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Quality for Plumbing
Today, following beyond 25 years in business, Valsir offers the market advanced systems for waste, drainage and water supply: a complete line of pipes and fittings in polypropylene with push-fit connections and high density electro fusion polyethylene; the Silere system, a line of pipes and fittings made of a soundproofing material and Triplus, the triple layer push fit system...
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Domestic and Industrial Hot Water Systems - Kwikot is a manufacturer and supplier of a comprehensive range of domestic and industrial electric hot water and cold water chiller systems to the local market, African and other international markets.
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York International (SA) Inc
Air Conditioning & Refrigeration
York International (SA) Inc. is a Johnson Controls entity - Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration and Fire & Security industries.
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STIEBEL ELTRON is one of the leading suppliers in the market for domestic hot water heating and space heating. The family business has been characterised, since it was founded in 1924, by the expertise and drive for innovation shown by its engineers and staff- motivated by the goal to develop products for greater energy efficiency, convenience and reliability. Today more than ever, this philosophy means we are in line with the trend. This is demonstrated by the high degree of customer satisfaction that we achieve.
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today13 Sep 2018

Kwikot | KwikSol Direct Solar Water Heating Systems for Frost-Free Locations

The direct system is used in frost-free locations, where the ambient temperature never falls below 5°C and where the water quality is good (less than 600ppm Total Dissolved Solids/Minerals). The system can be used with Solar Collector Panels or Solar Vacuum Tubes. The direct system, is where the water to be used in the household (hot water) circulates through the solar collector panels, or solar vacuum tubes manifold, transferring solar energy into the storage tank of the solar water heater.
today12 Sep 2018

Kwikot | KwikSol Direct Solar Water Heating Systems for Frost and Frost-Free Locations

This direct system can be used in frost and frost-free locations and where the water quality is good (less than 600ppm total dissolved solids/minerals). The direct system, is where the water to be used in the household (hot water) circulates through the solar vacuum tubes manifold, transferring solar energy into the storage tank of the solar water heater. This direct system is installed as a close coupled system, where the solar water heater is installed outside on the roof and above the solar vacuum tubes…
today20 Sep 2018
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Instantaneous Water Heater

Instantaneous water heaters are sealed unvented appliances with a pressure-tested internal tank for centralised supply. They can be connected to any number of draw-off points. The volume of DHW available is determined by the heating output of the instantaneous water heater. These appliances are compact in design and offer output high enough to heat the water.
today25 Sep 2018
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Compact and Mini Instantaneous Water Heaters

Mini and compact instantaneous water heaters are excellent choices for small to medium amounts of hot water, such as are required at a hand washbasin or in the kitchen. The big advantage of this decentralised solution is that hot water is available almost instantaneously, avoiding potential losses in the supply line. Instantaneous water heaters only ever heat the exact amount of hot water that is currently required. The technology, “Made in Germany”, is reliable and durable and never fails to impress.
today26 Sep 2018
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Solar Thermal

In the future, energy provision will heavily rely on renewables. Solar, wind and water are available as unlimited suppliers of energy. In Germany for example, the sun shines for up to 1900 hours per annum. This represents approximately 1000 kWh per square metre of free energy which can be converted into heat. This enables not only a largely CO2-free heat generation but also creates greater independence from fluctuating energy prices and reduces your monthly energy bills.
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today28 Sep 2011

Solar water heating for Qunu Clinic

Sunwater for Life, an initiative of the Sustainable Energy Society of Southern Africa (SESSA), has provided two solar water heating systems to Qunu Clinic in the Eastern Cape. The new solar water heating systems will help to free up funds the clinic needs to better serve the 800 to 1 000 people it treats every month.  SESSA launched the Sunwater for Life programme to give organisations and industry donors the opportunity to improve the quality of life for those without access to hot running water by providing for the installation of solar water heating systems.
today15 Feb 2010

Increased rebates for solar water heaters

With a view to boosting domestic installations of solar water geysers, Eskom is now offering substantially increased rebates in its solar water heating programme. The major advantage of the increased rebates is that environmentally friendly solar water heating systems now become affordable to thousands of South Africans wanting to reduce their home energy costs and contribute to reducing the environmental impact of coal-fired power stations.
today10 Apr 2012

Schools benefit from solar energy

Selected Energy, a member of the Sustainable Energy Society of Southern Africa (SESSA), has installed Solahart solar water heating systems at the Martie du Plessis School in Bloemfontein in the Free State and at the Save the Children Centre in Tjakastad, Mpumalanga.  Martie du Plessis School, established in 1985, caters for schoolchildren with special needs, from Grade R to Grade 12. The school was looking for a solar water heating solution that would provide sufficient hot water to meet the requirements in its three boarding houses, which accommodate about 150 pupils, and nine flats, which house school personnel. Selected Energy supplied and installed 26 solar water heaters to the school. In the first phase of the project 21 systems were installed, delivering a total of 6 069 litres of hot water, daily, for the boarding houses. A further five systems were installed in the second phase, to supply hot water to the flats.
today8 Aug 2010

Committed to efficient water heating systems

Cobra Watertech’s commitment to reducing negative environmental impacts has inspired its designers to enhance its wide range of water heating systems and accessories continually, to offer economical water usage and maximum energy-saving benefits. Cobra’s geysers are the products of choice for many upmarket housing complexes, hotels and office buildings around the country. Within its extensive range, designed to satisfy various applications and requirements, all the geyser cylinders are fully guaranteed and are approved by the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS).
today10 Apr 2012

Heat pumps deliver energy savings

Specialist in energy solutions, Thermowise, has launched a range of environmentally friendly air-to-water heat pumps which meets the requirements of Eskom’s specifications to enable users to qualify for various rebates.  Bronwynn Fine, Thermowise sales director, says, “Although heat pump technology has been in existence for over 50 years, Thermowise has implemented new features that set these pumps apart from conventional heat pumps. The heat pumps offer an energy-efficient water heating system that is gentle on the environment and uses about a third of the electricity normally required with standard electric-resistance water heating systems.
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today13 Nov 2018

Living and Working with YORK® | York International (SA) Inc by Johnson Controls

YORK® is all about getting results that are more efficient and more intelligent.
today5 Dec 2018

YORK® YZ Magnetic Bearing

THE YORK® YZ MAGNETIC BEARING CENTRIFUGAL CHILLER The YORK® YZ Chiller, built upon decades of industry-leading expertise, challenges everything about conventional water-cooled chiller design.
today1 Oct 2018

How does a heat pump work?

In our academy in Holzminden, we teach about innovative building technology: the way heat pumps work is our theme for today – simple and easy to understand