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What sets this product apart from similar products?

The Kelley Dock Leveller has patented deck beams to optimise twist resistance and stress distribution. Beams are robotically welded to the deck. Features include: 27 275 kg safety dock leveller support legs, automatic lip extension, toe guards with two galvanised sliding guards, high volume, low pressure air bag lifting mechanism. The lifting bag, gaskets and fittings are resistant to chemical washdown, temperature exposure and rodents and maintains its lifting effectiveness even if punctured.

Strongest warranty in the Industry

The Kelley FX Dock leveller features a lifetime lip hinge assembly guarantee in addition to a 10-year structural warranty on factory-approved dock leveller installations, a five-year parts and labour warranty on the lifting system, air bag, seals, fittings, gaskets, hoses and motor and a one-year parts and labour guarantee on remaining components.

Other models in our range include:

  • Manual and electro-hydraulic swing lip and extending lip dock levellers
  • Vertical storing dock levellers
  • Mini edge-of-dock dock levellers
  • Manual dock flaps
  • Elevating Docks / Scissor Lifts
  • Manual and electro-hydraulic scissor lift platforms purpose-built to suit almost any application
  • Capacities ranging from 500 kg to 25 000 kg
  • Travel from 0 mm – 3 000 mm
Richards-Wilcox Sectional Insulated Doors

Our insulated sectional doors continue with the latest polyurethane technology providing a very rigid, energy saving and long lasting door system. The panels are sourced from our supplier in Canada with the remaining componentry sourced in the R.S.A. and fully manufactured in R.S.A. Typical installation include commercial and industrial warehouses, mining, underground parking, high security and refrigeration.

The door can be tailored to suit any application and almost any size opening, offering options of viewing panels, full perimeter sealing system and 220V electric drive. The Richards-Wilcox Thermatite door arguably offers the most durable and aesthetically pleasing industrial door on the market today.

Kelly Foamside Dock Shelter
  • Combines the flexibility of a seal and the full trailer access of a shelter
  •  Handles a variety of trailer widths and off-centre impact without damage
  •  Keeps the outside elements such as rain and dust out of the warehouse as well as providing energy saving benefits required for the cold chain.
  •  Do not require expensive thermal panel projections
  •  Other seals and shelters in our range include:
  •  Rigid shelters
  •  Conventional dock pad seals
  •  Inflatable seals
Suretest Fire Doors
  • Featherlite counterbalance system with 100 000 cycle warranty.
  • Floor disconnect lever allows for convenient and frequent testing of door closing mechanism.
  • Fluid governor controls the rate of door descent to prevent violent vibration.
  • Cable safety bracket assembly.
  • Small and large contour and flat slat design.
  • Manual, chain hoist or electric motor operation.
  • 4-hour fire rating (internationally approved).
  • 3 phase protection – fusible link, smoke detector and interface with alarm system.
Other products

Stab-A-Load also supplies dual arm dock lights, truck levellers, mobile scissors lifts, combination scissors lifts, goods lifts, dumbwaiters, truck restraints, truck guides, pallet trucks, dock bumpers, high speed doors and pallet inverters.