Voltex supplies electrical products: inter alia, energy efficient, cable & wire, power generation, transmission & distribution, motor control solutions.
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today23 Jun 2017

Power Generation

Voltex’s range of generators for industrial and light commercial use as well as uninterruptible power supply (UPS) units…
News & Product Highlights
today6 Feb 2010

Power generation company opens in Western Cape

With interruptions in the supply of electricity a constant threat to business and households, the launch of operations in the Western Cape of a leading South African power generating equipment company will be welcomed. Engine Applications Western Cape is a new branch of the 30 year old Gauteng-based supplier of standby power to industrial, commercial, residential and fleet operations. 
today26 Nov 2014

UPS systems ensure continuity of service

New to Legrand’s range of service sector solutions is an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system, which enhances products - from structured cabling systems for data networks, to control and management of the installation, including trunking and distribution systems.
today14 Oct 2015

Beat capacity challenges with Cannon

Cannon Technologies, one of the leaders in innovative data centres, has introduced a pioneering data centre leasing service designed to offer organisations a comprehensive solution to all medium-term capacity challenges. This service offers all the benefits of Cannon Technologies’ state-of-the-art modular data centre technology, with no upfront capital investment.
today27 Aug 2013
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Cleanroom doors

Production in a cleanroom imposes stringent requirements on the components used inside. An airflow system ensures that the pressure is kept constant and refreshes the air several times an hour, in order to keep the concentration of airborne particles to a minimum. The requirements for a cleanroom door that separates the individual zones are therefore clear. In order to ensure cost-effective operation, it must be airtight, open and close quickly, prevent contamination, and optically fit into the cleanroom environment.