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Well known for leading brands such as Tanalith, Antiblu, Wolmanized, Vacsol, Weatherwood and Tanalised, Lonza Wood Protection is the world leader in wood protection products.
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Biligom International
Biligom® Structural / Construction timber is manufactured from young Eucalyptus Grandis and Eucalyptus Camaldulensis trees.
today23 Jun 2017
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Lonza | Pressure Treated Wood: Tanalised™ C

Tanalised C Pressure Treated Wood has stood the test of the time. Treated with our well known wood preservative Tanalith C (CCA), this treated wood has provided peace of mind for more than seven decades. Applications for Tanalised C pressure tested wood are wide ranging from roof trusses, to thatch roof and lapa poles, to walkways and decking, fencing, agricultural and vineyard posts, trellises and utility poles.
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today4 Oct 2017
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Lonza’s depth of resources leads to complete customer satisfaction

Lonza Wood Protection put all their resources and experts behind converting R&B Group’s treatment plants from producing Tanalith® C products to Tanalith® E products.
today5 Jan 2017
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Lonza Wood Protection holds training workshops

A training workshop, conducted by Lonza Wood Protection at Mintroad Sawmills, reaffirmed the importance of sales staff understanding the treatment process and hazard applications when selling Tanalith® E and Tanalith® C treated wood.
today22 Nov 2011

Treated timber for transfrontier park buildings

Two building projects in the Ponta do Ouro Marine Reserve and the Maputo Special Reserve demonstrate that where environmental protection is paramount, the terrain is difficult, resources are limited and time is of the essence, treated timber is the only practical construction material.  This is the view of Gerard Busse, marketing manager of Arch Wood Protection which is committed to the interests of the timber sector and the effective use of treated timber in Southern Africa.
today4 Aug 2011
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Mozambique's Trans Frontier Marine Reserve projects demonstrate treated timber's relevance in Africa

Fascinating projects in Mozambique recently demonstrated that when there is difficult terrain, limited resources and time is of the essence
today2 Aug 2016
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Arch Woods Tanalised® C wood preservative stands the test of time

The restoration of Chapman’s Peak Drive in 2002 was one of the most innovative engineering developments to be undertaken in South Africa and has attracted the admiration of nature lovers and tourists from all over the world.