Union Tiles (Pty) Ltd is a wall and floor tile corporation dealing in ceramic, porcelain and natural stone, building material products and services.
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As part of the Norcros group, Johnson Tiles South Africa, manufactures quality glazed ceramic and glazed porcelain floor tiles to international standards at our state-of-the-art plant in Olifantsfontein.  In addition to this, Johnson Tiles South Africa is also able to produce Inkjet Tiles, thus enabling us to offer you a wide variety of fashionable high-quality tiles in a multitude of photo-realistic designs.
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Van Dyck Floors
Soft floor coverings
Van Dyck Carpets Pty Ltd is the oldest South African carpet manufacturer (based in Durban) and has been in operation since 1948. Van Dyck Carpets is ISO 9001:2008 (quality management) and ISO 14001 (environmental management) approved by the SABS, and we are also the only flooring manufacturer who has an ISO 14064-1 Green House Gas verification report. Beyond this, we have become the first South African company to achieve The Carbon Trust Standard for Carbon (the world's leading and independent certifier of organisational carbon footprint reduction), for reducing our Green House Gas emissions by more than 30% over the past 3 years.
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Crest Paving
Good For Life
Crest specializes in domestic and commercial paving projects – using all types of paving products.
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Natural Stone Collection - Index

Index to Union Tiles’ Natural Stone catalogue consisting of marble, travertine, granite, sandstone, quartzite, limestone and slate. Stone is the natural choice in green architecture. Natural stone flooring, walling and countertops will not need to be replaced for a very long time, they are 100% recyclable, do not emit VOC’s into your home/building, and can be cleaned with PH-Neutral detergents that are bio-degradable.
today23 Jun 2017
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Union Tiles Natural Stone Collection - Sandstone

Sandstone is clastic sedimentary stone, made up primarily from fragments of detritus and mineral granules, having dimensions between 1/16mm and 2mm. There are a great number of types of sandstone, depending on the genesis, structure and composition: eolianite, arkose (feldspathic-quartz sandstones) and lithic arenites (which may also be calcareous containing calcite or aragonite), etc.
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Union Tiles Natural Stone Collection - Limestone

Limestone is calcareous rock in the widest sense. In Anglo-Saxon nomenclature this term is often used to distinguish a non-crystalline marble (namely a calcareous stone = limestone) from a crystalline marble (metamorphic stone = marble).
today23 Jun 2017
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Union Tiles Natural Stone Collection - Laying and Maintenance

Guidelines for the laying and maintenance of natural marble, granite, slate, quartzite, limestone and sandstone tiles.
today5 Oct 2018
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News & Product Highlights
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today1 Nov 2011

Natural stone – an expert answers

Oren Sachs, MD of the World of Marble and Granite (WOMAG), shares his know-how in answering several commonly asked finishes-related questions.  
today15 Apr 2014

WOMAG launches Marco Blend Stone tiles

  WOMAG has introduced a new line of tiles that give the appearance of natural stone, but which are made from 100% Italian porcelain.  Marco Blend Stone tiles are not only naturally textured, but each tile is unique, offering a sophisticated sense of movement and giving full expression to interior spaces.
today2 May 2018
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Surrounded by sandstone

Sandstone is a warm and rich stone, ideal for both flooring and wall cladding. Union Tiles provides some tips when choosing sandstone as well as preparation advice.
today2 Nov 2017
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Tile trends … what’s still hot

Union Tiles discusses what’s still popular in tiles – simulated natural materials tiles, natural stone, structured tiles, polished tiles, durability and natural stone.
today3 Aug 2011

Latest collection of natural stone tiles

Subtle shades of grey, white and stone are the latest preferred colours in natural stone tiles.  WOMAG – otherwise known as World of Marble and Granite – offers an extensive range of premium marble, granite, limestone, travertine, sandstone, slate and onyx tiles which are sourced directly from selected quarries worldwide and provide timeless appeal and enduring quality.