Solar power on the move

Wintec Solutions supplies the innovative solargorilla and solarmonkey portable solar panels  which provide users with a mobile, photovoltaic power source – ideal for people working on remote construction sites, or sites that are not connected to the electrical grid.

Both compact kits, the solargorilla can be used to power notebook computers and most handheld technology devices while the smaller solarmonkey is designed primarily to recharge cellphones.

The solargorilla contains two robust PV (photovoltaic) panels which generate power by photovoltaic effect – producing electric power when they are exposed to sunlight. The compact unit folds open, like a laptop, so that the panels can be opened to the sunlight. A green LED indicates the strength of the charge. The solargorilla’s 24V and 5V USB socket make it a useful renewable power source for notebook computers and smaller handheld devices like cellphones or iPods. It typically provides reliable high energy, although performance will vary according the levels of sunlight and the device being powered.

The solargorilla is supplied with a pack of connector tips which make it compatible with most notebooks, iPod, iPhone, most standard cellphones, and other devices. Folded closed the solar panels of the solargorilla are protected by a tough, rubberised casing, ready to travel. The kit weighs just 700g.

The solarmonkey, like the solargorilla, contains two solar panels in a fold-out / fold-up design, just in a smaller size, a little bigger than a regular cellphone. The solarmonkey kit includes a solarnut – or battery interface – and a range of connectors (monkeynuts) which make the kit compatible with most standard cellphones and other handheld devices. With these smart, mobile, solar power kits you can stay connected anywhere under the sun.

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