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Strong demand for sectional steel garage doors

The Wispeco Lux-A-Door from DurowinStrong demand in South Africa for the Lux-A-Door range of steel sectional garage doors – not least as an alternative to timber garage doors – has prompted Duro Pressings to double the production capacity for the popular brand.

Duro is a big producer and distributor of steel and aluminium windows, doors and allied products used in the home improvement and construction sectors. Lux-A-Door products are manufactured under licence to an international principal at Duro’s Wispeco Garage Doors & Home Automation facility in Alrode, Johannesburg. 

“National market demand for Lux-A-Door has already absorbed the increased output created by the recently completed expansion and the production lines are operating on two shifts a day to cope with volumes,” says Phillip Tobiansky, an executive director of Duro. 

“In fact, local requirements are at such a high level that Duro is currently hard pressed to accept orders from builders in neighbouring countries, where the product is also gaining strong support,” he adds. 

The Lux-A-Door expansion has come in a recession-induced economic climate in which home construction and maintenance costs are close to, or beyond, the reach of many existing and aspirant homeowners and cost efficiency has seldom been in sharper focus. 

“As a result, building component manufacturers, architects, builders, quantity surveyors, renovators and maintenance contractors are constantly seeking, finding, and implementing, cost-effective solutions that don’t compromise the quality, aesthetics and, most important, the value of residential property,” says Tobiansky. “The expansion of Lux-A-Door has been part of that process.” 

He adds that Lux-A-Door is generally marketed at a 40% discount to the high-maintenance timber alternative.

Driven by low-maintenance mechanical systems that are available in both manual and automated options, the Lux-A-Door range comes with the security and rugged toughness of a traditional Wispeco steel door, and a choice of distinctive patterned designs and wood-grained finishes. Standard size and customised doors are available – offering variations in height, width and number of panels per door. 

Further features of the Lux-A-Door range, include:

  • Installation that completely clears the garage opening, allowing maximum drive-in clearance
  • Heavy-duty tracks which prevent twisting or buckling on even the largest doors
  • Nylon-coated wheels that run on ball bearings; high-durability cable wire; and fully galvanised components – all of which combine to ensure ultra-durable operation
  • Super-strong rigid panel construction which provides maximum protection against strong winds
  • Use of superior graded steels in manufacture
  • A whisper-smooth vertical action that allows parking just millimetres from the door
  • A dust strip to keep out wind and dust.