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Cordex is a sealant backing cord made from low density, cross-linked, closed cell, expanded Polyethylene foam. No bond breaker required between cord and sealant. It has a good recovery capacity.

Typical applications include being used in various types of expansion joints as a backer for joint sealant or caulking materials. It is also used in vertical joints and elevated horizontal joints in concrete, brick or metal construction. Cordex is used in copings, doors, curtain wall construction and pre-cast units, as well as for piping in the furniture industry.


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  • Cordex is waterproof.
  • Compatible with joint sealants such as silicone, polysulphide, polyurethane, butyl, bitumen and acrylic sealants.
  • Requires no bond breaker between the cord and the sealant.
  • Is highly flexible and has a good recovery capacity, providing a permanent secondary seal behind the joint sealant.
  • Hour-glass cross-section cell structure ensures that stresses are uniformly distributed so that maximum bonding occurs at high stress areas.
  • Composition: Closed cell, expanded Polyethylene.
  • Density: 38 kg/m3
  • Diameter: 6mm to 60mm.
  • Elongation: Recovers to 97 %.
  • Water Absorption: 5 % of volume after 24 hrs.
  • General: Totally inert and has no rodent attraction. Must not be stored in clear plastic bags. Has a skin surface, therefore no sealants adhere to its surface.

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