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Sika seals and waterproofs at Standard Bank HQ

Although designed specifically for roofing projects, one of Sika’s internationally approved waterproofing systems was nonetheless specified for a steel water-retaining structure at Standard Bank Headquarters in Johannesburg.

When the steel structure (built to collect overflow water from the air-conditioning systems in the building) required waterproofing, Omni Struct Engineering Services specified SikaRoof MTC (Moisture Triggered Chemistry) 12 System, confident that Sika would prove its efficacy in this unique project. The proven technology of this system which consists of Sikalastic-601 BC (Base Coat) and Sikalastic-621 TC (Top Coat), boasts a track record of over twenty years.

The products, which are cold-applied, seamless, waterproofing membranes consisting of moisture-triggered polyurethane, are designed to provide easy application onto a variety of substrates in either new or refurbishment projects.

Since the system is highly suited for roofs displaying complex detail areas, even when accessibility is limited, it was the first choice for Multi Contract Specialists, whose labourers had to work in a very confined space. Considering the prohibitive time schedule of the project, the quick and easy application, as well as the fast-curing ability of these products, proved invaluable; while the low odour emissions during application, was yet another advantage.

Once fully bonded to the substrate, the highly elastic, crack-bridging properties of Sikalastic-601 BC and Sikalastic-621 TC will prevent the migration of water and provide a durable coating that is UV stable, vapour permeable and strongly resistant to common atmospheric chemicals.

As the project took place at the headquarters of one of South Africa’s largest financial institutions, severe security measures were instated and contract work was only permitted at night. However, what could have proved to be a highly challenging project was greatly alleviated by the innovative specification of this top quality, versatile Sika system.

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