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Gypsum board for ceilings and walls

Lafarge-Gypsum-ceiling-installationSouth Africa is one of the few countries in the world using the 6.4mm thick Jumbo® Plasterboard in residential ceiling applications, as well as in commercial construction. This board is one of the new residential products available from Lafarge Gypsum. Although it is only 6.4 mm thick, it offers the rigidity and core strength for easy handling on construction sites as well as allowing for nail pull and ensuring clean cuts when it is trimmed for use.

It also offers excellent insulation properties making it ideal for use in the RDP housing sector where it would serve to make the houses more energy-efficient. Fitted gypsum board ceilings providing insulation against heat and cold can dramatically improve the thermal comfort of the home. They also provide effective sound insulation and add to the visual appeal of a home, at a relatively low cost.

In place of the traditional finish, ivory coloured paper is used on the Lafarge board, which means that it requires less paint to achieve the same finished effect as on other products. When wet, it can be curved to form bulkheads, curved ceilings and curved walls or partitions. For the contractor, the board is easy to transport in bulk. It is now being produced in lengths from 2.4m up to 4.2m, in 300mm increments, so wastage is substantially reduced.

Jack van Dyk, technical services manager at Lafarge Gypsum South Africa, says the company has introduced several new gypsum products in order to offer specifiers and homeowners a greater choice in quality finishing products. Put into production locally in November 2009, the board is constructed based on a new “recipe” and is now available in major markets served by Lafarge, which include South Africa, Tanzania and Mauritius.

Van Dyk says the local market for gypsum board is growing as its acceptance by contractors and specifiers increases. It is worth noting that if the board is used with insulation and with more than one board laminated to another, it does provide adequate sound dampening properties. Extensive use of the board in hotel applications amply demonstrates this capability. In addition, as building costs increase, more contractors are looking at using gypsum board for internal walls in residential buildings.