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OEM of Flaktwoods industrial and mining fans, Actom diesel engines, Xpelair fans, Tempadair heaters and Redring instant hot water systems, antivibration & rubber engineering (Arnot brand, Trelleborg, Vibrex & Mason).
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today28 Oct 2010
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Floating wind farms

To reduce our dependency on fossil fuels, governments are making big investments in wind energy. The technology used in offshore oil and gas extraction is now making wind power installation in deeper waters possible. Offshore sites are seen as the best option for wind farms. Not only is wind virtually guaranteed 24/7, but also installations out at sea alleviate any concerns about noise pollution and damage to the beauty of the countryside.
today1 Feb 2012

Flexible pipe rehabilitation

South African sewer-cleaning company Jetvac repairs Cape Town sewers using a reliable, no-dig solution.The Jetvac sewer cleaning company in South Africa was tasked with repairing multiple defects in a four-kilometer-long sewer pipe in Cape Town. Using conventional technology would mean installing a cured-in-place pipe lining between each set of manholes along the pipe – at a cost that would bust the annual budget for such work several times over.