Strippable Coatings
Suppliers of a wide range of water based peelable coatings, used as temporary protective coatings for non-porous surfaces.
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today16 Apr 2013
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Peelable coatings

Strippable Coatings is a water based peelable coating that offers temporary protection for various surfaces.  Easily applied in liquid form, by brush, roller or spray, it eliminates the need for repairs or replacement of your assets.
today2 Aug 2012

Gauteng distributor for temporary protective coatings

Diamond Products – a specialist in the manufacture, assembly and sale of diamond tools and equipment for construction and other industrial applications – has recently obtained distribution rights in Gauteng for Cape Town-based company DewPoint’s range of Strippable Coatings. 
today1 Jul 2013

Protecting windows and doors during construction

WindoCoat offers builders and sub-contractors durable protection for glass and aluminium surfaces, from the start of the construction phase until hand over. Offering temporary protection during the construction phase, WindoCoat is a water-based peelable coating. It is easily applied in the form of a liquid, by brush, roller or spray. Once the construction phase is completed and it is time for handover of the project, all the contractor needs to do is peel off the coating and cement, paint and other building residue is peeled off with the coating.