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Manufacturer and distributor of the Sika range of construction and automotive chemicals including waterproofing, mortar and concrete additives, concrete repair products, epoxy flooring, protective coatings, sealants and adhesives.

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Sika South Africa
keyboard_arrow_upSikafloor Garage: 2-part water based epoxy coating
Sika South Africa
keyboard_arrow_downSikafloor Garage: 2-part water based epoxy coating

Sikafloor® Garage is a two part, water dispersed, coloured, epoxy resin based coating. that can be used for concrete, cement screeds, broadcast systems and epoxy mortars. It can be subjected to normal up to medium heavy mechanical and chemical loading and is used for production areas, warehouses, car park decks, garages, etc.

Sika South Africa
keyboard_arrow_upSikaFlex Crystal Clear
Sika South Africa
keyboard_arrow_downSikaFlex Crystal Clear

SikaFlex Crystal Clear is a transparent sealant and adhesive for interior and exterior use. It can be used for jointing, caulking and as an adhesive on most construction materials.

Sika South Africa
Sika South Africa

Cemflex® is an acrylic based emulsion, which improves the water resistance, and adhesion of Portland cement based composites.

Latest news & press releases

keyboard_arrow_upAnti-graffiti coating now in South Africa
keyboard_arrow_downAnti-graffiti coating now in South Africa

Sika is renowned for keeping up with technologies and innovative products and the introduction of SikaGard-850 AG (Anti-Graffiti) is no different. This product is a permanent anti-graffiti and anti-fly poster coating for the protection of concrete, wood, masonry and metal substrates.

keyboard_arrow_upCornelis River Dam undergoing major refurbishment
keyboard_arrow_downCornelis River Dam undergoing major refurbishment

A wide range of Sika concrete repair and protection products were used in the Cornelis River Dam project, which needed major refurbishment in order to implement a sustainable regional bulk water supply scheme in the Phumelela Local Municipal area, prioritising Warden.

keyboard_arrow_upSIKA sponsors SANCCOB’s new seabird hospital
keyboard_arrow_downSIKA sponsors SANCCOB’s new seabird hospital

The much-anticipated new seabird hospital for SANCCOB is scheduled for completion in December 2017. Sika was delighted to be given the opportunity to support this devoted organisation whose state-of-the-art seabird hospital, the largest development in the history of SANCCOB, will certainly fulfil a dream…


keyboard_arrow_upSika ComfortFloor®, a professional flooring solution for a perfect look
keyboard_arrow_downSika ComfortFloor®, a professional flooring solution for a perfect look

Sika ComfortFloor® is liquid applied resin flooring material and is available in bespoken colours. This modern material technology provides another new option for floor design with smooth and seamless surface which has no flaw and looks perfect. It can be applied for your floor at home, or floors in commercial and public buildings. Sika ComfortFloor® […]