Tile Adhesives
TAL is a leader in tile and construction adhesives with a track record of more than 40 years in South Africa. TAL specialises in tiling installation materials, tiling tools, construction solutions and is renowned for the quality of its products...
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Lafarge Aggregates and Readymix
Lafarge Aggregates and Readymix manufactures a wide range of aggregates and readymix concretes, which is marketed and supplied into all sectors of the South African construction industry.
Southern Africa Readymix Association (SARMA)
SARMA is a voluntary industry organisation that represents manufacturers, suppliers and stakeholders in the readymix concrete industry.
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today20 May 2013
verified_userSouthern Africa Readymix Association (SARMA)

Building a sustainable industry in Readymix Concrete

Revitalisation of South Africa’s readymix concrete industry is one step closer with a generous sponsorship agreement that will fund the expansion of the South African Readymix Association’s (Sarma) services, with the aim of raising quality standards and ensuring the future sustainability of the industry. 
today24 Mar 2014

Concrete vs steel?

Concrete has been around for hundreds of years giving builders endless possibilities to design strong and attractive structures that are able to last several lifetimes.
today5 Feb 2013

Evergreen appeal of mortar

Concrete has been around for hundreds of years, giving builders endless possibilities to design strong and attractive structures that are able to last several lifetimes.  In practice concrete is the perfect building material. It is cheap and readily available, can be formed into nearly limitless shapes, sets as hard as stone and has the structural strength to support high rise buildings. In large-scale construction projects users even have the ability to order it ready-mixed and simply pour it where it is required – quick and easy. 

Ensuring quality in readymix concrete

Readymix concrete is a sophisticated, engineered material made from constituents that vary in different mixes and it is delivered and placed before all its properties can be proven, such as its 28-day comprehensive strength. Each readymix plant can supply diffent concretes and the quality of all of these has to be controlled. The use of control charts, concrete families and the prediction of the 28-day strength from early test data are part of the normal quality control processes employed in the production of concrete in SA. However, it is important that such sophisticated systems should be assessed by independent experts to determine whether they have been set up correctly and are being applied correctly.
today26 Jul 2015

Unlock the value of readymix concrete

Readymix is the star performer at this year’s Readymix Conference by Sarma 2015 and the two day line-up will be filled with technical presentations and talks from the country’s top authorities on concrete and construction. The conference will also look at the latest issues confronting the industry and provide useful information to assist the industry to overcome challenges