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SikaSwell® hydrophilic profiles and sealants


Hydrophilic joint sealing systems like SikaSwell® profiles and sealants are waterstops which can swell and are used in watertight concrete structures for systematic sealing of construction joints. When in contact with water, the SikaSwell® waterstop builds up a swelling pressure inside of the construction. This swelling pressure seals the construction joint and stops water crossing.

SikaSwell® swellable profiles and sealants are an internationally tested and proven range of extremely cost effective hydrophilic joint sealing systems which swell in contact with water. SikaSwell® profiles are easily bonded to joints and penetrations in concrete with Sika® adhesives, normally with no effect on reinforcement and formwork. The SikaSwell® product range includes solutions for sealing construction joints, pipe penetrations, precast sections and isolation joints i.e. between concrete and steel components. They can be used for the primary joint sealing of concrete joints against low to medium water pressure or to provide additional protection and security for other waterproofing systems such as water- stops, e.g. in complex detailing and structures exposed to high water pressure.

The SikaSwell® systems can also provide effective solutions for waterproofing in difficult exposures or application conditions, e.g. against seawater or water with a high salt content, during periods of heavy rainfall on site or when rapid installation without extended waiting is needed.


  • Very cost effective sealing of construction joints and penetrations
  • Suitable for difficult situations (i.e. environmental conditions or access)
  • Products for almost all water qualities including sea water and water with high salt content
  • Can provide back-up security in combination with other waterproofing systems Solutions for sealing between different materials and substrates
  • Internationally tested and approved

Hydrophilic gaskets swell in contact with water. The volume enlargement is three dimensional and the swelling pressure is developed on that side of the waterstop which is in contact with water. During this process the SikaSwell® waterstop exerts pressure on the surrounding surfaces and seals the construction joint against water penetration. SikaSwell® products are characterised by a reliable capacity and a reversible swelling process. The sealing effect can be guaranteed even in small joint openings.

SikaSwell® profiles and sealants are used in construction joints in basements and other below ground water structures with a low to medium ground water pressure. Other applications include construction joints in in-situ and precast concrete, connecting joints in diaphragm walls, pipe and steel work penetrations through walls and floor slabs, cable ducts and more. SikaSwell® products are very easy to apply and therefore the risk of application failures is minimised.

SikaSwell® A, SikaSwell® P, SikaSwell® S AND SikaFuko® Swell are swellable profiles, sealant and injection hose systems based on different materials and are available in various shapes and sizes. SikaFuko® Swell-1 even combines different sealing technologies. Due to this each product has its ideal application field.


Construction Joints Penetrations
Concrete Structure Precast Elements Pipes Steel Work
SikaSwell® A-2005
SikaSwell® A-2010
SikaSwell® A-2015/2025
SikaSwell® P-2003/2005
SikaSwell® P-2010/2010 H
SikaSwell® P-2507 H
SikaSwell® S-2
SikaFuko® Swell-1
Legend: Ideal product for application Possible application Not applicable


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