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Supporting the recycling industry

By installing Eco-Insulation under the roof or underfloor, you are also supporting a recycling industry where discarded newspapers get recycled up into a truly great insulation product.
eco-insulation made from recycled newspaper
So you, too, can be part of this new circular economy, a part which also saves electricity bills in the home or office by keeping an even temperature under the roof. This drastically reduces the need to run expensive heaters or air conditioners, winter or summer.
At Eco-Insulation, we help the warmth inside your home to come down and not escape through the roof! It’s as simple as that. Saves money and makes you more comfortable indoors…. ask us how.
A very useful benefit of Eco-Insulation is its ability to act as a noise absorber (sound dampener). When pumped into underfloor cavities, it gives great noise protection to the room, as well as to any room that may be underneath.
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The company recently took part in the refurbishment of a church in a Cape Town suburb, where the platform was filled with 7m3 of Eco-Insulation to dampen the sound of foot traffic on the wood. The installation will also assist with general acoustics in the hall.
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