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Aztec 3 in 1

Aztec 3-in-1 is a textured low sheen finish that hides surface imperfections and provides maximum protection against all weather conditions.


Aquanil is a low sheen self cleaning pure acrylic paint that is based on a specially formulated hydrophobic acrylic polymer that promotes self-cleaning and fungal resistance.

X-Calibur® X-Tech SuperFlow

TAL’s  X-Tech SuperFlow is suitably designed for application onto concrete substrates. Allow all new concrete work and screeds to cure for at least 6 weeks and 4 weeks respectively before proceeding. The substrate must be structurally sound, clean and dry and free from all traces of surface laitance and contamination such as dust, dirt, waxes, oils, bitumen, old adhesives, paint, grease, weak cement screeds, shutter release and curing agents, sealing compounds, etc. All damaged, defective, deteriorated, friable (powdery) and hollow sounding areas must be removed until a solid background is achieved. These areas must be made good before proceeding.  The surface must be prepared, by captive blasting or grinding, to ensure that the aggregate in the concrete is fully exposed and open, ie to achieve a Concrete Surface Profile (CSP) of 5 or 6 (Medium Scarification).

Galvo Clean

Marmoran Galvo Clean is a highly efficient non-abrasive acidic type liquid for cleaning new and oxidized galvanised steel surfaces prior to painting.

Luxury Paint Range

Interior and exterior paint to decorate, protect and preserve your wall. The Marmoran luxury paint range includes the following products; Marmoclad, Aquanil, Marmocoate M180, Marmosilk, Percale and Carecoat.

Marmoran Cosmos Acrylic Coating

Cosmos offers a distinctive subtle texture with a fine pearlescent glow. This coating offers maximum water resistance and promotes self-cleaning.

Caledonplast 2 in 1

A self cleaning low profile decorative and protective resin bonded plaster plus topcoat all in one. Featuring outstanding water repellent and penetrative properties.

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