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Directional Drilling, Horizontal Boring & Pipe Ramming to install pipes below roads and railway lines. CCTV pipeline cleaning and inspection to assess pipeline condition. Pipeline Grouting and Joint Sealing. Pipeline Rehabilitation by Pipecracking, Sliplining, Rib Loc and CIPP / Softlining. HDPE fusion & Butt-Welding. Proud supplier of the Terra Hammer range ofTrenchless Pipelaying Equipment.
Infraset - A Division of Aveng
Infraset is a specialised operation within the Manufacturing Division of the Aveng group.
Incledon is an importer and leading national distributor of engineering products in the fluid conveyance industries....
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today29 Mar 2012

Trenchless pipe laying and rehabilitation

Having launched trenchless technology in South Africa in the early 1990s, subsurface pipeline construction and rehabilitation company, Trenchless Technologies, has seen the applications of this technology grow rapidly in the construction and civil engineering sectors.  Trenchless Technologies managing member, Sam Efrat, says that the deterioration of the country’s underground infrastructure systems and the ever-increasing demand for utility services is driving an even greater need for subsurface utility construction and rehabilitation that causes minimal disruption to traffic and business at surface level.
today29 Sep 2015

Incledon looks to the next 100 years

Established in South Africa for over a century, Incledon is well-entrenched in every facet of the country’s economy, from general industry to mining, infrastructure and building and construction.
today9 Mar 2017

Public infrastructure at risk - Minister and Engineering Council face legal action

Key players in the engineering industry are taking legal action against the Department of Public Works (DPW) and the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA), alleging that the appointment of the new ECSA council is unlawful.
today19 Jan 2017

Incledon experiences growing trend in HDPE pipe solutions

One-stop fluid conveyance solutions provider Incledon is experiencing a growing trend towards High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipe solutions.
today6 Oct 2013

Hatch Goba committed to municipal water infrastructure

Consulting engineering and project implementation firm Hatch Goba has successfully assisted municipalities across South Africa in streamlining their water management strategies by providing expertise and assistance through the company's Water Business Unit, which boasts more than 100 water engineering staff nationwide.