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Waterproofing systems
For the last 70 years Pazkar has developed and manufactured sophisticated sealing and insulation materials for the construction and infrastructure industries, offering dozens of types: sealants membranes, compounds and coatings.
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Derbit SA
Your Partner in Waterproofing
Imperbel has evolved from a traditional waterproofing producer into a new international player in ecological, sustainable and energy saving products and services. The baseline “Making Buildings Smart” reflects our mission and vision: wherever possible make the building “intelligent” so the available resources and energy are used sparingly.
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a.b.e® Construction Chemicals
a.b.e. manufactures waterproofing, flooring, specialised adhesives, silicone and sealants, concrete repair products, general construction products, and polyurea high performance system coatings for the building and construction industries.
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Stoncor Africa
Stoncor Africa delivers a complete range of world-class products to protect and maintain projects in steel, concrete and masonry.
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a.b.e.® Construction Chemicals‘ range of waterproofing products and systems include specialised bituminous sheets, liquids, putties, cementitious based products and silanes. Bituminous sheet products are used to waterproof flat roofs, basement walls and to line earth dams and canals. Liquid systems and putties including acrylics, solvent-based bitumens and water-based rubberised acrylic modified bitumens which are used to seal parapet walls, small flat roofs, roof bolts, flashings and ponds. Cementitious slurry products are used to waterproof basements, foundations, tunnels, retaining walls, brickwalls and other underground structures. The silane systems are used to prevent water penetration of brick and natural stone.
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Rapidflex - Safety Data Sheet

Rapidflex is used for waterproofing underground foundations, waterproofing basement floors and walls, waterproofing retaining walls, waterproofing tunnels and canals and waterproofing covered roofs and verandas.
today23 Jun 2017
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Easyflex/Elastopaz: Water-Based Bituminous Liquid Membrane for Waterproofing

Easyflex/Elastopaz is a thick single component Bitumen Polymer liquid membrane designed for multi-purpose projects. The material features excellent adhesion, which dries to a tough, black seamless flexible waterproof membrane. Product uses: waterproofing underground structures, waterproofing basements & cellars and waterproofing wet duty rooms…
today20 Sep 2018
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Derbit | Derbibond® NT

DERBIBOND NT is an efficient and environmentally-friendly bituminous cold adhesive, with no risk during its transportation or use. DERBIBOND NT is a cold adhesive without Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). DERBIBOND NT is an excellent adhesion for bituminous waterproofing membranes and bituminous under-layers on most currently available substrates. Besides, DERBIBOND NT provides a supplementary waterproofing layer between the underground and the membrane.
today22 May 2018
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DERBIBOND® UNI | Bituminous Cold Adhesive

DERBIBOND UNI is a bituminous cold adhesive for the bonding of bituminous waterproofing membranes and bituminous base sheets. Besides, DERBIBOND UNI provides a supplementary waterproofing layer between the underground and the membrane.
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today9 Feb 2010

New generation waterproofing products

New to the South African market is the range of Watertight Construction Systems recently launched by BASF Construction Chemicals  with a view to advancing waterproofing performance in the construction industry. The company is also investing in training applicators nationally, to ensure that its new generation waterproofing products are correctly specified and installed.
today12 Mar 2015
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Creating a thick waterproofing layer in one step

Easyflex/Elastopaz is a water-based bituminous liquid membrane that creates a thick waterproofing layer in one step. The material features excellent adhesion, which dries to a tough, black seamless flexible waterproof membrane.
today20 Aug 2013
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Waterproofing made easy

Bitumproof SA makes waterproofing of basements, decks, retaining walls, tanks and bridges easy with Rapidflex by Pazkar. Applied using a double head spraying machine, the one nozzle sprays the Rapidflex innovative waterproofing material, whilst the second sprays the accelerator. This efficient application process means that a team of two men can easily complete up to 1000 sq. metres by themselves.
today15 Jul 2016
verified_userEra Polymers (Africa)

Diverse Urethanes announces the arrival of HS 40

HS 40 is a solvent based single polyurethane component system that dries to a rubber like membrane and has over 500% elongation. The product may be applied by hand or using a one component airless spray machine. It has good acid, alkali and temperature resistant properties and forms a tough resilient layer. 
today6 Jan 2013

Non-bituminous roof waterproofing

Waterproofing contractor M-Proofing Roofing & Waterproofing recently used a Mapei product, Mapelastic Foundation, to waterproof about 180m² of new roofing, as well as a holding tank and pool, at the Mikvah at the Great Park Synagogue in Houghton, Johannesburg.