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DWH Heat Pump
WPL Air-Water Heat Pump
SNU SLi Small Water Heaters
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The small water heaters for undersink installation make their case in many ways. They are equipped with a variable temperature selection from 35 °C and 85 °C, enabling water to be drawn at all times at the same temperature. The optional temperature limits at 38, 45, 55 or 65 °C act as anti-scalding settings or can be used as economy settings. With the SNU 5 SL anti-drip-comfort, the anti-drip function prevents the tap from dripping during heating up, which in turn prevents scale deposits and saves water. Furthermore, the Thermostop function prevents heat from being radiated via the mixer tap in standby when operating the SNU 5 SL anti-drip-comfort, SNU 10 SL comfort and the UFP 5 t.

SOL 27 Premium
CK 20 Premium Rapid Heater
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With its elegant design and high heating output, the CK Premium series of rapid heaters are perfect for rooms that need to be heated quickly and for short periods. With their tangential fans, STIEBEL ELTRON rapid heaters are among the quietest in their class (silent mode). The comfort functions of the integral controller, such as the 7-day timer and open window detection, highlight the efficiency and High-quality features of the appliance.

CK 20 Trend Rapid Heater
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The appliance is a wall mounted electric direct heater. It is suitablefor use in areas such as workspaces, kitchens, bathrooms and alike.The appliance heats the indoor air and keeps it at the selected temperature. The appliance includes a fan that draws in indoor air through an air intake at the back of the appliance. Inside the appliance, the intake air is routed over a PTC heating element.Heated air is expelled through the air discharge at the front ofthe appliance. When the selected room temperature has been reached, the appliance maintains it through repeated heating.The appliance is equipped with a high limit safety cut-out that switches the appliance off in case it overheats. Once the cause ofthe fault has been eliminated, the appliance restarts within a few minutes (cooling period).The appliance is equipped with further overheating protection in the form of a fuse that shuts down the appliance irreversibly in the event of severe overheating.

CK 20 Trend LCD Rapid Heater
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The CK 20 Trend LCD rapid heater is an affordable solution that generates the required heat directly. A power outlet is all that's required for electrical connection. The user friendly position of the programming unit enables easy access to temperature control. The CK 20 Trend LCD rapid heater fits into the smallest of recesses.

CNS S Electric Direct Heater
keyboard_arrow_downCNS S Electric Direct Heater

The CNS S is a wall mounted electric direct heater. The appliance is suitable as a full heating system in bathrooms, and as a booster heater in smaller rooms, such as lobby and guest rooms. The air in the appliance is heated by a heating element and expelled via natural convection through the air outlet grille at the top. Cool room air flows through the apertures at the bottom of the appliance.

CNS Trend Convector Heater
keyboard_arrow_downCNS Trend Convector Heater

The CNS Trend Convector Heater - The appliance is a wall mounted electric direct heater.The appliance is suitable for use as a stand-alone heating system,or can be used in spring and autumn and as a booster heater insmaller rooms.The air inside the appliance is heated by a heating element andexpelled via natural convection through the air discharge at thetop. Cool indoor air is drawn in through the air intake on the underside of the appliance.When the set room temperature is reached, it is maintained by periodic heating.

CON Premium Wall Mounted Convector Heater
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CON 30 Premium wall convector – heating with style.The CON 30 Premium wall convector offers a unique combination of functionality and aesthetics. The CON 30 Premium enhances its environment not only by providing pleasant heat, but also through its elegant design.

DHC EL Water Heater
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The DHC EL range of water heaters can automaticially reduce water and energy use based on the set tempreture control of the user.

DHB-E SLi Water Heater
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On the DHB-E SL instantaneous water heater, the water temperature is continuously electronically controlled by three sensors with 3i technology. This makes temperature fluctuations a thing of the past and guarantees accurate temperature delivery right up to maximum output – for enjoyable showers.With its high efficiency and output, the DHB-E SL instantaneous water heater offers reliable functionality for constant hot water. The rotary selector quickly enables accurate temperature delivery between 30 and 60 °C.

DHC – E Water Heater
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The electronic compact instantaneous water heater DHC-E reliably supplies one or more draw-off points. Up to the output limit, hot water always flows at precisely the required temperature. The electronic control ensures that the appliance output adjusts automatically subject to the temperature of the water supply and the selected DHW temperature. The DHW temperature is variably adjustable. The tubular heater system with pressure-tested copper casing is suitable for soft water areas.

DHE SLi Water Heater
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The DHE electronic comfort delivers accurately heated water and spoils you, upon demand, with four functions for good health. The intelligent, electronic control unit always maintains your required temperature precisely, and saves up to 30 % water and energy, compared to hydraulically regulated instantaneous water heaters. The system actively compensates for any fluctuations in pressure and supply temperature. Using the multi-function display, the required temperature can be selected accurately to the last degree - the same as all other comfort functions. Even installation is amazingly convenient as the unit fits in everywhere - and it can be mounted over or under a sink.

Ultronic Hand Dryer
EBK 5 G Water Boiler
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The water boilers quickly raise the water to boiling point inside the clear high-grade glass container. The hot water is safely and conveniently drawn off through the integral tap, which is available in a classic chrome or elegant plastic version. There's no need for all that pouring and re-pouring when brewing large volumes of tea, for example, so reducing the risk of scalding. Equally, very small volumes of water – such as for a single cup of tea – are brought to the boil safely and economically. The temperature is variably adjustable and the appliance switches off automatically once the required temperature has been reached.

HTE Hand Dryer
IS E-2 Shower Water Heater
keyboard_arrow_downIS E-2 Shower Water Heater

Instantaneous water heater (open outlet) for suppling domestic hot water for a shower. The unit comes with a shower head that offers 5 settings in total.

IW 120 Small Heater
keyboard_arrow_downIW 120 Small Heater

Wall mounted radiant heater with up to 30° pivoting, highly polished reflector and quartz heater rods. Wall mounted, it givesoff pleasant warmth immediately, without air movement. It is particularly suitable for bathrooms, porches or covered patios.

SHC 10 AU Small Water Heaters
keyboard_arrow_downSHC 10 AU Small Water Heaters

The small water heater constantly keeps the water content available at the preselected temperature. The appliance switches on automatically as soon as its temperature falls below the set value.Subject to season, varying cold water temperatures can result indifferent maximum mixed water and outlet volumes.