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With Sika’s sustainability strategy “More Value – Less Impact”, which was realigned in 2019, the company pursues the objective of creating lasting value for people and the environment, while at the same time adopting a moderate and sustainable approach to the utilization of resources. With a focus on six sustainability areas, Sika wants to shape the future in a responsible way.

More Performant, More Sustainable

Kaeng Krachan Elephant Park surrounded by nature in Zurich, Switzerland

Image: A sustainable roofing solution from Sika was installed in the elephant enclosure in Zurich Zoo.

Six Focus Areas – More Value, Less Impact


Sika has a portfolio of technologies and products that combines functional performance with optimized sustainability. The company’s services for its customers are therefore shaped by innovation, reliability, and future viability..


With its program “Sika Cares”, the company is helping local communities to build up and maintain infrastructure for social projects. Important elements also encompass the advancement of education and vocational training, as well as projects that focus on water and climate protection.


A key pillar of sustainable development is the sparing and efficient use of materials and water. Here the company scrutinizes the entire value chain, from the use of raw materials and the manufacture of its products through to the disposal of waste.


Among other things, CO2 is a consequence of fossil energy consumption, which can only be reduced by increasing energy efficiency. Sika is, therefore, working to achieve a  climate-friendly future not only through its products and solutions but also on its own production sites.


Sika is determined to reduce energy consumption as well as greenhouse gas emissions. This inevitably entails energy efficiency and the replacement of fossil fuels with renewable energies. The use of innovative and resource-preserving technologies has an additional sustainable impact.


The safety and health of employees must be guaranteed at every site.  Targeted programs raise awareness of this issue, making safe, healthy, and attractive working conditions mandatory at Sika’s locations all over the world.

Paul Schuler, CEO
“The Sika growth strategy ensures long-term success. The company’s innovative drive combined with sustainability is a key component. “More Value – Less Impact” refers to Sika’s obligation to maximize the value of its solutions and contributions for all stakeholder groups, while simultaneously minimizing the risks and resource consumption associated with value generation.”Paul Schuler, CEO Sika AG

Sustainability: "More Value - Less Impact"
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