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Voltex Electrical, Lighting, Industrial & Cable Product Profile

This profile includes information on power distribution, cable and wiring, general electrical products, lighting, specialised products, accessories and consumables…

Voltex Group Divisional Profile

As South Africa’s pre-eminent electrical and lighting distributor, Voltex supplies the widest range of electrical and related products through its 21 specialist supply divisions and vast distribution network strategically located within Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands. Through this diverse network, Voltex services the agricultural, mining, manufacturing, construction, wholesale, electrical and communication sectors with a variety of products and services. These include, inter alia, energy efficient products and solutions, cable and wire, power generation and optimisation, transmission and distribution, motor control solutions, commercial, industrial and residential lighting applications and a host of other highly specialised products and services.

Stab-A-Load | Product Catalogue

Stab-a-Load’s product range include: Foamside dockshelters, dumbwaiters, goods only lifts, paraplegic lifts, Butzbach stacking doors, Butzbach hangar doors, Payne pallet invertor, FX dock leveller, Loadhog vertical store dock leveller, edge of dock, scissors lift tables, solar powered systems, HVLS fans….

Solar Thermal

In the future, energy provision will heavily rely on renewables. Solar, wind and water are available as unlimited suppliers of energy. In Germany for example, the sun shines for up to 1900 hours per annum. This represents approximately 1000 kWh per square metre of free energy which can be converted into heat. This enables not only a largely CO2-free heat generation but also creates greater independence from fluctuating energy prices and reduces your monthly energy bills.

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