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Italian fashion designer, Giorgio Armani once said, “To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail.”

AMERICAN shutters® agrees, and this is what drives every aspect of the design, manufacturing and installation process of all the company’s shutter ranges.  From the most meticulous detail to the most obvious industry-leading differentiator, shutters from AMERICAN shutters are not only widely recognised for their pioneering finishes and features, but have also become synonymous with exceptional quality.

Strike a pose

The qualitative difference between seemingly similar shutters on the market is often most evident in custom manufacture and installation projects. A true test is how effectively a shutter company can custom design and install shutters without compromising on quality – for example, bespoke shutters for unusually shaped openings.

Arched, angled, and circular openings are architectural features designed to elevate a home from the average to the exceptional, fitting shutters to these openings must therefore do the same, highlight and not detract.

“AMERICAN shutters’ custom-shaped shutters respect the shape of these openings. We do not simply shape our shutter frame to fit into the recess of the opening and then step our shutter top rails, which results in a jagged stepped appearance that distracts from the soft lines,” says Karina Palmer, interior designer and marketing director of AMERICAN shutters. “Our top rails have a soft continuous curve following the shape of the opening, keeping the integrity of the design intact.”

Custom made shutters by AMERICAN shutters

Seamless view

The ability to tilt the shutter louvres or open the shutter panels to optimise natural light, ventilation and outdoor views is arguably one of the desirable attributes of shutters. However, many shutters on the market with tilt rods are counterintuitive to this purpose. Accordingly AMERICAN shutters’ new and improved aluminum Security Shutters reveal the industry-first ‘Gear Tilt’ system. “The ‘Gear Tilt’ system nullifies the need for unattractive and problematic tilt rods,” says Karina. “It allows for unobstructed views between the shutter louvres.” Similarly the wooden shutter ranges have an option without tilt rods for a more contemporary styled shutter.

Security shutters

AMERICAN shutters Security Shutters have a number of other safety details that set them apart in the market, from their patented strip-proof Italian locks (with double key turn) to their torx screws and tamper-proof top and bottom guide systems.

AMERICAN shutters have many security features

Designer detail

“However, it is often the most subtle details, those you don’t always see, that make the most significant impact on the style, functionality and longevity of a shutter,” says Karina. “For example, AMERICAN shutters’ Decowood shutters are coated with an environmentally-safe patented polypropylene coating which ensures the shutters are stain-, peel-, crack- and chip resistant, and contains UV inhibitors that protect the shutter from yellowing and fading from the intense African sun.”

Decowood shutters are stain-, peel- and crack-resistant

Armani also said, “The difference between style and fashion is quality,” and there are simply no more stylish shutters on the market than those from AMERICAN shutters.

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