Solent Ceiling Fans
A Breath of Fresh Air
Solent are the leading importer, manufacturer and distributor of ceiling fans. Select your style of ceiling fan, accessories and finishes.
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Dock Loading Solutions Built to Last
Stab-A-Load Fire doors, Sectional Doors, High Speed Doors, Stacking and Hangar Doors, Bug & Bird Screen doors, goods hoists, hydro-tilt hydraulic doors.
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Valsir Uneeq
Quality for Plumbing
Today, following beyond 25 years in business, Valsir offers the market advanced systems for waste, drainage and water supply: a complete line of pipes and fittings in polypropylene with push-fit connections and high density electro fusion polyethylene; the Silere system, a line of pipes and fittings made of a soundproofing material and Triplus, the triple layer push fit system...
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High-end domestic and commercial appliances
Miele supplies induction hobs with extractors, baking & steam cooking appliances, coffee machines, vacuum cleaners, washing machines and tumble dryers.
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today5 Oct 2018
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Solent Ceiling Fans Technical Brochure

Technical Brochure: Solent offers exclusive styles and colours of ceiling fans which can be customised for virtually any lifestyle whilst delivering highly effective cooling
today5 Oct 2018
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Ceiling Fan Specifications - All Models

today8 Aug 2018
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Solent Trading | Showcase October 2018

Solent Trading’s showcase for October 2018: Pedestal, wall and ceiling fans…
today2 Oct 2018
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Wall/Pedestal Fans

Multi-Oscillation Wall Fan for total air circulation. Adjustable tilt fan head with aerodynamic blade with forceful airflow.
today23 Jun 2017
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Residential Series

News & Product Highlights
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today29 Jul 2017
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5 of the best uses for your fan

Fans are a cost-effective cooling and ventilation option in the home. Solent Fans cool rooms down, clear smoke from rooms, control bedroom temperatures, keep humidity in check and add a decorative element to a room.
today15 May 2017
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Solent on choosing between a ceiling, pedestal or wall fan

Fans play a major role in regulating the temperature of a room, offering a cooling effect and increasing ventilation. However, with all the various options available these days, finding the right fan for your needs can sometimes be a daunting task.  
today8 Oct 2018
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How to clean the Solent fans in your house in a few easy steps

Some tips on cleaning your Solent overhead fan or pedestal fan. Fans tend to collect a lot of dirt, especially if they're in or near a kitchen where steam and grease can be a magnet for dust.
today12 May 2014
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A breath of fresh air

A ceiling fan is a cost effective, environmentally and efficient way of keeping cool, while adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to any room.
today9 Feb 2016
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The unsung heroes of cooling

A ceiling fan from Solent reduces the real feel temperature of a room, keeps pests and mosquitoes away, and is an affordable method of cooling yourself down.