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today2 Apr 2012

Ceiling fans indoors or out

Solent Trading, which manufactures and distributes a wide range of wall and ceiling fans as well as other electrical products, is now also the exclusive South Africandistributor of Hunter fans.  Since 1886 the USA-based Hunter Fan Company has pioneered new and smarter ways to clean, circulate and condition the air in homes and other buildings. Hunter ceiling fans have set the standard in quality and craftsmanship for more than 120 years.
today9 Feb 2016
verified_userSolent Ceiling Fans

The unsung heroes of cooling

A ceiling fan from Solent reduces the real feel temperature of a room, keeps pests and mosquitoes away, and is an affordable method of cooling yourself down.
today29 Jul 2017
verified_userSolent Ceiling Fans

5 of the best uses for your fan

Fans are a cost-effective cooling and ventilation option in the home. Solent Fans cool rooms down, clear smoke from rooms, control bedroom temperatures, keep humidity in check and add a decorative element to a room.
today8 Jul 2014

Five reasons to install a ceiling fan in every room

Ceiling fans deliver powerful environmental effects for every room. They’re decorating essentials too, helping to complete the look of a room. If you haven’t considered specifying ceiling fans in a while, Solent Trading has five reasons for you to consider.
today12 Jun 2012
verified_userStab-A-Load Dock Systems

Slow moving air, high moving airflow

The basic scientific principles behind High Volume Low Speed fans are not new. In fact, many cultures have been using large fans to slowly circulate air for hundreds of years.