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Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality, based in Isando, is the local authority and government for Gauteng, the former East Rand area. The Ekurhuleni Municipal Police Department needed a refurbishment of their existing floor, requiring a new, durable and aesthetic finish.

Sika’s Arthur McGeer, with his acclaimed flooring solutions and technical expertise, was called in for the 1100m² floor upgrade. The initial phase of the project commenced in June 2018 when Sika’s specialised flooring product was specified by Donaspex contractor, Eric Blount. The existing floor had an old epoxy coating which was peeling off in areas, necessitating a total recoating of the floor. The client had
requested that the floor was to have an attractive and clean finish, which was
exactly what Sika accomplished with the Sikafloor-24N PurCem.

Sikafloor®-24N PurCem® is a multi-component, coloured polyurethane modified, cement and aggregate thin layer screed with self-smoothing properties. It provides an easy-to-clean smooth surface, with medium slip resistance, and is typically installed at 3.0 to 4.0mm thick for non-regulated general industrial applications. The application on this floor was at 3L/m2 for a 3mm floor coating.

Separate strips of different colours were used on the floor as a decorative finish resulting in the challenge of not being able to apply both colour coatings simultaneously, which was time-consuming and required pinpoint accuracy. The green was applied first and allowed to dry before the application of the red coating.

With high-quality products producing the desired glossy and attractive finish and the project being completed in just a month, the client was thrilled to see the change that was so desperately needed.


Dawood Vawda, a well-known entrepreneur in the North-West of KZN. Owning two Mica stores in Estcourt and Ladysmith is now opening The Square Shopping Centre in Ladysmith where his third Mica franchise will also be opened. As the developer and owner of The Square Shopping Centre, Vader had a vested interested in the overall project and ensured premium products were used both in the construction and finishing touches.

Sika has recently launched a brand new tile adhesive range, including a porcelain adhesive product suitable for applying the porcelain tile finish to both the walls and the floors of the Shopping. Sika’s Regional Manager, Mervyn Naidoo, was on site to offer sound advice on correct applications and products for the specified requirements. This is the largest tile adhesive project for Sika SA to date, completing a total of 11880m² of floor and wall tile area of the mall.

SikaCeram-200 Porcelain the tile adhesive used for all floor tiles throughout the mall as well as the walls in the passages leading to the bathroom areas. SikaCeram-200 Porcelain is a single component, pre-packed tile adhesive mortar, combining cement with selected grades of sand and synthetic polymers. SikaCeram-200 Porcelain Tile adhesive is easily mixed with water to produce a smooth, thixotropic, tile adhesive for thin or thick-bed application.

In addition to the interior finishes, the project also required waterproofing of the outside walkways and entrance. Cemflex (250lt), an acrylic based emulsion was the simple solution, chosen for its ease of application and efficacy. It improves the water resistance and adhesion of Portland cement based composites. It is watertight and has good abrasion resistance, ideal for the general wear and tear cause by foot traffic.

For minor patch repairs incorporated in to the screed mix, Sika Latex® was the product chosen and is a synthetic rubber emulsion. The product is suitable for use in tropical and hot climatic conditions. It is known to have extremely good adhesion, reduced shrinkage greater flexibility and excellent water resistance. This product is suitable for use in tropical and hot climatic conditions.

Sikalastic-560, one component, liquid applied waterproofing membrane, was then specified to waterproof the flat roofs of the power station room. Sikalastic-560 provides excellent adhesion on both porous and non-porous substrates as well as on bituminous products, and since it is a completely seamless, fully bonded system, the risk of leaks due to overlap failures, is totally negated. Combining the high performance of polyurethane dispersion with the familiar properties of an acrylic, Co-elastic Technology offers an unsurpassed performance compared to conventional acrylic dispersion; higher elastic and crack-bridging properties, faster drying times, higher UV resistance resulting in better colour stability and durability, as well as
being environmentally friendly with very low odour and Volitile Organic Compounds (VOC) free.

Sikaflex®PRO 3i a one part, moisture curing, elastic joint sealant was used to for the expansion joints of the floor in the interior section of the mall. Sikaflex®PRO-3 is a multipurpose floor joint sealant suitable for movement and connection joints in floors, joints in contact with potable water and indoor and outdoor applications for pedestrian and traffic areas

Sika’s high quality products were essential for the contractor to complete this project in the specified 12 month period. Checkers had opened in the first week of August 2018. Although finer details of the project are yet to be completed, it is expected that the mall will be have the Grand opening at the beginning of September 2018.


The Southern Sun Hemmingways Hotel, based in East London is a luxurious and beautifully-appointed 4-star hotel, suitably located on the Hemingways Casino complex grounds.

Southern Sun necessitated the refurbishment of the existing factory floors to keep up with the momentum of their growing business. Their client and main contractor, WBHO was looking for a new, durable and aesthetic finish to the floor. Sika was called in for their specialized flooring solutions and technical expertise for the upgrade of the 10 000m² outer deck floor.

February 2017 saw the initial phase of the project when Sika’s expert flooring products were specified by CCS Contractors. The outer deck floor had considerably deteriorated over time and had to be completely removed and redone. The client specified that the floor was to withstand medium to heavy wear and have an attractive and clean finish, which was exactly what Sika accomplished with the Sikafloor and Sikalastic 800 series.

Firstly Sikafloor-161, an economic two part, low viscosity epoxy resin was used for priming the entire outer deck. Its excellent bond strength, easy application and low viscosity are a few of the advantages this product has to offer.

Sikalastic-8800 a two part, elastic, 100% solids, very fast curing and coloured pure polyurea liquid applied membrane with good chemical resistance was used as a top coat after Sikafloor-161 had been applied. It has almost immediate return-to-service time.

Sika’s acclaimed Sikaflex Pro-3 i-cure; Sikadur-Combiflex SG Bandage system and Sikadur-43 ZA were used in the final stages of the project to waterproof the expansion joints. Full on- site support was undertaken by Sika’s Area Sales Manager- Eastern Cape, John Zehmke providing CCS Contractors with information about product performance, correct application methods and technical data.

Sikaflex PRO-3 i-Cure, a one-part, moisture-curing, elastic joint sealant that incorporates Sika’s advanced i-Cure Technology. Designed to reduce emissions, i-Cure sealants and adhesives are solvent-free and totally odourless, thereby meeting the highest and increasingly stringent international emission standards. Sikaflex PRO-3 provides a movement capability of 25%, bubble-free curing and high mechanical and chemical resistance. This high performance, multi-purpose sealant is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

Ideally suited to this project, the Sikadur-Combiflex SG system is a high performance joint and crack-sealing system that meets stringent international standards for contact with drinking water. The system consists of a modified, flexible Polyolefin (FPO) waterproofing tape with advanced adhesion properties. Fast and simple to install, it is approved for both hot and cold water applications, and includes UV and root resistance, as well as resistance to many different chemicals.

Sikadur-43 ZA, a solvent-free, three-component, repair and filling mortar it provides rapid, shrinkage-free hardening and high mechanical strength as well as abrasion and impact resistance.

The challenges faced were due to the exposed parking deck the weather played a huge role and caused a few delays. However the project was completed in five months and the client was extremely happy with the outcome.

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