today11 Jun 2013

Wood innovation showcased at the Institute of Timber Frame Building awards

One of the industry’s most prominent tributes to excellence in timber design and construction, the Institute of Timber Frame Building (ITFB) Annual Awards, once again showcased South Africa’s most inventive and progressive timber innovations at the end of May. 
today17 Mar 2011

Wood rot the "forgotten" challenge

Wood decay/rot is a phenomenon that can affect timber irrespective of the type involved or the use to which it is put. Moreover, due to the heavy rains of late, the threat of wood rot has reared its ugly head to an unusually large degree – a factor which stakeholders in the timber sector from industry technophiles to consumers, need to take into account
today4 Aug 2011

Mozambique's Trans Frontier Marine Reserve projects demonstrate treated timber's relevance in Africa

Fascinating projects in Mozambique recently demonstrated that when there is difficult terrain, limited resources and time is of the essence
today14 Mar 2019

Lonza celebrates a proud 24-year journey with Sabie Poles

Celebrating Lonza Wood Protection and Sabie Poles 24 year working relationship from humble beginnings to the leading supplier they are today.
today20 Jun 2017

Vacsol® Azure® timber preservative from Lonza

Wood is an age old material easily enhanced by imagination and grand designs, and architectural features such as stairways, flooring, balconies and decks. However, there can be no compromising when it comes to preserving its beauty. 
today4 Mar 2013

Lonza Announces 1st Winner in theKeep The Tanapole Flying Highcompetition

Lonza Wood Protection has announced that Dunstone Timber and Game Farm has been selected as the first winner in their innovative marketing campaign called ‘Keep The Tanapole Flying High™’ Ambassador Programme.  Launched in October last year with the aim of keeping Tanapole™ products ‘top of mind’ in the market as the preferred choice in treated wood, the campaign has captured the interest of the supply chain from treaters through to the end-user. 
today22 Nov 2017

Lonza hits the road

The Lonza road show took an in-depth look at Environmental Management Plans, Waste Management and Pressure Equipment Regulations in order to gain a better understanding of the impact each of these issues on timber treatment operations.
today3 Aug 2015

Arch Wood seminar promotes wood preservation in East Africa

The East African wood preservation industry and its partner, Arch Wood Protection South Africa, have taken a giant leap forward in the promotion of quality treated timber in East Africa. 
today6 Jun 2012

Lonza Wood Protection makes the clear choice with the launch of metal-free Vacsol Azure

In yet another affirmative step towards embracing a modern, compliant product range, Lonza Wood Protection, formerly Arch Wood Protection, has announced the launch of Vacsol Azure – the first metal-free wood preservative in the light organic solvent market. 
today4 Feb 2014

Capturing a spirit of adventure

A spirit of adventure is felt at Camp Discovery, where both humans and wildlife embrace the beauty of the natural surroundings of this 270-hectare game farm. However, when the wildlife began to pose a problem by roaming onto the sports field, Camp Discovery approached Khulani Timber Industries, who provided a solution by installing Tanapole™ ranch fencing around the perimeter of the field to alleviate the problem.
today4 Oct 2017

Lonza’s depth of resources leads to complete customer satisfaction

Lonza Wood Protection put all their resources and experts behind converting R&B Group’s treatment plants from producing Tanalith® C products to Tanalith® E products.
today5 Feb 2016

Launch of Tanalised® E wood treatment plant embraces Western Cape green belt ethos

With the growing trend towards choosing environmentally compliant products that reduce our carbon footprint, Arch Wood Protection has made its mark in the Western Cape with the commissioning of the first Tanalised® E treatment plant in the province...
today17 Oct 2012

Lonza's Tanapole raises the bar in wood preservation solutions

Overcoming the challenges of wood breakdown due to fungal decay, termites and weathering can be achieved if the correct wood preservation treatment is applied from the outset. 
today15 May 2017

IT and wood treatment meet with Tan-Treat

When it comes to performance excellence, cost savings on consumption and efficiency improvements, Tan-Treat™ Quality Support System has made its mark by introducing an exemplary integration of wood treatment with information technology. 
today5 Jan 2017

Lonza Wood Protection holds training workshops

A training workshop, conducted by Lonza Wood Protection at Mintroad Sawmills, reaffirmed the importance of sales staff understanding the treatment process and hazard applications when selling Tanalith® E and Tanalith® C treated wood.
today2 Aug 2016

Arch Woods Tanalised® C wood preservative stands the test of time

The restoration of Chapman’s Peak Drive in 2002 was one of the most innovative engineering developments to be undertaken in South Africa and has attracted the admiration of nature lovers and tourists from all over the world. 
today16 Jul 2013

Tanapole showcased at the tropical paradise of Cova de Tubarao

Best described as a ‘tropical paradise’, Cova de Tubarao Lodge, situated on Macaneta Island off Mozambique, has been announced by Lonza Wood Protection as the 2nd winner in their ‘Keep The Tanapole Flying High™’ Ambassador Programme. Designed and constructed three years ago by the owners, Roelie and Louise Jacobs, the lodge stands as an exemplary project in maintaining the beauty of wood in its natural form through the use of Tanapole™ wood preservation products.
today23 Nov 2012

Lonza's Tanapole campaign takes to the road

Lonza Wood Protection is placing an emphasis on product awareness and education, particularly among the agricultural sector and pole treaters, as part of its launch of the umbrella Tanapole™ wood preservative treated pole brand.
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