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Enhancing access control: Turnstar Systems installs Speedgate Secure Lanes at bank head office

In an impressive display of their expertise, Turnstar Systems, a renowned provider of physical access control solutions, has recently completed the manufacturing and installation of three cutting-edge Speedgate Secure lanes at a bank head office in Cape Town. This remarkable solution not only prioritises safety but also adds a touch of visual appeal to the entrance. Let’s delve into the details of this innovative project.

Speed lanes access control at Capitec ban head office.

Safe and stylish entrance solutions

Turnstar Systems has gone above and beyond by equipping the supplied lanes with 1 200mm high glass panels. This strategic design choice ensures both security and aesthetics are seamlessly integrated into the entrance solution. The elevated glass panels provide a secure environment while simultaneously creating an inviting and visually pleasing atmosphere for visitors.

Seamless integration with access control readers

To further streamline the access control process, Turnstar Systems modified the cabinet design. The objective was to facilitate the smooth integration of access control readers, enabling a more efficient and hassle-free experience for authorised personnel. This thoughtful adaptation guarantees a seamless and effective access management system within the premises.

Diverse lane configurations

The installation at the head office consists of two 550mm wide lanes and one wider lane measuring 900mm. The versatility of these configurations allows for convenient passage of both deliveries and individuals using wheelchairs. Turnstar Systems recognises the importance of accessibility and strives to cater to the diverse needs of their clients.

Ensuring pedestrian safety

Prioritising pedestrian safety, the Speedgate Secure lanes are equipped with a sensor array along the length of the cabinets. This innovative feature ensures the well-being of individuals passing through the gates. By constantly monitoring the surroundings, the system effectively mitigates potential risks and enhances the overall security measures.

Uncompromising security compliance

Meeting the bank’s stringent security requirements is of utmost importance to Turnstar Systems. Upon completion of a valid entry or exit, the glass wings of the Speedgate Secure lanes immediately close, providing an additional layer of security. This swift response guarantees absolute protection and aligns perfectly with the bank’s commitment to safeguarding their premises.

A testament to innovation and personalisation

With this installation, Turnstar Systems proudly reaffirms its dedication to delivering innovative and personalised access control solutions. By continuously pushing the boundaries of technological advancements, they demonstrate their commitment to ensuring the safety and convenience of their valued clients.

In conclusion, Turnstar Systems’ successful implementation of the Speedgate Secure lanes at the bank’s head office in Cape Town showcases their unwavering expertise in the field of physical access control solutions. The combination of safety, style, and accessibility is a testament to their commitment to excellence. As Turnstar Systems continues to pioneer groundbreaking solutions, clients can rest assured that their security needs are in capable hands.

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