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The 2017 brief for the PG Bison 1.618 competition and awards

PG Bison 1618 Competition 2017PG Bison launched the 2017 brief for their long-standing 1.618 Competition in March. This year it is based on the Environmental Centre, Delta Park Heritage Precinct, in Johannesburg.

Rural to urban migration and urban sprawl with the correlated development of commercial and residential property elevates the importance of park lands, within cities, in creating refuge from the hustle of daily life. Rather than becoming overgrown and disused, these areas should be leveraged to encourage healthier living, community interaction and environmental awareness.

The brief

You are a skilled designer with a flair for the unusual. You have an appreciation and understanding of urban regeneration. You are an acknowledged heritage aficionado and awareness of context is the hallmark of your work. You have been appointed to transform an ailing building, within one of Johannesburg’s key parks, into a vibrant gastronomic restaurant.

Your design must incorporate three areas of the building:

  • The ground floor entrance of the central block
  • The adjoining north eastern room
  • The adjoining outdoor area located on the north eastern side of the building

Your design must only consider “front of house.”

PG Bison have agreed to sponsor the DuPont™ Corian® product so your design must include an innovative use of the product.

Some of the key considerations

  • Your restaurant must create a unique indoor and outdoor experience for the patrons, which is seamlessly linked
  • The connection between the interior and exterior of the restaurant must be able to be closed and secured in a designed and aesthetically pleasing manner to protect against inclement weather and for security.
  • Your design should be a considered response to the Art Deco style of the original structure. The theme and style of the restaurant is for you to choose.

Submission deadline: Tuesday 8 August 2017

Book a Roadshow Presentation

The 2017 Roadshow presentations are underway, do contact the competition office if you would like to book a presentation of this year’s competition brief.

For more information please contact the PG Bison 1.618 Competition and Awards office on:

073 202 8308

011 781 0439