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MODULAR BUILDING trending construction method


Modular building is one of the predominant trends in modern construction. Instead of building work being carried out entirely on-site, structural modules are increasingly being prefabricated using automated processes and assembled at the construction site. Sika adds value to this trend. With the company’s experience construction processes can be industrialized, efficiency enhanced and standards raised.

modular building trend construction method with Sika

Modular construction market to reach CHF 155 billion by 2023

Off-site construction shows strong growth rates. The demand for more productivity in construction is high – especially in urban areas where there is the need to solve housing and public building shortages such as schools or hospitals and at the same time manage skills shortages on the construction site. Forecasts predict that the global modular construction market will grow from CHF 110 billion in 2018 to CHF 155 billion by 2023. Factory assembly of modular buildings and components such as floors, walls, roofs, bathrooms or complete houses also brings advantages in terms of cost and time savings, reduced site deliveries and the subsequent local impact of construction, less need for sub-contractors, and a reduced risk of delays caused by poor weather. The subsequent reduction in material handling and the decrease in the amount of waste produced on-site also makes this method of construction more sustainable. At the same time, modular building enables mass production and repeatability.

“Sika has a unique offer combining high-quality construction products with the know-how to optimize the production process.”
Scott Henry, Senior Vice President, Industry

Adhesives are replacing nails and screws

This is where Sika occupies a unique position. Using the comprehensive experience and product range of its industrial business, such as vehicle manufacturing, which the company has built up over many years, Sika is able to massively speed up the construction processes. High-tech adhesives are specially developed for industrialised processes, such as automation. Sika’s offerings comprise standard construction products and more advanced time-saving solutions that are applied by pumps and robots. Nails and screws can be replaced; there is no further need for work to be done by hand. Sika is already working closely with leading global companies which are driving the industrialization in construction further forward.

modular building systems by Sika

A Schönox waterproofing system installed in a bathroom pod

Sika’s solutions for modular buildings
Roof systems
Tile adhesives for grouts, floors, and walls
Wetroom systems
Sandwich panel bonding for walls and ceilings
Fire solutions for ducts and cabling
Structural bonding for steel frames
Adhesives for wall to floor bonding
Sika admixtures for concrete floor slabs


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