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Underlays | Van Dyck Floors

Underlay – Instalay & Eco-lay self-adhesive environmentally friendly rubber crumb underlays are antimicrobial anti-fatigue and thermal.

Matco Gripfoot Conformable | Anti-Slip Surface Tape

Gripfoot Conformable Anti-Slip Surface Tape, cleat or tiles. Its self-adhesive foiled backing allows for ‘rolling’ or ‘hammering’

Matco First-Step Tacky mats for contamination control

Matco First-Step is a tacky mat used for contamination control. It has an adhesive that lets it stick directly to the floor’s surface.

Gripfoot: Grit Tape, Cleats and Tiles for Slip-Resistance

Gripfoot is abrasive grit ‘anti-slip’ products with self-adhesive backing available in tapes, cleats and tiles. It provides additional grip underfoot on smooth surfaces. It is hardwearing and easy to install. Gripfoot Tape is versatile for floor surfaces, machinery and vehicles. Gripfoot Cleats are designed for use on steps and stairs. Gripfoot Tiles are ideal for increasing safety on smooth, tiled floors…

InstaLay Self-Adhesive Acoustic Underlays

InstaLay is a revolutionary, patented, flooring installation system that reduces sub-floor preparation and eliminates the need for adhesive, making installation quick, clean and simple. InstaLay adds comfort and sound absorption to improve the performance of common floor covering products in private homes, hospitality, retail, healthcare, multi-family housing, education facilities and more.

Fastmount® Product Catalogue and Technical Guide 2018

Fastmount product catalogue and technical guide.

Gripfoot Conformable

Gripfoot Conformable is abrasive grit ‘anti-slip’ surface tape, cleat or tiles. The self-adhesive foiled backing allows for rolling or hammering to shape. It is ideal for diamond treadplates, curved or irregular surfaces.

Matco Gripfoot

Matco Gripfoot is an abrasive grit ‘anti-slip’ products with self-adhesive backing available in tapes, cleats and tiles. It provides additional grip.

Rubber Paving & Flooring | Van Dyck Floors

Recycled rubber paving is extremely tough and resilient to damage and stains. EnviroBuild paving and flooring products have virtually zero water or chemical absorption, resulting in no oil absorption from leaking vehicles, accidental spills, etc. These factors make EnviroBuild products very easy to maintain. Simply hose or sweep off dirt and dust. For more aggressive dirt, simply clean with a cloth/mop dipped in a soapy water mixture or use a high-pressure cleaner. Damaged pavers can easily be lifted/extracted and replaced. A variety of other colours and speckled combinations can be made on request depending on the order volume.

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