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today22 Jul 2013

Old age home saves over R1,6 million in electricity costs

ThermoWise, in conjunction with Eskom, will save an old age home over R1.6-million in electricity costs over the next five years.
today10 Apr 2012

Heat pumps deliver energy savings

Specialist in energy solutions, Thermowise, has launched a range of environmentally friendly air-to-water heat pumps which meets the requirements of Eskom’s specifications to enable users to qualify for various rebates.  Bronwynn Fine, Thermowise sales director, says, “Although heat pump technology has been in existence for over 50 years, Thermowise has implemented new features that set these pumps apart from conventional heat pumps. The heat pumps offer an energy-efficient water heating system that is gentle on the environment and uses about a third of the electricity normally required with standard electric-resistance water heating systems.
today16 Jul 2012

Heat pumps save energy on water heating

ThermoWise, working with Eskom, will save an old age home in Durban more than R1.6 million in electricity costs over the next five years.  Bronwynn Fine, sales director at ThermoWise – a company that specialises in energy solutions, explains. “In April 2010, Eskom was commissioned by the old age home to log and monitor the monthly electrical consumption for the establishment’s hot water system. After thorough investigation and analysis, Eskom and ThermoWise recommended the installation of three air-to-water heat pumps to optimise electricity savings at the old age home. 
today22 Jul 2014

Cost of water heating at old age home expected to drop by 66%

ThermoWise, specialists in energy saving systems, recently completed the installation of 13 air-to-water heat pumps at the Zibambeleni old age home in Durban, to optimise electricity savings at the establishment.
today11 Dec 2013

Durban restaurant saves costs using induction cooking

ThermoWise, which provides energy saving solutions for the industrial, commercial domestic agriculture sectors, has recently established an induction division, which ensures savings in electricity consumption, as well as safer and cleaning cooking procedures.