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Deutsche Bank Urban Age Award Cape Town entries

The fifth Deutsche Bank Urban Age Award (DBUAA) – in Cape Town this year – has received the highest number of submissions – 254 – since the award programme was established in 2007. 

The submissions reflect the vibrancy and creativity of Cape Town’s citizens in tackling the social and urban challenges of their city. From a range of social and geographical backgrounds, the projects indicate that strong and diverse alliances are being built to improve the urban environment and quality of life. The support of universities, local authorities and government programmes and the cooperation of different community organisations have been important factors in the success of the projects. 

The Cape Town projects are generally of a high quality and range across categories such as education, culture, environment, sanitation, public space, local economies and social integration.

The winner is to be announced on April 19, 2012 at the Civic Centre in Cape Town. 

Wolfgang Nowak, director of Deutsche Bank’s Alfred Herrhausen Society, said, “All the projects submitted for the Deutsche Bank Urban Age Award are ambassadors of the good ideas of Cape Town. They make me very optimistic for the future of the city.” 

The award will be judged by an independent jury of international and local members from a mix of disciplines. The three international jury members are Professor Ricky Burdett, director of LSE Cities; the former Mayor of Washington DC, Tony Williams; and architect Enrique Norten (TEN Arquitectos, Mexico/New York). The jury is chaired by Edgar Pieterse, director of the African Centre for Cities at UCT, and the local jury members are Nomfundo Walaza, CEO of the Desmond Tutu Peace Centre; poet, playwright and performer Malika Ndlovu; and CEO of the Cape Town Partnership, Andrew Boraine. 

Commenting on the high number of submissions, Pieterse said, “It is a testament to the vibrant grassroots energy in Cape Town. And it indicates that if government and business truly want to address the problems of the city, they need to look closely at what is happening on the ground and they can find the partners to make a lasting impact.”