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Sika® WT-200P

Sika crystallises 100 years of waterproofing experience with the launch of their new SikaWT200 P ‘self-healing’ crystalline admixture.

Sika WT-200 P concrete admixture for waterproofing

Sika’s latest waterproofing innovation is Sika WT200 P. The benefits of Sika’s WT Series have already been established on significant projects around the world. Sika WT-200 P is a new admixture powder that is added directly to the ready-mix load on the construction vehicle. This crystalline admixture enables concrete cracks to ‘self-heal’ and therefore block water, even when under extreme hydrostatic pressure; and it will continue to reactivate whenever water is present.

The need for such a solution is critical. Concrete is a porous material. The many pores or voids in concrete are created by excess water in the mix that is not used in the chemical reaction that hardens the concrete. Once the concrete is dry, external water finds these pores and seeps through.

There are many instances however where it is essential that water is unable to travel though concrete. Swimming pools, water retaining structures, dams and wastewater treatment structures need to keep water in. Basements, parking garages, utility or plant rooms and tunnels need to keep water out.

When present in hardened concrete, Sika WT-200 P forms a non-soluble crystalline material throughout the pore and capillary structure and seals the concrete permanently against penetration of water or other liquids. In addition, the special formula and ingredients of Sika WT-200 P enhance the ‘self-healing’ properties of concrete.

The Sika WT series in waterproof concrete delivers the following advantages:

  • Service life of the structure is increased
  • Durability and sustainability of the hardened concrete is significantly improved
  • Water-tightness is ensured without other costly measures
  • Maintenance costs are reduced

Sika WT-200 P is packaged in plastic buckets, each containing 6 x 1.75kg bags. These bags are disposable so they can be thrown directly into back of the ready-mix truck. The dose rate is 1% by weight of cement.

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