Well known for leading brands such as Tanalith, Antiblu, Wolmanized, Vacsol, Weatherwood and Tanalised, Lonza Wood Protection is the world leader in wood protection products.
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today16 Jul 2013
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Tanapole showcased at the tropical paradise of Cova de Tubarao

Best described as a ‘tropical paradise’, Cova de Tubarao Lodge, situated on Macaneta Island off Mozambique, has been announced by Lonza Wood Protection as the 2nd winner in their ‘Keep The Tanapole Flying High™’ Ambassador Programme. Designed and constructed three years ago by the owners, Roelie and Louise Jacobs, the lodge stands as an exemplary project in maintaining the beauty of wood in its natural form through the use of Tanapole™ wood preservation products.
today17 Oct 2012
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Lonza's Tanapole raises the bar in wood preservation solutions

Overcoming the challenges of wood breakdown due to fungal decay, termites and weathering can be achieved if the correct wood preservation treatment is applied from the outset. 
today23 Nov 2012
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Lonza's Tanapole campaign takes to the road

Lonza Wood Protection is placing an emphasis on product awareness and education, particularly among the agricultural sector and pole treaters, as part of its launch of the umbrella Tanapole™ wood preservative treated pole brand.
today4 Mar 2013
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Lonza Announces 1st Winner in theKeep The Tanapole Flying Highcompetition

Lonza Wood Protection has announced that Dunstone Timber and Game Farm has been selected as the first winner in their innovative marketing campaign called ‘Keep The Tanapole Flying High™’ Ambassador Programme.  Launched in October last year with the aim of keeping Tanapole™ products ‘top of mind’ in the market as the preferred choice in treated wood, the campaign has captured the interest of the supply chain from treaters through to the end-user. 
today6 Jan 2013

Treated timber for different applications

Timber structures can be protected from fungal decay, termites and weathering if the correct wood preservation treatment is applied from the outset. Lonza Wood Protection, a leading supplier of wood preservation chemicals in South Africa, offers three packaged Tanalised™ wood preservative treatment options. Tanalised™C (CCA), Tanalised™ Weatherwood™ (CCA plus a special water repellent) and Tanalised™E (Copper Azole treatment), collectively branded under the Tanapole™ name, meet all the stringent requirements of wood preservation, particularly for agricultural, fencing and building poles.