Stainless steel cladding in kitchens

Why choose stainless steel cladding for the kitchen?

Stainless steel modular kitchens will always be on-trend because of the many benefits. Stainless steel is heat resistant and resistant to environmental effects such as water, acids and fungus’. The non-porous metal restricts corrosion on the surface and is far more hygienic because it is easy to clean.

stainless steel kitchen cladding

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Stainless steel cladding is required in areas that exceed 60°. The cladding fixed to the wall will protect the building structure from excessive heat and any potential fire. The shine and polish from stainless steel are attractive and long-lasting. The best food-friendly surface too.

Where to use?

Cladding that is environmentally friendly, aesthetically pleasing and all-round hygienic is the best option. For sustainable design, stainless steel is 100% recyclable. In kitchens, use stainless steel cladding behind ovens, as a splashback above stovetops and countertops. The shine of the stainless steel will add a modern twist to any kitchen that will be easy to clean from grease, oil and other kitchen-borne bacteria. It can also be used outside around braai areas. In bakeries use the cladding around large ovens. Stainless steel cladding can also be used in areas that are prone to scratches or heavy traffic.

How is it fixed?

Sheets or coils are joined in H section profiles and fixed using a polyurethane adhesive. The corners of the cladding are folded using a hydraulic press for safety and hygiene reasons.

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Stainless Steel Cladding

Ideas and inspirations

Union Tiles have a range of metal mosaic tiles ideal for a backsplash.

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Mac Brothers supply stainless steel commercial tables and wall benches.

Commercial Tables and Wall Benches

EC Laridon offers a wide range of stainless steel shelving units.

Laboratory Shelving

Franke’s catering and industrial range of stainless steel sinks, tables, wall benches and shelving are great for kitchens.

Catering & Industrial Products | Franke


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