyboard_arrow_downGrouting Tips

We discuss the basics of grouting and give you some top tips from TAL.

keyboard_arrow_upTips on tile adhesives
keyboard_arrow_downTips on tile adhesives

We give you some TAL Top Tips on tile adhesives and how to use them correctly.

keyboard_arrow_upHow to grout with TAL tile grout
keyboard_arrow_downHow to grout with TAL tile grout

A video demonstrating the ways in which you can do your own grouting using TAL grout.

keyboard_arrow_upTAL X-Calibur X-Tech SuperFlow
keyboard_arrow_downTAL X-Calibur X-Tech SuperFlow

TAL X-Calibur X-Tech SuperFlow is a cement based, self-smoothing, decorative screed available in a wide range of colours. The system is designed to produce a hard wearing and seamless decorative floor surface suitable for light commercial and residential interior applications.

keyboard_arrow_upTAL X-Calibur introduces X-Tech StoneFlow
keyboard_arrow_downTAL X-Calibur introduces X-Tech StoneFlow

TAL X-Calibur is introducing a newly developed industrial grade, rapid-setting and self-smoothing decorative screed called X-Tech StoneFlow.

keyboard_arrow_upAbout TAL Adhesives – Corporate Video
keyboard_arrow_downAbout TAL Adhesives – Corporate Video

TAL is a leader in tile and construction adhesives with a track record of more than forty years.