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SARMA is a voluntary industry organisation that represents manufacturers, suppliers and stakeholders in the readymix concrete industry.
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today18 Jan 2016
verified_userSouthern Africa Readymix Association (SARMA)

Building infrastructure right the first time

All measures should be taken by Government to ensure specifiers and engineers insist on quality assured building products sourced from suppliers belonging to regulated and accredited industry organisations in order to avoid costly rebuilds of sub-standard housing and infrastructural projects.
today26 Jul 2015

Unlock the value of readymix concrete

Readymix is the star performer at this year’s Readymix Conference by Sarma 2015 and the two day line-up will be filled with technical presentations and talks from the country’s top authorities on concrete and construction. The conference will also look at the latest issues confronting the industry and provide useful information to assist the industry to overcome challenges
today9 Mar 2015

Beware of imitations

The Concrete Institute’s School of Concrete Technology (SCT) has for decades been trusted as the most authoritative provider of concrete technology training in South Africa. However, according to John Roxburgh, lecturer at the SCT, a number of opportunistic training touters are now popping up in South Africa.

Ensuring quality in readymix concrete

Readymix concrete is a sophisticated, engineered material made from constituents that vary in different mixes and it is delivered and placed before all its properties can be proven, such as its 28-day comprehensive strength. Each readymix plant can supply diffent concretes and the quality of all of these has to be controlled. The use of control charts, concrete families and the prediction of the 28-day strength from early test data are part of the normal quality control processes employed in the production of concrete in SA. However, it is important that such sophisticated systems should be assessed by independent experts to determine whether they have been set up correctly and are being applied correctly.
today5 Apr 2017

African Construction and Totally Concrete Expo expands its reach

On 23 and 24 May 2017, an anticipated 9000 members of the construction, cement and concrete industries will be descending on the Gallagher Convention Centre in Johannesburg for the fifth annual African Construction and Totally Concrete Expo.