The Drainage Specialists
Seaqual (Pty) Ltd is a private company registered in South Africa. We design and manufacture a range of drainage solutions and pipe anchors.
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EuroDrain Technology / KESSEL
Leading in Drainage
EuroDrain Technology (Pty) Ltd is a premium supplier of innovative products in the field of drainage, waste and waste water treatment technology.
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Kaytech Engineered Fabrics
Engineered Fabrics
Kaytech Engineered Fabrics are suppliers and manufactures of geosynthetics and geotextiles in the civil engineering industry.
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Incledon is an importer and leading national distributor of engineering products in the fluid conveyance industries....
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Hybrid Drainage Systems for Gravity Sloped Wastewater Pipes

The Pumpfix and Ecolift XL Hybrid Lifting Stations offer safe and reliable protection against backwater and come into service only when necessary – during backwater. The Pumpfix (for domestic applications) and the Ecolift XL (for industrial applications) are the new ideal solutions for installation in gravity wastewater drainage systems – both for new construction and renovations.
today23 Jun 2017
verified_userEuroDrain Technology / KESSEL

Ecolift® Wastewater Lifting System

Ecolift® wastewater lifting system for wastewater with or without sewage, for installation in a concrete slab/floor or an exposed wastewater pipe. Ecolift is a clever alternative to the classic lifting stations where there is a natural gradient in housing and industrial buildings.
today23 Jun 2017
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Product Catalogue: Wastewater Lifting Stations

It often happens that washwater and wastewater cannot be carried off because the sewer is higher than the drainage point in the basement. In this case a lifting station or pump must be used. Lifting stations pump the wastewater via pressure pipes into the sewer. According to EN 12056-4 the pressure pipe must be routed above the backwater level.
today23 Jun 2017
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Product Catalogue: Separators

Water is one of our most precious resources and is not available in unlimited quantities. For this reason, contaminated wastewater from kitchens wastewater must be pretreated and cleaned with the aid of appropriate separator systems before it is discharged to the public sewer system. KESSEL offers a wide range of innovative polymer separators for different areas of application and wastewater quantities…
today23 Jun 2017
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Aqualift F XL: Power Pumping Station

The new Aqualift F XL pumping station enables larger quantities of wastewater to be discharged safely via the pressure pipe. It is therefore especially suitable for commercial use. The use of a KESSEL Aqualift F XL pumping station outside of the building has decisive advantages: Increased living standards within the building due to the removal of the pump noise and additional increase in use-able space. The intelligent design protects the engineering systems chamber against tree roots and ensures permanent water tightness.
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today2 Feb 2018

Design of hospital drainage

Vollie Brink, South Africa’s expert on all things plumbing, supplies guidelines to follow when designing and installing drainage for hospitals, an exceptionally useful document given there are no specific regulations for hospital drainage and water systems
today29 Nov 2017
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Hybrid drainage systems for gravity sloped wastewater pipes

Kessel Ecolift hybrid lifting stations are available from Eurodrain in South Africa. These Hybrid drainage systems for gravity sloped wastewater pipes offer numerous advantages over traditional lifting stations, saving energy, reducing noise and lower operating costs.
today27 Nov 2018
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Oil and fuel separators protect our groundwater

Oil and fuel separators essential for removing petrol and oil from wastewater before being released into the sewer system. EDT Eurodrain offers an extensive range of innovative KESSEL polyethylene separators for different areas of application and wastewater quantities.
today10 Apr 2018
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When to use a grease separator?

KESSEL grease separators can be fitted with the SonicControl which offers real time monitoring and data transfer of grease layer thickness, temperature measurement, 230V 50 Hz power connection, rechargeable battery backup and a BMS connection (Building Management System).
today7 Sep 2016
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KESSEL grease separator systems from EuroDrain Technology

KESSEL’s complete range of grease separator systems for free-standing installation in frost-protected rooms or for underground installation is available from EuroDrain Technology in South Africa.  
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today13 Mar 2017

Backwater Valves: Staufix

The Staufix backwater valve is equipped with free hanging vertical backwater flaps.
today10 May 2016

Aqualift F Basic and Minilift F

The economic solution for domestic wastewater disposal The Aqualift F Basic lifting station is the latest model in our quality lifting station series.
today10 Sep 2009

Grease Separator

In many commercial and industrial operations such as restaurants, hotels, motorway service areas, butchers or other food-processing plants, greases and oils get into the wastewater.
today5 Aug 2009

Wastewater Station Aqualift F

The new lifting station Aqualift F Compact - sewage lifting station for complete basement drainage for installation in a concrete slab/floor and for free-standing installation.