Sophisticated aesthetics with the smallest spatial requirements

With the new compact Levolan 60 sliding door system, GEZE has created a new sophisticated solution to design easy-to-use manual glass and wooden sliding doors for interior use. Small fitting dimensions and linear design with a narrow roller carriage suit every installation situation. The sophisticated fitting technology can be used for door leaf weights of up to 60kg. Integrating the complete fitting technology into the roller carriage offers a further design advantage, as well as fast and simple processing.

Product benefits

  • Modular fitting system for glass and wooden leaves, as well as fixed installation.
  • Glass leaf widths of 8, 10 and 12 mm can be used
  • Integrated Levolan SoftStop draw-in damping for additional safety and convenience
    • Sliding door leaves are gently and safely guided into the end position
    • Stopping at the frame or buffer is avoided
    • The risk of trapped fingers is virtually impossible
  • Removal protection is automatically activated as soon as the door leaf is hung, thus providing further safety.
  • Modular system: standard sets with accessories
  • Specially constructed rollers allow for outstanding load distribution and almost silent operation
  • Roller carriages suitable for both ceiling and wall installation
  • Integrated eccentric setting allows for the comfortable and continuous balancing of structural tolerances, thus guaranteeing the exact leaf progression when installed.
  • One-tool strategy: fast and simple installation with just an Allen key and an open-ended wrench
  • Simple and fast fitting installation: allows for the convenient hanging of the door carriage with leaf in the roller carriage and also allows for simple adjustment from the front and then permits panels to be clipped on without the need for any additional tools or screws.

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