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today9 Sep 2013

McDonald’s sees value of Light Steel Frame Building

McDonald’s South Africa is changing the way it builds its restaurants and according to Greg Solomon, McDonald’s South Africa’s managing director, is rolling out sustainable light steel frame building (LSFB) restaurants across the country.
today22 Jan 2016

LSFB brings peace and beauty to Vrede en Lust

It has taken some time for the South African architectural industry to accept that light steel frame building (LSFB) is a construction method suitable even for complex and creative design. Yet, in the recent past in South Africa, not only has this exciting building method become increasingly accepted in the main stream architectural and construction industries, it has also shown that an architect can design almost any building or structure and have it executed with LSFB.
today6 Oct 2013

Yet another organisation sees value of light steel frame building

C.A.T. Motors, a General Motors Delta dealership in Cradock, has built a state of the art 1800m² facility in less than 6 months, approximately 3 months faster than conventional building methods, saving more than 30% on construction time. The project began in Jan 2013 and was completed on 30 June 2013.
today10 Dec 2014

McDonald’s wins LSFB category at Steel Awards 2014

The Southern African Institute of Steel Construction (SAISC) hosted the Steel Awards 2014, which took place in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban on 18 September.
today1 Nov 2015

Yet another fast food chain converts to light steel frame building

Well-known fast food chain, KFC, recently chose Light Steel Frame building (LSFB) for its new outlet in Mthatha, joining both MacDonalds and Burger King in recognising the advantages of this modern building method. LSFB supports an energy efficient building, leaves a reduced carbon footprint, offers a fresh approach to creating the right environment for a restaurant while, at the same time, contributing towards a sustainable environment.