today3 Sep 2018
verified_userMaxiflex Door Systems

Stacking up the benefits!

Maxiflex introduces Stackdoor®, a completely unique and innovative certified security door solution that combines robustness, high safety specifications, efficiency and optimum security in a neat, compact and flexible package.
today27 Jul 2017

Trellidor Security Shutter ideal for estate living

Housing estates and cluster homes generally have strict rules about the type of physical security permitted in estate homes, quite often excluding burglar bars and security gates. However, the Trellidor security shutter has the strength expected of a Trellidor security barrier plus eye-catching, contemporary design.
today30 Jan 2019

World’s highest rated sliding security gate designed by Trellidor RSA

The Trellidor Trojan 3 EMESC T3000 sliding security gate has been certified to BRE Standard LPS 1175: Issue 7 SR3. This is the highest certification received by a sliding security gate in the world.
today19 Oct 2017

Trellidor introduces aluminium sliding security gate to range

Trellidor’s aluminium sliding security gate is ideal for highly corrosive environments and is above average in resisting attack using a variety of common tools used by burglars.
today7 May 2013

IFSEC South Africa is ready to pack a punch in 2013

South Africa has one of the fastest growing private security industries in the world with an annual turnover in the region of R50 billion. The industry includes approximately 9 000 registered companies that provide a range of security services. In addition, the private security market continues to experience significant growth as an increasing number of organisations and private individuals turn to this industry for personal and asset protection. 
today4 Oct 2017
verified_userASSA ABLOY

New ASSA ABLOY patented cylinder – the key to uncompromised security

It is virtually impossible to duplicate or copy the key of the ASSA ABLOY CY110 high security cylinder as each key and cylinder is exclusive and has a specific security card and code without which a key cannot be copied.
today12 Mar 2019
verified_userGunnebo South Africa

Nine tips for office entrance control from Gunnebo

Office entrance control factors to consider, level of security required, expected flow rates and methods of identification.
today5 Oct 2009
verified_userMutual Safe and Security Group

Mutual brings you the best in security

Twenty five years ago the Mutual Safe Company started manufacturing and marketing customised, SABS qualified security doors
today7 Feb 2019
verified_userASSA ABLOY

Are you aware of your locks’ level of security?

Different locks offer different levels of security and it is important to select the correct lock for the correct door application. ASSA ABLOY
today18 Mar 2013

Customised protection for entrance doors

When it comes to front door security Trellidor’s primary focus is on the strength of the physical barriers it manufactures, but as each unit is custom-made, homeowners can select one that suits their lifestyle and personal preferences. 
today23 Oct 2012

De-clutter windows with Trellidor barrier options

Window protection needn’t be cluttered and ugly as there are so many more design options available than previously.  Security barrier manufacturer Trellidor has some interesting ideas that recognise window security as a necessary part of urban living without spoiling the view.
today10 Apr 2012

Minimising risk in security specifications

Increasingly, specifiers are required to factor security measures to prevent business losses through theft and armed robbery into plans for commercial buildings. Although they can’t prevent every breach of security, they can go a long way towards reducing losses by specifying high quality, certified products that act as both a deterrent and an effective stumbling block to criminals.  The concern is how to verify that a product can do what it is advertised to do? One of the best ways is to check on the product’s certification by an independent third party.
today12 Aug 2012

IFSEC South Africa 2012 – the security platform

IFSEC South Africa 2012, held at Gallagher Convention Centre from 19-21 June 2012, proved to be a great success and welcomed 5 902 visitors. “With South Africa, indeed most of Africa, putting more faith in private security, IFSEC South Africa has become a premier annual event on the security calendar,” says Ross Cullingworth, Commercial Events Directory at UBM Montgomery.
today11 Feb 2013

Security solutions for sash windows

Sash windows may have their roots in Victorian architecture, but their streamlined look and functioning have made them eminently suitable for uncluttered modern homes.  
today13 Jan 2017

Trellidor Security Shutter ideal for estate living

Trellidor franchises throughout RSA are being kept busy with requests from homeowners in housing estates for quotes on the newly launched Trellidor Security Shutter. “It’s proving to be a winner for several reasons, not just because it doesn’t look like a security barrier but also because it is attractive from street view as well as inside the home,” said RSA Sales and Marketing Manager Paul van Blerk.
today16 Jul 2012

Specify security barriers in planning

Physical security barriers can be used to protect everything from centralised electrical control centres to stock rooms to IT departments in commercial buildings. The planning for these access control and defence installations should be an integral part of the planning process so that suppliers can be part of the decision making and recommend construction provisions, where necessary, to accommodate them. 
today18 Jan 2012

Aluminium security shutters

The Plantation Shutter Company, well-known for its top-of-the-range timber louvred interior shutters, recently turned its attention to the manufacture of good looking, secure, aluminium shutters that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.  The company sought to design and manufacture the strongest adjustable louvre security shutters available in South Africa. Using its in-house knowledge and design expertise, it has produced a shutter with a number of security features that ensure safety in the home in an aesthetically pleasing way.
today10 Jun 2014
verified_userGunnebo South Africa

High security barriers you can trust

Gunnebo provides a range of Alltech high security barriers, ideal for controlling access in areas where strong security is required. These include hydraulic blockers, rising bollards, spike surface mount and recessed barriers, as well as one way directional spike barriers.
today29 Sep 2011

More than one way to secure front doors

Front door security, and window security for that matter, is an essential component of building projects today. Fortunately, new developments in the barrier security industry mean we’re not limited to bulky, rigid, steel swing gates or the ubiquitous trellis designs. Trellidor has introduced innovative products that can be unobtrusive while still serving their essential purpose.
today3 Jan 2018

Protecting perimeters with a variety of fencing options

C and J Fencing Africa are suppliers and installers of high quality, razor wire, welded mesh, game fencing and Clearview fencing products.
today20 Aug 2013

More security choices for homeowners

Homeowners around the country are well aware that security is a top priority for safe living, but up until now have been limited in their choice of product type.  Trellidor’s Clear Guard security screens for doors and windows solve a number of problems for homeowners that want to preserve their views, their home’s architectural style and keep safe at the same time.
today17 Jul 2013

Maintain architectural integrity with clear security

The personal safety of the occupants of a building should never be compromised because of a reluctance to obscure the structure’s architectural beauty with a muddle of busy burglar proofing, says Peter Rawson of Trellidor.  He has some suggestions on how to improve security without a negative aesthetic impact.  
today21 May 2011

Security with a view in aluminium-framed screens

A sleek aluminium frame around each unit is one of the attractions of Trellidor Clear Guard, a completely ‘new look’ physical security solution designed for those looking for something other than conventional burglar guards or security gates. The frame encases a high tensile stainless steel mesh insert that assists with security as well as allowing uninterrupted views of the external environment.
today17 Aug 2011

Seamless security possible with Trellidor

There are many ways to make physical security less obtrusive, particularly when incorporated into the planning phase of a new building or alteration
today13 Sep 2013

Custom-made mesh screens a contemporary security solution

Aluminium-framed mesh security screens from the Trellidor Clear Guard range have several advantages over conventional burglar proofing and security gates. Apart from being virtually see-through, these units can be custom-made to fit and operate alongside any window or door design, they can withstand a concerted attempted break-in and keep out nuisances such as mosquitoes and monkeys.
today7 Jul 2016
verified_userEcho Prestress

Echo slabs secure Waterfall Estate

South Africa’s Echo group has had considerable success in finding and developing new markets for hollow-core, especially in security and retaining wall applications. As South Africa has one of the world’s highest crime levels, good security walling has become an unfortunate necessity.
today6 Oct 2011

Doubleskin® offers maximum security

The 358 Doubleskin maximum security fence is ideal for military prisons and security installations. Offers good visibility, discreet visual impact and high security
today3 Feb 2011
verified_userASSA ABLOY

Beyond in-room security

Since revolutionising the hospitality industry in 1979 with hotel security solutions, VingCard Elsafe has continued to lead the market by continuously introducing innovations to the industry
today8 Apr 2010

A new record in home security

Trellidor has set a new record in the number of security barriers supplied on a single project. As subcontractors on site at Eskom’s Ledibeng Eco Estate staff housing venture near Lephalale, in Limpopo, Trellidor secured a total of 350 homes, fitting custom-made physical security barriers to the doors and windows of each home. “The contract required 804 security gates and 2 694 window fixtures.
today16 Apr 2019

Trellidor lands London Underground contract

Trellidor has installed its Trellidor Trojan 3 EMESC T3000 steel security gates in four London Underground train stations.
today6 Mar 2014

Complete retail security solutions from Trellidor Commercial

Single-product barrier security solutions are not always the most effective option for retail outlets. This is why Trellidor’s Commercial Division works closely with specifiers, architects, builders and others involved in the development of a project to find the right product for each area within the building.
today17 Oct 2018
verified_userYork International (SA) Inc

Beyond building security – intelligent technology adds convenience, utility, ease

In Ireland's Smartest Building, One Albert Quay, Cork, security and building management technology does more than police perimeters and keep the office at the right temperature. With the addition of analytics, big data, integration with backend HR, email calendaring and office management systems, as well as an app or two, it is simplifying life for employees.
today23 Oct 2012

Multi-purpose protection from Trellidor

Trellidor Clear Guard is essentially a security screen for windows and doors, but solves a host of other problems related to the location of a building.  
today8 Apr 2014

Not your average security barrier

  Trellidor Clear Guard security screens are a significant departure from conventional security barriers and are finding favour in homes as well as commercial buildings.  Their appeal is their streamlined design, so unlike cluttered burglar proofing, and the fact that you can see right through them.
today17 Apr 2019
verified_userASSA ABLOY

Effortless conversion of existing locks to eCLIQ™ high security electronic control system from ASSA ABLOY

ASSA ABLOY’s new eCLIQ™ electronic locking system combines reliable protection and maximum flexibility to offer users a high security.
today28 Jan 2011

Security expo to include occupational health and safety focus

IFSEC South Africa 2011, the country’s premier security exhibition, has taken on a new name and will be staged at a new venue. Many people in the building and security industries are familiar with the IFSEC South Africa Securex show, as it has been known in the past.
today1 Aug 2018
verified_userREHAU Polymer

REHAU uPVC windows fulfill the mandate

Customs Aluminium, a REHAU Authorised Partner, manufactured high security REHAU uPVC windows and doors for a customer in Nairobi, Kenya. The owner stipulated that he wanted high security, burglar resistant windows and doors installed to increase the safety for his family.
today16 Jul 2013
verified_userASSA ABLOY

Mastering security

Master key systems allow convenient access to authorised personnel while providing high levels of security against those without access rights. 
today25 Oct 2017

Automatically locking gate allows unmanned secure entrances

The Auto-Gatestile is a gate that locks automatically and will not permit entry or exit. It can be manufactured for site specific dimensions such as beach access in a size that allows surfboards and other equipment.
today6 Aug 2012

Wireless RFID locks for hotel security

innoVIZION Africa is the accredited partner of Salto Systems SL and an authorised master seller for the company. As well as marketing, distribution and sales, it also handles the installation and service of Salto products.  One of the premium Salto products is the AElement wireless lock which represents the new face of radio-frequency-identification (RFID) hotel security technology. Easy to use and easy to install, the AElement lock is designed for contemporary installations and is packed with Salto’s new ‘wireless DNA’ technology.  It has been developed specifically for the hotel market and provides a fully integrated real-time security solution that allows hoteliers to combine a suite of guest hospitality services into one stylish and reliable wire-free locking system. 
today17 Jul 2012

When to specify physical security

Physical security can be used to protect everything from centralised electrical control centres, to stock rooms to IT departments in commercial buildings.  
today19 Oct 2016

Security shutters by AMERICAN shutters

Physical security can be used to protect everything from centralised electrical control centres, to stock rooms to IT departments in commercial buildings.  
today17 Apr 2016
verified_userTurnstar Systems

Flexible solution for security entrances

Turnstar's High Security Cabin Booth 24 also known as the THSCB 24 is a flexible solution for security entrances. Practical and stylish, they fit every background, specifically ministries, banks, industries and airports.
today9 May 2018

Access control radar system ideal for retrofitting

The Flow Systems access control radar system is a package of modules that can be retro-fitted into a commonly configured building reception area or lobby, converting that space into a high security mantrap which allows the entry of only one authorised person at a time, while ignoring any cart, luggage or parcels in their possession.
today22 Nov 2010

Fire doors, fire safety and security systems

FireSpec, based in Cape Town and operating nationally, specialises in the supply and fitment of active and passive fire protection and security systems. “We can supply fire protection, security and access control systems and fittings as well as a comprehensive maintenance package on an ongoing basis,” says CEO, Leo Slootmans.
today13 Oct 2010

A new security concept

Trellidor, manufacturer of South Africa’s best known trellis-style security gates and burglar guards, has launched a new security system unlike any other currently available on the local market. Called Trellidor Clear Guard, it’s an attractive alternative consisting of an aluminium frame with a high tensile steel mesh insert that offers protection without spoiling the view.
today15 Jun 2017
verified_userAMERICAN Shutters

Gear Tilt Security Shutters by AMERICAN shutters®

Clean lines, modern simplicity and an abundance of style characterises this stunning Kalk Bay house. The Gear Tilt Security Shutters by AMERICAN shutters® added the finishing touch.
today8 Oct 2012

Barriers for difficult locations no problem for Trellidor

Specifying security barriers for unusual doors and windows need not be a Heath Robinson affair.  With the help of specialists like Trellidor, these openings can be fitted with neat, uncomplicated and efficient security solutions.  Take a look at some recent tricky installations and how Trellidor solved the protection requirement.
today1 Jun 2017
verified_userYork International (SA) Inc

New version of Metasys from Johnson Controls

The new Metasys 8.1 building automation system from Johnson Controls delivers new graphics, enhanced security and other features to mitigate risk, reduce cost and maximise investments.
today15 May 2017

REHAU uPVC window system installed to enhance security and energy savings

REHAU Authorised Partner New Look Window Systems recently manufactured and fitted uPVC windows and doors for a residence in Cape Town. The owners of this residence situated in Cape Town, South Africa, specified uPVC windows and doors for their home. Their wish list included that the windows and doors provide maximum security and energy efficiency.
today16 Apr 2014

Revolving door protected by Trellidor Retractable

  Unconventional entry doors are sometimes left unsecured because of their awkward shape and are then the weak link in a building’s security layers.  Trellidor custom-manufactures security gates to specification, and designs protective barriers for any shape including circular, pivot and more traditional doors.
today4 Jan 2016
verified_userTurnstar Systems

Man-Trap automatic security booth

With a wide variety of options, the TURNSTAR MAN-TRAP is the perfect solution for controlling access to any building.
today26 Oct 2010

Trellidor bring new security system into South Africa

Trellidor Clear Guard security screens are an entirely new concept in security systems in South Africa. Trellicor, with the assistance of Meshtec International, a manufacturing concern based in Thailand
today7 Feb 2010

Physical barriers a key security measure

“The most obvious way to avoid crime is to prevent criminals from getting inside your premises in the first place. To stop them in their tracks one needs reliable barriers on external openings, making it impossible to break through,” says Kevin Bonner, sales and marketing executive for Roll-Up Serranda. The company manufactures roller shutters ranging from simple manually operated steel doors to semi-intelligent high-end automated aluminium products.
today12 Apr 2017
verified_userMutual Safe and Security Group

Mutual Safe and Security Group to become latest reseller of concealed weapons detection system

Patriot One Technologies Inc., (“Patriot One” or the “Company”), developer of a revolutionary concealed weapons detection system, is pleased to announce it has entered into both a reseller licensing agreement and purchase order for an initial sale in the amount of US$500,000 with Mutual Safes International Pty Ltd. (“Mutual Safe Group”) of Pretoria, South Africa.
today14 Feb 2019
verified_userASSA ABLOY

Yale's wide range of Safes & Safety Boxes

Security specialists Yale have a wide range of safety boxes and safes to suit consumer pockets and security requirements.
today6 Aug 2014

Kilometre long security wall at Waterfall Estate

A huge security wall, just under one kilometre long and up to 4.2m high, has been built with prestressed hollow-core panels manufactured by Echo Prestress, on the 640Ha Waterfall Estate in Midrand, currently under development by Century Property Developments.
today11 Oct 2011

Lifestyle Living with Trellidor Clear Guard

There are as many reasons for choosing to live in an estate as there are estates to choose from
today6 Apr 2011

Sleek aluminium roller shutters add style to designer homes

Trellidor Rollerstyle aluminium shutters are an attractive way of helping to secure homes and commercial premises, particularly when it's important that security does not detract from the building's beautiful design
today30 Oct 2013

Fire escape windows from Trellidor

These are burglar bars that slide open in exactly the same way as a trellis gate and are fitted with the same type of lock.  
today7 Dec 2015
verified_userTurnstar Systems

Turnstar Systems offers security and access in stylish turnstile

The SPEEDGATE SECURE is a turnstile that is suited for applications requiring high speed access together with high levels of security. It is used extensively in applications such as office receptions, airports, universities, health clubs and railways.
today15 Sep 2014

African showrooms for Trellidor

The Durban-based security barrier manufacturing company continues to expand into Africa by opening new showrooms in Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique and establishing a new franchise operation in Angola.
today26 Feb 2019
verified_userASSA ABLOY

In case of emergency - ExiSAFE from ASSA ABLOY South Africa

ASSA ABLOY launch of the new, world-class ExiSAFE panic and emergency exit hardware from the renowned UNION brand.
today4 Jun 2018
verified_userTurnstar Systems

Turnstar - a total solution for access control

Turnstar Systems, manufacturers of turnstiles and access control products, has its own in-house powder coating plant at its Joburg factory, ensuring the durability of its surface coatings.
today21 May 2018
verified_userTurnstar Systems

Turnstar at Securex West Africa

Turnstar had an exhibition stand at Securex West Africa and got to meet new and existing customers.
today2 Feb 2018
verified_userGeze SA

Specialists in healthcare requirements for safety and security

Geze automated door control solutions offer security, design and convenience perfectly suited to both the strict requirements of Healthcare regulations, plus the aesthetics that contribute to patient ease of access and wellbeing.
today22 Apr 2013

Climate control aluminium roller shutters from Trellidor

Modern homes with their minimal exteriors hold strong appeal because of their strong lines and indoor/outdoor flow. Flat roofs, large expanses of glass, and paving from patio to pool bring in an abundance of summer sunshine, but also unbearable heat.  Trellidor Rollerstyle aluminium shutters fitted to doors and windows are an elegant solution, providing security and shade when required, and rolling up out of the way when not needed.
today22 Nov 2010

SA-made fire and security doors into Africa

South Africa’s leading manufacturer of fire, security and transformer room doors, Bitcon Industries, has continued its export drive into Africa and has recently secured several new contracts.
today15 Feb 2010

Audio-video access control kits

Audio and video door entry control kits supplied by Legrand are effective security devices, designed to enhance safety and provide peace of mind in almost any environment. National sales manager at Legrand, Timothy Mountjoy says, “Well designed security systems for controlled access are becoming more important in South Africa. Identifying people at the door and being able to speak to them before allowing them admission is now an affordable asset that should be considered a necessity rather than a luxury.”
today27 Nov 2017

Door communication with aspirations

Excellumax in South Africa provides the JUNG intercom systems for door access and security. Available in audio, video or both.
today7 May 2012

South African-made security barriers in Mauritius

Well-known South African manufacturer of security barriers, Trellidor, has appointed a new distributor in Mauritius. Trading under the name of Floor to Roof Construction, the company has a profile that is compatible with Trellidor’s range of products. It is a well-established business and is conveniently located five minutes from the island’s capital of Port Louis.
today26 Jul 2017
verified_userTurnstar Systems

Turnstar protects mine from diesel thieves

The Turnstar SHIELD road blocker is suited for applications requiring high volume access and high levels of security. The 3.5m road blockers have a 600mm lift and rise and lower within 5 seconds.
today24 May 2012
verified_userASSA ABLOY

Complete doorway solutions with ASSA ABLOY - service to architects

ASSA ABLOY offers specification consulting and architectural services. Let ASSA ABLOY help in your mission to create safe and secure buildings that fit with your vision for the space…
today4 Mar 2019

Congratulations to Trellidor

The Trellidor team was thrilled to receive two awards at the 2019 edition of Jo’burg Homemakers Expo
today6 Feb 2019

IP360 – A revolution in video entry systems – XTS video receiver

The IP360 video entry system enables the integration of systems like audio and video intercom, CCTV and home automation, with the possibility to use standard communication devices such as SIP handsets or tablets, smartphones or PCs.
today12 Feb 2019
verified_userTurnstar Systems

61 Katherine takes the Express

61 Katherine is an office development in Sandton’s CBD. Turnstar was chosen to provide a high-speed secure access control system here.
today6 Feb 2019

Northgate Heights chooses quality - uPVC windows and doors

Northgate Heights chooses quality uPVC windows and doors for 295 apartments in Johannesburg Northgate area.
today26 Feb 2019
verified_userGeze SA

Specialists in Healthcare requirements for safety & security

GEZE delivers ‘one-stop’ specification, technical support and installation guidance for complete door and window solutions to hospitals.
today30 Jun 2014

Opening the most doors in the world

From humble beginnings as a traditional lock manufacturer supplying the Nordic region, ASSA ABLOY celebrates 20 years as a global leader in total door opening solutions.
today21 Jan 2014
verified_userMutual Safe and Security Group

Protecting and strengthening your business environment

The Tellersafe range of deposit devices, designed for secure and efficient cash processing, can be deployed as stand alone or through wall units. 
today11 Oct 2011
verified_userASSA ABLOY

Return to the future with UNION KeyRetro

keyRETROâ„¢ is a brand new bolt-on that brings existing master key systems back into the future without the need to change all the existing locks and keys
today31 Mar 2011

Trellidor now manufacturing Rollerstyle shutters

Security barrier manufacturers Trellidor have purchased Rollerstyle, which produced aluminium roller shutters, thereby expanding the company's range of physical security options for both domestic and commercial applications
today21 May 2018
verified_userBoomgate Systems

New range of Genius™ Rapid access barriers by Boomgate Systems

Boomgate Systems has added the Genius Swift BGST201 and BGST–D107 barriers to its range of traffic and parking control equipment. Available in straight booms, folding booms or boom arm with fence.
today19 Feb 2018
verified_userTurnstar Systems

Speedgate Express access solution

Turnstar offers an aesthetic security control unit for high speed access. Manufactured from glass and steel, the Speedgate Express is available in 3 different lane widths and is also ideal for those in wheelchairs or pushing trolleys.
today16 May 2018
verified_userSE Controls

SE Controls Africa on show at Securex 2018

SE Controls Africa (SECAF) exhibiting its extensive range of smoke control, environmental ventilation and window automation solutions at this year’s Securex fire and security trade show, which takes place between 22nd and 24th May at the Gallagher Convention Centre, Midrand, Johannesburg, South Africa.
today10 Apr 2018
verified_userREHAU Polymer

High security, energy saving and low maintenance

New Look Window Systems replace old windows and doors with REHAU uPVC double-glazed windows and doors that are high security, energy-efficient and require minimal maintenance.
today8 Aug 2010

Economical burglar guards

In South Africa, security barriers are important in residential and commercial premises. Well known manufacturer in this industry, Trellidor has introduced a new range of economical burglar guards so that property owners are not restricted to securing only doorways, as is often the case, but can afford to secure window openings effectively as well. 
today15 Jan 2015

Look who's at the front door

Legrand video entry control units, with multiple functions, including clear images and good sound quality, significantly improve the security of any environment.
today1 Nov 2010

New technology in access control

Aperio is a new technology developed to upgrade mechanical doors and connect them wirelessly to an existing electronic access control system. It provides end-users with a simple, intelligent way to raise the security level of their premises at a lower cost than a traditional system and without having to change existing doors. Aperio technology, from Assa Abloy
today19 Oct 2010

Move cash and valuables safely

The Airdelivery Bag Tube System from VSG (Vehicle Security Glass) is an effective method of sending cash, documents and valuables securely and saves time, space and lives
today17 Sep 2017
verified_userAMERICAN Shutters

Home haute couture

Fitting shutters to arched, angled, and circular openings.
today22 Jul 2010

Privacy and security

duty precast walling is widely used for industrial purposes. It is a very thick cement wall that is thicker than a normal precast wall
today23 Jun 2010

Walls, barriers and security

There is a wide choice of precast walls available including face brick (chip brick), concrete and steel. They can be topped with razor wire or electrified fencing to improve the security characteristics
today24 Aug 2017
verified_userREHAU Polymer

Replacing wooden windows with uPVC

Home owner replaces wooden windows with REHAU uPVC windows due to low maintenance requirements, as they will never need sanding, painting or varnishing and will never warp or rot.
today31 Jul 2017
verified_userTurnstar Systems

Turnstar’s stylish access control for high-end retail stores

The Turnstar TRITON curved glass turnstile was supplied in a matching finish to the revamped Jenna Clifford Boutique shopfront. The turnstile is ideal for high-end retail applications and provides an elegant entrance control solution.
today19 Mar 2019
verified_userBoomgate Systems

State of the art access control for Kyalami Estate

The Turnstar TRITON curved glass turnstile was supplied in a matching finish to the revamped Jenna Clifford Boutique shopfront. The turnstile is ideal for high-end retail applications and provides an elegant entrance control solution.
today4 Mar 2019
verified_userASSA ABLOY

Yale New Stainless Steel Hinges

Yale hinges come with a 3-year guarantee. Available in butt & flush hinge configurations, stainless steel hinges with a brass PVD finish.
today20 May 2014
verified_userASSA ABLOY

Goodbye to the front door key

Most of us have experienced that sinking feeling after we have locked ourselves out of the house at least once. Lost or forgotten keys are now a thing of the past with the new Keyless Digital Door lock from Yale.
today27 Jul 2016

Bitcon doors for massive sub-Saharan retail developments

Bitcon Industries, a leading South African producer of fire and security doors, has been contracted to supply doors to an extensive array of new shopping centres throughout sub-Saharan Africa.
today24 May 2016
verified_userASSA ABLOY

Mobile phone-based keyless entry solution

This story begins in 1974, when lock maker Tor Sørnes heard that an intruder had attacked his favourite singer in her hotel room. Inspired to help, he resolved to invent a security system that would provide a unique key for every guest. His invention changed the whole lock industry.
today10 Aug 2018

dormakaba’s smart solutions revolutionise hospitality industry

dormakaba offers a range of products to enhance access control that are integrated at various strategic points of operation within hotels, resorts and other retailer in ultra-competitive industry.
today6 Mar 2018

Control your home with your smartphone

Wi-Fi networks are becoming ubiquitous which means that any smart device that can access the internet through Wi-Fi can be interconnected with any other smart device with Wi-Fi capability. This makes the options for home automation both extensive and cost effective.
today27 Nov 2013

Elegant front door security from Trellidor Rollerstyle

Stylish front doors can be difficult to secure against criminals without detracting from their charm. Unfortunately entry doors are a common point of access into homes and offices for criminals, so it is essential to install adequate protection. Trellidor Rollerstyle may just be the solution for that latest project.
today18 Mar 2013

Window film solutions

Solashayde is a leading supplier of premium window film products which has been providing quality film products since 1983. The company imports, packages and distributes various window films and application tools for the security, automotive and building industries. Solashayde prides itself on being able to provide beneficial window film solutions and exceptional service. All its products are guaranteed and are tested on a regular basis using international quality and strength tests. 
today21 Aug 2013

Two arm technology - turnstile with escape route function

Security against unauthorised access is just as high with 2-arm turnstiles as with Flow Systems’ long-proven 3-arm turnstiles, and at comparable investment costs. In case of emergency, especially indoors, the 3-arm option with fold-down arms has long been used as reliable safety technology. The 2-arm technology is the logical next step in development after the folding-arm turnstile. It takes the above advantages and adds a new dimension of security, economy and comfort.
today22 Oct 2015
verified_userBoomgate Systems

Boomgate advertising barrier for access control and outdoor advertising

 Boomgate, a company specialising in vehicle and pedestrian access control equipment, recently launched the first real advertising barrier in South Africa. It’s a clever idea: the driver and passengers are sitting in their car anyway waiting to go through a parking boom, be allowed into a shopping centre, or exiting a secure facility. While they’re waiting, why not give them a message to absorb?
today19 Oct 2010

Rain harvesting for water security

The current severe drought in the Eastern Cape has prompted individuals and businesses to rethink the issue of ongoing water security. The region around Port Elizabeth has been particularly hard hit and General Motors, looking for a fast, cost-effective and permanent solution to the water shortage, commissioned Rain Harvesting Systems to install its new Stormcatcher – a segmented underground tank that stores harvested rainwater.
today21 Apr 2015
verified_userGunnebo South Africa

Gunnebo SafePay closed cash handling

Gunnebo is a pioneer in the area of closed cash handling. Together with leading retailers in Europe, the company has developed SafePay™, a secure way to handle cash efficiently and remove cash differences. 
today9 Mar 2010

Intelligent perimeter defence and security

Alcatraz Integrated Intelligent Systems (Pty) Ltd has been developed and constructed to comply with the unique conditions prevailing in the SA market
today20 Jan 2017
verified_userEcho Prestress

Echo Prestress celebrates 21 years of prestressed slab production

One of South Africa’s prestressed hollow-core concrete slab pioneers, Echo Prestress, was founded in 1995 when a factory was built in Kempton Park to manufacture prestressed hollow-core slabs. 
today12 Jun 2012
verified_userEcho Prestress

More than a floor ...

The Echo Prestress hollow-core slab system is a flooring solution offering simpler, faster construction and a durable end product.  
today8 Oct 2012

Comprehensive protection with the professional touch

S.A. National Standard (SANS) 10400 Part T as a Code of Practice affecting public and building safety aspects of the National Building Regulations, brings with it a host of compliance standards and practices for the built environment. It addresses risk management in the comprehensive sense. So, legislation for fire containment is a priority with government departments – national, provincial and local.  Compliance with regulations is firmly on the agenda of many commercial and industrial companies.
today6 Mar 2012
verified_userTurnstar Systems

Stylish, secure, speedy

The SPEEDSTILE EXPRESS is a combination of security and aesthetics all in one stylish product. It is a turnstile offering ultra high speed access with seamlessly integrated motor drive technology. Suitable where a combination of ultra high speed access and medium levels of security is required, , it is used extensively in applications such as office receptions, airports, universities, health clubs and railways.
today29 Mar 2019
verified_userASSA ABLOY

Smart HD CCTV from Yale

The Yale smart CCTV range offers HD cameras, night vision and recordable hard drive. Can be linked to sync mobile devices.
today20 Feb 2019
verified_userTurnstar Systems

Battery backup during load shedding

Battery backup solutions during load shedding. All turnstiles and vehicle barrier boomgates are available with battery backup.
today30 Jul 2014
verified_userASSA ABLOY

Celebrate ASSA ABLOY's 20th birthday with them

This year ASSA ABLOY celebrates its 20th birthday. They would like to celebrate by giving away 20 security product prizes over the next few months: 19 prizes to the value of R4000 each and the main prize valued at R20 000!
today18 Mar 2014

Aluminium shutters contribute to efficient use of public space

Trellidor Rollerstyle aluminium roller shutters are generally installed to protect windows and external doors.  But they can also be fitted internally to optimise space use as well as provide security, as a Durban yacht club anticipated when their shutter was recently installed.
today29 Feb 2016

New student housing development addresses dire lack of student accommodation in Western Cape

A new residence building on the corner of Rose and Main Street in Mowbray will go some way towards addressing the student housing crisis gripping the Western Cape. Nationally current student housing can only accommodate approximately 18% of the total student enrolments in higher education, according to the Department of Higher Education. Student accommodation across the country and in the Western Cape in particular is in high demand, with new developments needed to match the growing numbers of students entering tertiary education each year.
today13 May 2016

Controlling exit and entry

AUTOGATE has been manufacturing turnstiles in a variety of configurations for over 30 years. These turnstiles have a wide range of applications for high security and high volume access control. 
today23 Feb 2016
verified_userASSA ABLOY

Intelligent personal lockers

Traka’s personal locker solutions use the same access management and reporting software as their intelligent laptop lockers, but are designed to securely house personal belongings.
today16 Nov 2011
verified_userTurnstar Systems

Security with looks

Technology incorporated into the Triton full height octagonal glass turnstile includes a self-centering rotation system where the rotor returns to the starting position after every rotation. The Anti-Trap® safety system ensures that there is no mid-rotation locking or trapping in the event of a power failure. An extra secure 60° anti-reverse system is incorporated, as is a mechanical key override in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. Programmable PLC logic with user diagnostic features ensures a safe and user-friendly turnstile
today26 Nov 2018

Windows and doors – the eyes to a building

Alsysco says that windows and doors are the eyes to a building and should be selected carefully. Alsysco provides a wide range of aluminium doors, windows, curtain walls, insect screens and sun control solutions
today17 Oct 2018
verified_userBoomgate Systems

Attack-proof access cubicle protects bank

This one of a kind Cylindrical Access Cubicle was designed, engineered and installed by Boomgate Systems. Designed for a prestigious bank to an “Attack Proof” rating of ARL-1, it is the first and only installation of this type.
today3 Oct 2018
verified_userVan Dyck Floors

Van Dyck Floors takes a shot at innovative ballistics products

Van Dyck and Mathe Group have developed bullet resistant rubber blocks measuring 50cm x 25cm x 50mm (thickness). These can be assembled to effectively create a ballistic safety wall for indoor shooting ranges.
today2 Oct 2018
verified_userTurnstar Systems

Exxaro increases velocity

Turnstar was recently awarded the contract for the supply of two solar powered high speed Velocity traffic barriers to secure one of Exxaro’s critical underground mines.
today7 Sep 2018

Patio doors: a buyer’s guide

Patio doors offer a way of allowing more natural light into your home’s interior spaces, as well as creating a flow to the outdoors. Swartland offers sliding and hinged patio doors, as well as fold-a-side patio doors.
today18 Apr 2018

Bitcon fire doors for sub-Saharan Africa

Rubidor Class B fire doors ordered for the Bulyanhulu Gold Mine at Bubuda, Tanzania; and Class D fire doors installed in new Heineken Brewery in Maputo, Mozambique.
today1 Aug 2018
verified_userASSA ABLOY

New Aperio® H100: Wireless access control technology inside a stylish door handle

The new Aperio® H100 packs the power and flexibility of wireless access control into one slim, cleverly designed door handle. It can work within an online access control system or offline as a standalone device.
today2 Feb 2018
verified_userASSA ABLOY

Specialist healthcare products from ASSA ABLOY

ASSA ABLOY Healthcare products incorporate access control, asset and key management solutions, door furniture, locking systems, as well as special needs door access products.
today29 Apr 2013

Aluminium roller shutters contribute towards internal climate control

The clean lines of today’s architecture with its simplified forms, flat or shallow pitched roofs, large expanses of glass and emphasis on an abundance of natural light helps blur the lines between indoors and outdoors.  The downside is when that natural light beats down from the mid-summer sun, turning homes into saunas. Trellidor Rollerstyle aluminium shutters present a contemporary solution this modern architectural problem.
today4 Mar 2013
verified_userEcho Prestress

Impregnable Echo Wall guards metal plant

One of South Africa’s largest steel manufacturers has ringed its Wadeville raw scrap processing plant with a formidable security wall made from toughened Echo prestressed hollow-core concrete panels – and in the process completely eliminated costly losses from scrap theft.
today14 Apr 2015

Biggest export order for fire doors

Bitcon Industries, leading producer of fire doors in South Africa, has secured one of its biggest export orders to sub-Saharan Africa in its 48-year history.
today14 Jul 2015

Building industry hails government's prompt payment measures

Master Builders Association North has enthusiastically described the Department of Public Works' draft Prompt Payment regulations as a "lifeline for survival", and has urged all players in the construction industry to immediately register their strong support for the proposed amendment to current legislation.
today14 Oct 2010
verified_userTurnstar Systems

Making turnstile history

Over 3 million ticketed spectators passed through Turnstar turnstiles during the FIFA World Cup 2010. Turnstar was the preferred turnstile supplier for the majority of South Africa’s world class stadiums during
today6 Nov 2010
verified_userMutual Safe and Security Group

Safes, security, protection - that's Mutual's business

Access control is a system of controlled entry and exit through one or more entry and exit booths. It offers security and protection to your business premises
today28 Feb 2017
verified_userREHAU Polymer

Firmabuild Ready Mix batching plant specifies REHAU uPVC windows

REHAU Authorised Partner, Polynate, manufactured and installed 19 uPVC windows and 4 doors made from the REHAU Ecotec 60mm system at the new Firmabuild Ready Mix batching plant in Maraisburg, Gauteng.
today22 Nov 2017
verified_userASSA ABLOY

All new Eximo® panic and emergency exit device range from UNION

ASSA Abloy introduces the Eximo range of panic and emergency exit devices by Union. These include panic latches, panic bolts, and emergency push pads.
today14 Sep 2017

Sandton Gate pilots new Sustainable Precincts Tool

Developers Abland and Tiber are targeting a Green Star certification for the whole Sandton Gate precinct under the GBCSA's new Green Star Sustainable Precincts tool.
today15 May 2012

Aluminium roller shutters create expansive living areas

By specifying Trellidor Rollerstyle aluminium roller shutters as veranda ‘doors’ living areas can easily be expanded to accommodate crowds of guests or closed off when life returns to normal. Even if exposed to sea air, Rollerstyle shutters are relatively maintenance-free, lightweight, quieter than steel roller shutters and are easy to operate, particularly if automated.  Ideally, the shutters should be fitted to the outside edge of the veranda, especially if there are folding or sliding doors from the living room onto the entertainment area. The space between the two sets of doors becomes the area that’s opened up for extra guests and family to enjoy. 
today18 Mar 2017

Safety for residents with Flow Systems turnstiles

AFHCO is a developer and investor in affordable residential accommodation in inner-city Johannesburg. Security is a prime concern and this was solved by installing biometric turnstiles in the residential blocks, ensuring that only residents gain entry.
today4 Jan 2017
verified_userEcho Prestress

Echo slabs used as gravity retaining walling at medical facility

South Africa’s Echo group has had considerable success in finding and developing new markets for hollow-core, especially in security and retaining wall applications. This article outlines an innovative form of retaining wall which was jointly developed by an Echo engineer in collaboration with an external engineering consultancy.
today2 Apr 2012

Protecting property and people

"The South African National Standard SANS 10400 Part T, as the Code of Practice relating to the public and building safety aspects of the National Building Regulations, brings with it a host of compliance standards and practices. It addresses risk management comprehensively. The legislation regarding fire containment is a priority with government departments – national, provincial and local – and compliance with regulations generally is firmly on the agenda of many commercial and industrial companies. This has made the installation of best practice active and passive fire protection systems key in commercial and industrial buildings,” says Leo Slootmans, CEO of FireSpec.
today8 May 2012
verified_userTurnstar Systems

Speed and motion in turnstiles

The SPEEDGATE MOTION turnstile combines security and aesthetics all in one stylish product. It offers ultra high speed access with seamlessly integrated motor drive technology.
today25 Apr 2012

Sustainability week – connecting the dots

Sustainability Week is scheduled to run 25 to 29 July 2012 at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg and will include a series of conferencing activities as well as an exhibition.  The event is based on the premise that appropriate responses to the current global crises need to take account of the interconnectedness of these issues. Climate change, oil/energy security, food security, waste generation, water and soil degradation, the destruction of habitat and the extinction of species, and now the financial crisis too, all impact on each other directly or indirectly. Understanding this interconnectedness is fundamental to understanding the true cost of our actions.  In this context, Sustainability Week aims to identify opportunities for change that recognise the ‘full picture’. Taking a broad view and engaging on specific issues, it will look at ways to make our economy and society more sustainable and resilient to external shocks – such as drought, extreme weather conditions, runaway oil prices and others.
today18 Apr 2019

A R40 000 prize for your most loved Corobrik boundary wall!

A R40 000 prize for your most loved Corobrik boundary wall! So, if you’ve built, or are building a boundary wall, you could win.
today26 Mar 2019
verified_userSE Controls

SE Controls keeps shoppers safe at Johannesburg's new Mall of the South

The smoke ventilation system at Johannesburg’s recently opened Mall of the South shopping centre is using SE Controls’ window automation, vents and control panel solutions to ensure it operates perfectly in the event of a fire, allowing smoke-free escape routes to be maintained for shoppers and staff.
today14 Mar 2019
verified_userLonza Wood Protection

Lonza celebrates a proud 24-year journey with Sabie Poles

Celebrating Lonza Wood Protection and Sabie Poles 24 year working relationship from humble beginnings to the leading supplier they are today.
today27 Feb 2019


International Construction Companies eye the Nigeria market with The Big 5 launch in Lagos in September 2019.
today19 Feb 2019
verified_userGeze SA

Healing Environment, World Class Child Healthcare

Geze provides secure access with multiple door-closing solutions to the Nelson Mandela Children's Hospital.
today3 Sep 2014

Local fire door producer edges out competition in North Africa

Competitive pricing and product quality have greatly expanded the North African and sub-Saharan export markets of South African fire door producer, Bitcon Industries.
today3 Sep 2014

Big plans for IFSEC SA 2015

IFSEC SA 2015, the largest and most comprehensive security and fire exhibition on the African continent, will be held between 12th and 14th May at the Gallagher Convention Centre.
today4 Feb 2014

Ponte re-imagined, Hillbrow re-viewed

He protectively ushers his son across the zebra crossing, making sure he is between him and the traffic. The little boy is smartly dressed in a new school uniform and I can’t help noticing how black and shiny his shoes are against the dusty backdrop, as if he didn’t play outside at break time or has carefully brushed the dust off them before leaving school. I get the impression he is a Grade One pupil who has just started school, still immensely proud of his new uniform and the unblemished satchel on his back. Dad, also smartly dressed, deposits him at the entrance to Skylar Mansions and hurries off, probably going back to work. Is it strange that on this first visit to Hillbrow in about 30 years, I am left with an overall impression of neatness?
today2 Nov 2009

Roll-Up Serranda provides roller shutters to suit any conditions

"The infrastructural projects currently being completed around South Africa, many of them for the Soccer World Cup, have given us an opportunity to showcase our product range and specialised services," says Kevin Bonner, Roll-Up Serranda's sales and marketing executive
today3 May 2016

Bitcon fire doors for Menlyn Maine "green" development

Leading fire door manufacturer, Bitcon Industries, has secured several new high-profile contracts for the company's respected range of products. 
today29 Nov 2016

LCP Roofing levels up with integrated roof inspection app

In an innovative move to offer clients an even better timber roof truss supply and erection service, and to help elevate industry standards, LCP Roofing has developed an integrated mobile application for enhanced, more secure completion and processing of the SANS10400 A19 certificate for a building’s structural components.
today24 Nov 2016

SA fire doors and design for new prestige Ecobank headquarters in Ghana

Leading South African fire, security and transformer door producer, Bitcon Industries’ export programme into Africa has continued with the landing of a major contract for the provision of fire doors for the new Ecobank head office premises in Accra, Ghana. 
today8 Sep 2016
verified_userREHAU Polymer

REHAU Ecotec 60mm uPVC windows

REHAU Authorised Partner, Green Building Store, manufactured and fitted REHAU uPVC windows and doors to a new housing development in Vereeniging, Gauteng. The development's owner, Compusoft, chose the REHAU uPVC fenestration system for its superior quality and thermal efficiency.
today6 Aug 2018

Innovative financing plans are setting Bridge City housing project apart

The 356 Bridge CIty apartments, selling from R529 000, are all two-bedroom, one-bathroom units with open plan living areas. The rent-to-own financing option is designed for aspirant home owners who are not quite able to afford full loan repayments.
today6 Dec 2018
verified_userTurnstar Systems

Charge an entrance fee for your public restroom, swimming pool, club or facility

The Turnstar coin acceptor is a great money maker, providing customers with the control to gain revenue. Coin acceptor turnstiles are most often installed at the entrance to public facilities like toilets, swimming pools and even shebeens. The coin acceptor removes the human factor from the revenue collection process.
today3 Nov 2018
verified_userFranke South Africa

Everything you need to fit out public bathrooms

Franke offers an extensive range of sanitaryware and bathroom accessories to suit public ablutions of various applications.
today21 Jun 2018
verified_userKohler Africa

KOHLER Clarity, bringing safe water to all

Now available in SA, KOHLER Clarity is a safe and streamlined water filtration unit that strains out more than 99% of bacteria and protozoa, ensuring the water that passes through it is clean and safe to drink. It’s an attractive, easy to use and completely mobile solution that reduces the risk of water-borne illnesses by 45%.
today5 Sep 2018
verified_userSE Controls

Effective smoke control solutions for these Cape Town car dealerships

SE Controls Africa was specified by Sparq Consulting to provide the range of actuators and control solutions for the smoke control systems used at JLR Constantiaberg and William Simpson car dealerships in Tokai, Cape Town.
today21 Aug 2018

The Regency Apartment Hotel in Menlyn celebrates grand opening

SE Controls Africa was specified by Sparq Consulting to provide the range of actuators and control solutions for the smoke control systems used at JLR Constantiaberg and William Simpson car dealerships in Tokai, Cape Town.
today1 Aug 2018
verified_userSaint-Gobain Gyproc South Africa

Using the built environment to maximise health and wellbeing

Szpunar addressed a delegation during an event hosted at a new development in Benmore Gardens, Sandton, where he explained and detailed Saint-Gobain’s multi-faceted Multi Comfort concept and approach. The development is an upmarket residential and mixed-use project and will be one of the largest Saint-Gobain Habito™ drywall installations in the world.
today17 Jul 2018
verified_userBergvik Flooring

A stronger structural ceiling system

Iso Flex-Grid structural ceiling system serves the dual purpose of being both a load-bearing grid for overhead installations with a drop down ceiling. A cost effective solution for use in data centres, clean rooms, labs and other environments.
today11 Jul 2018

100 Homes for 100 families in honour of 100 years

Habitat for Humanity South Africa in partnership with the Nelson Mandela Foundation, the Department of Human Settlements and local construction companies is honouring Tata Madiba’s legacy by building 100 homes for 100 families across three provinces; Western Cape, Gauteng and Kwazulu-Natal.
today11 Jul 2018
verified_userREHAU Polymer

REHAU launches Securi Slide & Fold system

The REHAU uPVC Securi Slide & Fold window and door range is a new generation multi pane system consisting of up to 6 individual single-leaf uPVC panels, giving you unprecedented flexibility.
today26 Jun 2018

Smartlock Launches The Bluetooth BLE App for iOS®

Smartlock, manufacturers of centrally managed and advanced locking and tracking solutions, has launched an iOS Bluetooth BLE App for its Low Energy smart key, which serves as the keys display and is aimed at users that would like to use their phones or tablets to operate locks and seals paired with the devices. The key also manages all communication with the lock to authenticate and operate the system.
today22 May 2018

Premium home automation development partnership programme for architects

Tech-savvy home owners to day expect the same convenience and control in their homes that they get from their smartphones and tablets, which is why builders and architects are adding home automation solutions as a standard offering or an option to their development projects.
today21 May 2018
verified_userSaint-Gobain Gyproc South Africa

How ceilings impact on home comfort

While ceilings can be visually appealing, they primarily serve a practical purpose. Aside from creating a barrier between the interior of a building and the roof, ceilings also create a barrier from the cold and if the correct materials and techniques are used, ceilings can contribute towards making homes warmer in winter.
today10 May 2018
verified_userEuroDrain Technology / KESSEL

Prevent damage with the Staufix backwater valve

Protection against backwater can be achieved very easily and effectively – with the Staufix backwater valve, available from EDT Eurodrain-KESSEL. Prevent backwater flooding by installing the Staufix valve, which can be easily installed in concrete slabs, comes with removable inlets and outlets, and is height adjustable.
today11 Apr 2018
verified_userYork International (SA) Inc

Johnson Controls celebrates 50 years in South Africa with exciting new products

New products recently launched by Johnson Controls include Hitachi Sigma range of Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems, the York YZ Magnetic Bearing Centrifugal Chiller, the smart Glas thermostat, the Hitachi Set Free ? range of indoor and outdoor cooling and heating systems, and the YZ Magnetic Bearing Centrifugal Chiller.
today19 Feb 2018

How will we live in 2025?

Property Fox discusses trends that will impact homes of the future. No more garages, Alexa organising your life, Air BNB, water saving products, multi-purpose rooftops and on-command interior design are just some of the emerging trends that will change the home of tomorrow.
today27 Aug 2013

ASSA ABLOY has been ranked 78th in Forbes' list of the world's most innovative companies 2013

"I'm very pleased that we have achieved such success with our R&D," says Johan Molin, President and CEO. "This is the result of our substantial investments in innovation in the past seven years. ASSA ABLOY's R&D investments have increased by 129% since 2005. Our ambition is to be the industry's most innovative company, and in the first half of 2013 more than 26 per cent of our sales came from new products launched in the past three years."
today2 Jul 2013

It’s all under control with the RTi KX7 in-wall touch-panel.

Distributed by HFX Systems, the new RTi KX7 in-wall touch-panel provides complete control of entertainment, environment and security systems in any residential or commercial installation.
today6 Jan 2013

Electronic access control systems

Legrand manufactures a range of standalone and centralised access control systems designed to provide for the efficient management of flows of people and to optimise access security to properties, buildings or specific areas in buildings.
today13 Oct 2013

Photovoltaic technology provides dependable alternative to Eskom

Photovoltaic systems and backup power specialists, Genset & Solar Power Solutions, has recently completed the installation of a photovoltaic (PV) solar system - run by 48 ART solar PV modules - at a home in Hilton, KwaZulu-Natal.
today1 Aug 2013
verified_userREHAU Polymer

First SA fire rated window is a breakthrough for the local market

REHAU is pleased to announce that their Rauferno fire rated uPVC window system is now available and manufactured in South Africa, as the window has passed and exceeded the stringent requirements for 30 minute fire rating of SABS-SANS 10177-2 for integrity.
today11 Mar 2013
verified_userASSA ABLOY

ASSA ABLOY launches ecosystem for replacing keys with mobile phones

ASSA ABLOY Seos is the world's first commercial ecosystem for issuing, delivering and revoking digital keys on mobile phones with NFC technology. NFC, Near Field Communication, is a short-range wireless communication technology standard that enables the exchange of data between devices over a distance of up to 10 cm. 
today7 Feb 2013
verified_userASSA ABLOY

Andreu opens new doors to the future

Today security is one of the main concerns for architects. It is important to select adequate structural materials and components, such as fire rated doors, which are an essential protective element against the destructive force of fire.
today17 Nov 2015

Johnson Controls and Hitachi complete global air conditioning joint venture

Johnson Controls and Hitachi Appliances, Inc. have announced that the companies have completed their global joint venture agreement and will immediately commence operations of Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning to provide global customers with a full range of world class air conditioning products and technology.
today29 May 2015

Bitcon fire doors for new multi-million dollar Maputo landmark

South African fire door producer, Bitcon Industries, has secured a second contract for the provision of its Rubidor Class B fire doors for Maputo’s new landmark building, the multi-million dollar mixed-use, The Horizon, residential and office tower development in Maputo.
today1 Dec 2015

The smart grid works, but only if smart buildings are connected to it

The grid – the infrastructure that delivers electricity from our local utility and municipalities to buildings – is over-taxed. Because of increasing demand during peak time periods and the imminent output of renewable energy sources such as solar and wind when South Africa’s Independent Power Producers (IPP’s) start contributing with supply, the grid is less able to provide a stable energy supply.
today3 Sep 2015
verified_userASSA ABLOY

ASSA Abloys digital door lock for glass doors

Digital Door Locks provide increased security whilst offering home owners genuine keyless convenience as well as the possibility of integrating their door locks into their smart homes. 
today14 Aug 2015
verified_userSika South Africa

SikaSwell® hydrophilic profiles and sealants

Hydrophilic joint sealing systems like SikaSwell® profiles and sealants are waterstops which can swell and are used in watertight concrete structures for systematic sealing of construction joints. 
today6 Jul 2015
verified_userREHAU Polymer

REHAU uPVC window system delights owners

REHAU Authorised Partner, UPVC Window Systems recently fitted double glazed uPVC windows and doors to a residence in the Cape Town area. 
today24 Oct 2010

Future-ready homes

CEDIA is the abbreviation for the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association. CEDIA is the international trade organization for the home electronic system industry. CEDIA members specialise in the planning, design, supply and installation of automated electronic systems for the modern, intelligent home. They can install anything from multiroom audio and home cinema to complete home networks and sub-systems that intelligently control lighting, security, HVAC, and even garden facilities, from lighting to watering.
today2 Nov 2017

Hi-tech automation – pure audio and video brilliance

Sound Xperience undertook a home automation project in Joburg North that comprised an extensive array of audio visual equipment, automated lights and an integrated alarm system.
today30 Aug 2017
verified_userTurnstar Systems

Robust turnstile controls access in industrial estate

A Turnstar Triumph 4 full height single turnstile secures the entrance of Brooklands Estate. In a hot dip galvanised finish, it is ideal for the corrosive environment of KwaZulu-Natal.
today30 Jul 2017
verified_userClotan Steel

Lightweight steel for trusses, walls, panels and floors

Clotan Steel can supply all the light steel frame roof trusses, walls, panels and floors needed for your building project. The company offers an on-site production service. Light gauge steel is fast becoming a preferred alternative to the traditional building materials.
today6 Jun 2017

Timber roof trusses and fire regulations

While there are a few misconceptions around timber’s fire performance, structural timber for roofing is both commonplace and performs well under fire conditions. As with every aspect of building, timber roof trusses must be manufactured and erected in line with the National Building Regulations and SANS 10400, which provide for fire safety.  
today31 May 2017

The 2017 brief for the PG Bison 1.618 competition and awards

PG Bison launched the 2017 brief for their long-standing 1.618 Competition in March. This year it is based on the Environmental Centre, Delta Park Heritage Precinct, in Johannesburg.
today25 May 2017

Housing solutions for middle-income earners

FORTY ON L in Bo Kaap – a Blok Raw development The appeal of city living encompasses far more than just the allure of having a convenient base in the hub of the daily hustle and bustle. With less travelling time and more time for “living”, city dwellers can truly enjoy urban living to the full, as they have more time available to explore their city's offerings and mingle with a cosmopolitan mix of people. They can more frequently visit local establishments and enjoy cultural and health activities, without the stress of lengthy commuting afterwards.
today4 Apr 2017
verified_userTurnstar Systems

Turnstar receives ISO 9001:2015 accreditation

Turnstar has received ISO 9001:2015 accreditation. This forms part of its ongoing strategy to ensure the highest quality levels in its locally designed and manufactured physical access control products. The certification was awarded after an audit conducted by SGS.
today15 Mar 2017
verified_userVan Acht Wooden Windows & Doors

uPVC windows and doors by Van Acht

Van Acht is a REHAU authorised window and door fabricator and installer. Van Acht uPVC windows are made to your exact specification and requirements. 
today17 Oct 2012
verified_userASSA ABLOY

Inspired by colour and the strength of steel

Andreu door sets are now available from ASSA ABLOY in South Africa.  Andreu Barberá, S.L. is a solid and prestigious family-owned business specialising in the production of steel doorsets. 
today16 Jul 2012

Using aluminium roller shutters in the home

Roll up aluminium shutters are aesthetically pleasing, strong and offer noise reduction, temperature and light control. 
today28 Feb 2014

Decorative privacy

SOLYX® Decorative Films bring design light and vision control to glass. Internal and external partitions, privacy and security windows, panels, dividers, screens, doors, special effects, decorative and architectural glass are all enhanced with SOLYX® Decorative Films. 
today2 Nov 2014

Foundation underpinning prevents structural collapse

Gauteng Piling recently strengthened and stabilised the foundations of an upmarket residence in the Irene Farm Villages security estate in Centurion. Using traditional underpinning methods, a Grundomat hammer was used to drive the pipe into the ground to secure the new underpinning foundation.
today7 Apr 2014

Glazed and confused

Glazing is the technical term for fixing sheet glass into a frame, whether it is a window, door or skylight.“If correctly installed, glass can be extremely durable and strong,” explains Dylan Miller from leading wooden window and door manufacturer, Swartland.
today10 Mar 2014
verified_userFranke South Africa

Anything stainless

Franke Kitchen Systems is a leading South African manufacturer of stainless steel commercial washroom, kitchen, ZIP instant boiling and chilled water products.
today13 Dec 2016

Viega Fonterra hydronic underfloor heating and cooling

Today’s technology makes home automation a very real and practical proposition – not only for the comfort and convenience of having an automated living space, but it also for the tangible practical and economic benefits.
today7 Nov 2016

Corobrik used for largest all-facebrick social housing project in Pietermaritzburg

The first phase of Aloe Ridge in Pietermaritzburg’s Westgate Grange has been constructed from Corobrik’s Burnt Apricot. Hundreds of families in the Westgate Grange area of Pietermaritzburg will soon have access to affordable housing with the completion of Aloe Ridge, the largest social housing project in the city constructed entirely of Corobrik’s facebrick.
today12 Oct 2016

Profica provides expert design and build solution for ABSA Bank's innovative retail offering

Leading construction and property solution company Profica has recently completed a tenant installation and full fit-out for ABSA bank’s Umlazi Megacity branch in Durban. This is just one of around 40 separate design and build projects that Profica is undertaking as part of ABSA Bank’s innovative Client Facing Network Programme, which will ultimately supply over 200 new or refreshed retail bank facilities around the country. For both Profica and ABSA bank, this signals an innovative shift from the traditional project delivery model, says Managing Director for Profica in South Africa, Matthew Renshaw.
today9 Sep 2016
verified_userStab-A-Load Dock Systems

Stab-A-Load introduces the Hydro-Tilt hydraulic door

Stab-A-Load recently introduced the latest technology in industrial door solutions to their wide range with the new Hydro-Tilt hydraulic door which is revolutionising the “large door” industry in the following applications.
today24 Jun 2016

World-class innovations to be exhibited at Interbuild Africa 2016

Interbuild Africa, one of the largest building and construction trade exhibitions on the African continent, provides a platform for leading local and international brands to showcase their latest products and innovations to large, medium and small building contractors, buyers and industry decision-makers.
today5 May 2016
verified_userGeze SA

EPD verification for the GEZE Powerturn swing door drive certified sustainability

The Powerturn swing door drive received the “Environmental Product Declaration” (EPD), a globally recognised eco-label, at the BAU trade fair in Munich.
today20 Apr 2016

Spider Wire electro-mechanical barrier systems

South African company, Spider Wire, has developed and designed an anti-ram barrier protection solution that is substantially less costly than others on the market.
today19 Apr 2016

Top Joburg apartments call for in vogue Cobra products

Cobra Watertech has always prided itself on being at the leading edge of contemporary design, with an extensive range of products that are not only right on trend, but also the perfect complement to modern living.
today14 Apr 2016

Building almost entirely with scrap materials

For many centuries, quantity surveyors were regarded as financial managers for conventional building projects. But the 'green revolution' has changed all that. Nowadays, a quantity surveyor has to be able to control costs for the most unusual type of structure - even one built almost entirely with scrap materials.
today23 Mar 2016

Africa, a region of growth for Sika

Africa is a diverse continent of 54 countries with over 2,000 languages and an array of landscapes. In business terms too, the many challenges facing Africa make it a continent ripe for development. And for Sika it represents huge business potential. Sika’s Africa Area Manager Jean de Martres answers some questions on Sika’s recently launched Africa Strategy.
today8 Feb 2016

Precast products will ease economic challenges

The Concrete Manufacturers Association believes using precast products in roads, infrastructure and housing products will save costs, speed up delivery and provide job creation opportunities.
today26 Jan 2016

AUTOGATE vehicle barriers

Booms allow for vehicle access control and unmanned secure entrances. AUTOGATE booms also offer options for boom skirts, as well as traffic signs and traffic lights.
today22 Jan 2016

The right frame of mind

Selecting the right window frames for your home is a crucial decision – Cobus Lourens from leading window and door supplier, Swartland, offers homeowners some tips on how to go about selecting windows that will give you the best bang for your buck, without delivering a blow to your bottom line.
today7 Jan 2016
verified_userSaint-Gobain Gyproc South Africa

Excellence in education infrastructure

Saint-Gobain affirms their commitment and support to uplifting education infrastructure in South Africa, through the compilation of an essential guide, which will serve as an indispensable tool for the industry, on how to build learning spaces that are not only sustainable but are able to achieve optimal academic outcomes.
today6 Jan 2016

Corobrik’s face brick layer improves sustainability and quality of traditional rondavels

Traditional mud brick rondavels can be easily and affordably upgraded to increase thermal efficiency and aesthetics with the addition of a face brick skin.
today14 Nov 2011

Invisible protection

Lamin8 offers a wide range of window film technology, including smash and grab safety film, heat and sun resistant film and decorative film for interior use. Window films are made using high-technology processes and are applied to vehicles and buildings to enhance the working and living environment
today8 Mar 2011

A preferred supplier of steel turnstiles

Turnstar, one of the biggest manufacturers of physical access control products in Africa, has a team of expert engineers who have spent over 20 years developing some of the world’s most reliable and durable turnstiles – all of which are supplied with an exceptional five-year guarantee. With a project supply list that includes the 2003 ICC Cricket World Cup and the 2008 CAF African Cup of Nations (Ghana), Turnstar was also the preferred supplier for most of the FIFA 2010 World Cup stadiums in South Africa, as well as for the training stadiums and fan parks that were prepared for this event. The company manufactured and supplied over 960 turnstiles for more than 23 stadiums.
today26 Nov 2018
verified_userGeze SA

Flagship development integrates work-life-play convenience

Unencumbered access was essential for Park Square which houses a sizeable Nedbank call centre. GEZE door closers and fire safety doors played a pivotal part in the project, with specifying made easy using GEZE EZE BIM specifying software.
today6 Aug 2018
verified_userTurnstar Systems

Ultimate quality from Turnstar’s laser cutter

Turnstar acquires Durma laser cutter used to cut hundreds of turnstile strut arms.
today2 May 2018
verified_userTurnstar Systems

New design automatic special needs gate by Turnstar

Turnstar’s new automatic special needs gate for the disabled to gain access to premises is a huge improvement in terms of overall size of the post, method of glass clamping and a totally different drive solution.
today27 Oct 2013

Quick, safe and easy facility access with new visitor management system

Managing the access of authorised visitors and movable assets, such as laptops, into facilities continues to be a major concern. The safety and security of employees and tenants needs to be guaranteed, but there is a fine balance between managing your visitors and ensuring that visitors do not feel unwelcome.
today23 Sep 2013
verified_userTurnstar Systems

A healthy and green building thanks to Turnstar

Discovery Health Medical Scheme, administered by Discovery Health, is the largest private healthcare funder in South Africa, with over 2.5 million lives covered. In addition to the medical scheme benefits, Discovery Health is a registered financial services provider that also offers investment schemes, the world-renowned Vitality Plan, personal liability cover, long-term life insurance and short-term insurance policies on assets.
today21 Aug 2013

LightGrid introduces Lutron's innovative shading solutions

Allowing and varying natural light in our homes at the touch of a button is powerful, but controlling it with astronomical TimeClock events and solar-adaptive technology is truly ground-breaking. It recognises daylight as a practical, sustainable light source and demonstrates that technology has advanced to allow for its precise control.
today4 Mar 2013

Lafarge pledges ongoing support for the baby rhino project

Further to last year’s donation of R100 000, Lafarge South Africa has pledged ongoing support for the world’s first dedicated baby rhino orphanage created at the Legend Golf & Safari Resort in Limpopo Province. The centre is caring for baby rhinos that have been injured and are parentless as a result of South Africa’s devastating poaching epidemic. 
today30 May 2013

Sika seals prison roofing

Situated in the suburb of Tokai in Cape Town, is Pollsmoor Maximum Security Prison, famous for once having Nelson Mandela as an inmate. More recently, the Department of Public Works approved a contract to waterproof the entire roofing area of the prison. Engineers, Nadeson Consulting Services, chose one of Sika’s pure polyurea membranes for the project. Contractors responsible for the application were Superway Construction and SPA, as sub-contractors.
today11 Nov 2015
verified_userSika South Africa

Sika seals and waterproofs at Standard Bank HQ

Although designed specifically for roofing projects, one of Sika’s internationally approved waterproofing systems was nonetheless specified for a steel water-retaining structure at Standard Bank Headquarters in Johannesburg.
today10 Nov 2015

Corobriks face brick adds value to new Olympus rental development

When planning the construction of the latest rental initiative in Olympus, Pretoria, Central Developments once again opted for Corobrik’s durable range of clay face bricks.
today3 Nov 2015
verified_userValsir Uneeq

Valsirs Tropea S In-wall flushing systems

Tropea S is the first cistern in the world designed to reduce the noise generated during use. Tropea S is, in fact, the first cistern in the world made of a soundproofing plastic material.
today1 Nov 2015

Afrisam expands its footprint in the Eastern Cape

AfriSam, one of the largest producers of concrete materials in southern Africa, has acquired an equity stake in Port Elizabeth based Concrete 4 U, expanding its footprint in the Eastern Cape.
today8 Sep 2015

Corobrik constructs R1.5m classroom block and ablution facilities for Gauteng school

Pupils at Inkululeko Yesizwe Primary School in Vlakfontein near Lawley, Gauteng, are relishing using the school’s first brick and mortar classroom block and ablution facilities which were constructed by Corobrik’s Lawley factory.
today23 Aug 2015

Can renewable energy drive economic development?

In South Africa, large-scale renewables facilities are going up in places that haven’t previously enjoyed many economic opportunities and this is helping to drive development in remote areas.
today4 Aug 2015
verified_userEcho Prestress

Echo prestressed hollow-core retaining walling

A retaining wall is a structure designed and constructed to resist lateral soil pressure when the desired change in ground elevation exceeds the soil’s angle of repose.
today1 Jun 2015

Gate-crashing protection

Recent trends in residential housebreaking and hijacking attempts have shown a tendency toward “Gate Crashing” where a vehicle is used to push/pull open gates thereby gaining access to a property. 
today28 May 2015

Stiebel Eltron instanttankless water heaters

Stiebel Eltron, Germany, recently celebrated the production of  20 million “instant” hot water heater units.
today15 Mar 2015

Trellidor launches polycarbonate window protection

It’s pretty, practical and multi-purpose.  Made from polycarbonate strips, Trellidor’s new barrier is the ideal window protection for estate homes and others where looks count.
today17 Aug 2010

Export orders for SA-made fire doors

Leading manufacturer of fire and security doors, Bitcon Industries, has secured three major new export orders to supply its Rubidor hinged fire doors and frames for projects in Mauritius and Zambia. Bob Vollmer, director of Bitcon, says the company supplied its Rubidor fire doors for the upgrading of the Dr AG Jeetoo Hospital in Port Louis, Mauritius. Work started last year on the upgrading of the 550-bed facility to international standards and is expected to be finished before the end of this year. Bitcon’s lead-lined doors, which provide protection from X-ray equipment for hospital personnel, also formed part of this order.
today27 Oct 2010
verified_userAMERICAN Shutters

Window to design

Indoor and outdoor shutters that are beetle resistant supplied in a number of woods and ranges
today8 Jul 2010

A secure way of letting in light

Glass bricks and glass blocks are very versatile and can be used for windows, stairwells, and shower screens, as well as interior and exterior walls
today12 May 2017
verified_userTurnstar Systems

Now you can view all Turnstar products in one location

Turnstar Systems, South Africa’s largest manufacturer of physical access control products, is proud to announce the launch of their new showroom situated at:18 6th Street Wynberg, Sandton.  
today3 Jul 2012

Correctional Services construction projects to go ahead

Master Builders South Africa (MBSA) has welcomed indications that the long-awaited building of new correctional services facilities is likely to go ahead soon. MBSA recently had what it described as extremely positive discussions with the former Minister of Correctional Services, Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula. In her Budget Vote Speech soon afterwards, the minister confirmed that the construction of six new correctional services centres will begin during 2012 and another 12 are to follow in subsequent years.
today13 Feb 2012

New precast products solve specific problems

Rocla, specialist in precast concrete infrastructural products and solutions, showcased two of its new products at the annual IMESA Conference and Exhibition in October last year. The Rocla stand featured the new lightweight precast Wingwall units and the locally manufactured Alfabloc systems. Rocla is the first concrete manufacturer in South Africa to offer a complete range of precast Wingwall units to the market. These units have applications in culvert and storm water installations to ensure optimum hydraulic flow at both the inlets and outlets of these structures. 
today16 Apr 2012
verified_userAMERICAN Shutters

Current décor trends impact the evolution of shutters

Although the beauty and practicality of shutters have been appreciated for centuries, they have been consistently innovated to suit styles, climates, purpose and architecture through the ages.
today20 Mar 2012

Mast lighting structures at Eskom’s Medupi Power Station

Lighting Structures, a business unit within Jasco Carrier Infrastructure and a jointly owned venture between Jasco and the LeBlanc group, secured the contract valued at more than R12 million to design, manufacture, supply and install a range of Hi Masts along with civil works and electrics at Eskom's ground-breaking Medupi Power Station in Lephalale, Limpopo.  Medupi is the first power station to be built in the country in more than two decades. The development requires significant peripheral infrastructure, including specialised area and street lighting to ensure security and safe operations. Lighting Structures specialises in the engineering and design, fabrication, logistics and installation of Hi Masts (including Rail-low masts, Mid-hinge masts, Hydro and Access masts) and street lighting poles, among other systems.
today13 Mar 2012

A world of difference between steel and aluminium shutters for the home

Roller shutters have gained a negative reputation in domestic installations in South Africa because most manufacturers use steel. The end result is a heavy, noisy and ugly product that is really out of place at home.
today6 Mar 2012
verified_userGeze SA

Increased building security and efficiency with intelligent door communication

In modern residential properties, the majority of building technology operating functions are automated. Lighting is one such example: It is no longer operated by light switches, and instead reacts to the external light.
today3 Dec 2014

Planning the future of warehouses and distribution centres

All companies with distribution centres or warehouses understand the complexity involved from concept to completion. 
today25 Nov 2014
verified_userREHAU Polymer

uPVC windows match style of existing timber windows

REHAU Authorised Partner New Look Window Systems recently replaced wooden windows on the top floor of House Faber in Cape Town with Tritec 60mm uPVC windows and doors.  
today25 Nov 2014

VortX - the new range of floor drainage products

Saint-Gobain PAM has recently introduced VortX to the South African market - a new range of floor drainage products to supplement leading cast iron drainage systems Ensign and Timesaver. 
today29 Sep 2014
verified_userFranke South Africa

One hundred years in South Africa

Franke Beverage Systems (beverage containers) and Industrial Engineering. The Franke Group employs around 8,900 people worldwide and is established in 37 countries with 72 subsidiaries.
today21 Aug 2014

Upmarket residential development installs uPVC doors and windows

REHAU’s authorised partner, Teva Windows, recently fabricated and installed 418 uPVC windows and 51 uPVC doors at the development known as 22 On North, in Dunkeld West.
today8 Jul 2014

Beware the cost of non-compliant windows

It’s been just under three years since the SANS 10400 National Building Regulations, covering energy usage in buildings, were amended in the form of the XA appendices. The aim was to further enforce and regulate energy efficient practices in the built environment, with the long-term benefit of reducing overall energy consumption and CO2 emissions.
today30 Jun 2014

More successful projects for A&E Furniture

A&E Furniture (Pty) Ltd has grown from strength to strength in the past few years and has proven itself as a leader in the supply of quality steel change room lockers, benches, steel beds and school furniture.
today4 Jun 2014
verified_userAMERICAN Shutters

Enhancing design principles with window finishes

When designing or choosing a property, unique features and design elements that stand out from the norm create interest and add value. However, these focal points can also create headaches when it comes to furnishing and finishing: beautiful yes, practical not always.
today8 May 2014
verified_userFranke South Africa

Franke announces new tools to assist specifiers

In order to assist specifiers, Franke South Africa announces the availability of two new and very functional aids to architects and designers.
today13 Apr 2014

Light steel frame building ideal for penthouse projects

The light steel frame building (LSFB) method, which has proven itself across the building spectrum, is in the opinion of John Barnard, director of the Southern African Light Steel Frame Association (SASFA), ideal for add-on loft units.
today8 Apr 2014
verified_userMaxiflex Door Systems

Door and docking solutions contribute to energy saving

  Many temperature-controlled facilities have much higher energy consumption than is necessary.  With the right know-how and fairly simple solutions, energy consumption can be dramatically reduced – a benefit to both your organisation and the environment.
today31 Mar 2014

Switching off for privacy

Smart-Film™ is a revolutionary PDLC switchable film that becomes clear when switched on. 
today18 Mar 2014
verified_userGeze SA

For all your escape and fire door requirements

GEZE FIRE and their associated partners can specify, supply and install any of your escape and fire door requirements (hinged, sliding and glass). This includes the door hardware according to SANS regulations.
today20 Jan 2014

Coming to a township near you

When South African based company Structure Now unveiled the new design of their portable schools and functional medical clinic buildings for Africa, they were delighted when they captured the attention of companies as far away as Moscow and New York. Enquiries from overseas have been steadily coming in since the official opening ceremony of the first unit, the Investec Westbury School Teacher Development Centre, located in Gauteng. The classroom, donated by Investec, is completely solar powered and will be a place of ongoing learning.
today15 Jul 2011

Export orders for industrial doors

Leading South African industrial door producer, Bitcon Industries, recently completed delivery on several diverse contracts, including major export orders to neighbouring states and Tanzania. Bob Vollmer, director of Jet Park-based Bitcon, says the export orders included the supply of lead-lined anti-radiation doors for two new clinics in Maseru, Lesotho. The orders for the different projects were placed by Likoankoetla Construction and Thesecon Construction. Fire doors and transformer doors ordered by Randgest have been supplied to the Osel coal mine at Tete in Mozambique, and fire doors ordered by the Sourcing for Africa import/export company have been supplied for the Vijana Project in Tanzania.
today31 Oct 2011

Glass sliding wall systems

Manual sliding walls (MSW®) made from glass and supplied by Geze can be used in shopping malls and shopfronts, or wherever there is a need to connect interior and exterior spaces, or associated spaces, with a transparent and movable barrier.
today23 Feb 2011

Window film prevents data hacking

Klingshield, one of the world’s largest installers of window film, has released an innovative window film technology capable of insulating sensitive wireless networking signals within a building environment. Klingshield’s titanium- and platinum-coated window films contain an invisible layer of metal which acts as a shield and weakens or restricts the broadcast of wireless data signals. With this restraint, data hackers are limited in snooping and gaining unauthorised access to sensitive corporate and government data.
today11 May 2011
verified_userAMERICAN Shutters

Stylish prevention of heat loss

It is the same windows and doors that invite the winter sun into our homes that are responsible for losing our homes' warmth
today29 Sep 2011

Designing for home automation systems

Increasingly, ‘smart homes’ are seen as the homes of the future, but how do we plan for the fast-changing technology that enables home automation?  Ryno Goosen, product specialist on new technologies for leading audio, visual and home automation systems distributor, HFX Systems, says, “Today, technology influences practically every aspect of our home environment, which is why home automation is becoming increasingly popular, especially in homes at the upper end of the market.”
today29 Sep 2011

Advanced design in concrete road safety barriers

Rocla, a leading manufacturer of precast concrete infrastructural products, recently showcased the new range of products that it will be introducing to the South African market. All made in precast concrete, these include an innovative vehicle restraint system to improve road safety, security and retaining walls, rainwater harvesting tanks, wingwalls for pipe inlets and outlets, and oil and grease separators.
today29 Aug 2011
verified_userREHAU Polymer

Save energy and money with REHAU thermally efficient windows

REHAU is one of the largest uPVC window and door system manufacturers in the world and has been instrumental in pioneering the acceptance of uPVC
today1 Jun 2011
verified_userTurnstar Systems

Access control with prestige

The Triton Half Height is designed to be an aesthetic and functional prestige access control solution. It is designed for high speed and ultra quiet operation in interior installations and can handle harsh oper
today30 May 2011
verified_userASSA ABLOY

A smart handle on access control

Codehandle is one of the most convenient but effective keyless locking systems on the market, according to leading security brand UNION, part of the ASSA ABLOY group
today14 Mar 2013

Eco-friendly wood shutters

American Shutters’ Decowood range of shutters offers a practical, stylish and strong option for window and door protection. The shutters also have the benefits of being eco-friendly and pocket-friendly. 
today6 Jan 2013

Fire risk assessment to ensure fire safety

The Centa Group – specialist in complete fire protection – encourages organisations in all sectors to have the correct fire safety equipment in place, not only to comply with health and safety regulations but also to ensure protection for people and property.
today6 Jan 2013

Fire doors for Eskom power stations

Bitcon Industries, based in Jet Park, Gauteng, and part of the Vitrex Group of companies, is supplying fire doors for Eskom’s two new multibillion rand power stations currently under construction, as well as other major projects under way.
today20 Feb 2013

Quality is critical in selecting fire doors

Cutting corners to save money when specifying fire doors holds potentially lethal consequences.  Bob Vollmer, director of leading fire door producer Bitcon Industries, says the selection of the correct fire door for specific applications too often receives scant attention compared to other aspects of design for commercial, industrial and residential buildings. “There seems to be a surprising lack of awareness and understanding of fire doors and how they operate,” Vollmer says. “This is not only the case in South Africa but was also found to be so in several studies overseas,” he says. 
today21 Oct 2013

Concrete cabins on the road

Rocla commenced local manufacture of specialised concrete cabins in July, destined for local photovoltaic (PV) farms. As at the end of August 2013 they have delivered 23 units to PV farm clients.  The concrete cabins are earmarked for two sites, with each site requiring 64 concrete cabins. Completion of delivery is due by end January 2014.
today6 Oct 2013

Modular concrete walls answer to separation of dry bulk materials

ReMaCon Products, Gauteng-based manufacturers of precast concrete retaining blocks, has launched an innovative new modular product that provides a flexible alternative to the conventional ways of separating stored dry bulk materials.
today26 Aug 2013

Innovative workers’ accommodation project using light steel frame method

An innovative workers’ accommodation project built with the light steel frame method on St Helena Island is among the exciting entries in this year’s Steel Awards. This is according to Spencer Erling, Southern African Institute of Steel Construction (SAISC) education director.
today24 Jul 2013

Drywall solutions

Capco’s range of drywall solutions is designed to offer you the answer to any requirement in its availability, flexibility and application.
today11 Jun 2013

Window of opportunity

Duro, a leading manufacturer of steel and aluminium building products in southern Africa, has supplied numerous hospitals and schools in KwaZulu-Natal with windows and doors as part of their Government project work.
today11 Jun 2013

A green revolution in doors

According to Craig Sacks, of Turnstar, revolving doors reduce a building’s carbon footprint, regulate temperature and provide easy access to a building.
today27 May 2013
verified_userASSA ABLOY

ABLOY OPTIMA - An optimal choice for an elderly care facility

Wireless key management makes it easy to update access rights in a facility with a lot of staff and subcontractors as well as varying needs of the residents. Elderly care center Kotikallio in Pitäjänmäki, Finland, chose ABLOY OPTIMA for the doors of its flats, staff rooms, elevators and common areas.
today13 May 2013

Legrand’s new Practibox flush-mounting distribution cabinets

Legrand’s comprehensive range of modular electrical equipment and wiring accessories has been extended to include new flush-mounting distribution cabinets, which ensure optimum efficiency, enhanced aesthetics and absolute safety in any application. 
today6 May 2013
verified_userASSA ABLOY

Gas detection - ensuring gas safety

With increasing electrical costs, consumers are moving towards alternate energy sources such as gas. There is still, however a fear of gas and the risk of suffocation or even dangerous explosions due to gas leaks.
today23 Apr 2013

Sika Sarnafil wins excellence in design award

Sika Sarnafil wins excellence in design award for the largest vinyl roofing project in North America.
today22 Apr 2013
verified_userASSA ABLOY

ASSA ABLOY automatic sliding doors equipped for operating theatres at hospital in Limpopo Province

ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems installed three Besam Unislide mechanisms for automated sliding doors to replace non-functioning doors and allow for easy entrance and access into operating theatres at a hospital based in Limpopo Province, South Africa.
today20 Mar 2013

Bathroom highlights

SANIT decorative actuator plates for the WC add style and uniqueness to your bathroom. The flush mounted WC-operating plates are offered in a wide variety of different materials, finishes and colours.
today6 Mar 2013

Recognising the supply chain in sustainable development

The Legrand Group was awarded the coveted ‘Responsible Supplier Relations’ mark of approval towards the end of last year (2012), becoming one of the first four companies in France to be granted this recognition. 
today12 Feb 2013

Stand 47 - a case study in energy-efficient home design and building

In November last year Saint-Gobain announced its collaboration in a case study project known as Stand 47, at Monaghan Farm on the outskirts of Johannesburg. The project will see the building of an energy-efficient home and will serve as a case study to demonstrate that housing in South Africa can be successfully executed using predominantly energy-efficient materials and still provide the qualities of permanence and longevity associated with traditional homes.  
today8 Jan 2013

Ventilation and window automation

One of the main reasons for automating windows is that of convenience. Not all windows are located at reachable height and these may need a pole to operate them whilst, in some larger rooms and corridors, the sheer number of windows that need to be opened and closed make an automated solution preferable. 
today6 Jan 2013

Mirrored window film

Solashayde’s Silver exterior window film, specifically designed for exterior application, offers a number of benefits.
today4 Apr 2010

SA fire doors for Botswana airport extension

Sir Seretse Khama International Airport in Gaborone, Botswana, is being extended substantially to accommodate the anticipated increase in the number of airline passengers and especially tourists likely to visit the country during the FIFA 2010 Soccer World Cup in South Africa. Bitcon Industries has secured the contract for the supply of fire doors for the new passenger terminal at the airport.
today15 Jun 2010
verified_userSolent Ceiling Fans

The twilight switch - extra protection for your home

The Twilight Switch from Solent Innovate, a division of Solent Trading, makes it look as if homes are occupied and that residents are awake. This offers extra security to home owners
today21 Apr 2010

Raising the standard in home automation

At the same time as we are faced with the heightened awareness of our own responsibilities regarding our impact on the environment, technology has surged forward in every area of life, creating a greater reliance on gadgets like HDTV and iPhones. Some people and organisations are harnessing digital technology as a means to minimise their environmental impact and reduce their carbon footprint through intelligent building management, sometimes referred to as ‘home automation’. In this effort KNX  leads the way.
today1 Mar 2010

What's good about roller shutter doors?

Lots! They allow the most effective use of space, they permit optimum use of the opening and they can be custom manufactured to suit specific requirements
today22 Feb 2010

True performance from lightweight steel

Multinational steel supplier, BlueScope Steel, notes that few elements in the construction process are as important as the core structure of the building. Trusses and structural frames are critical to the security, value and service life of a building. The company highlights the fact that steel frames can be pre-punched to allow electrical and plumbing services to be installed quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, waste is minimised by taking advantage of off-site fabrication of steel building frames.
today17 Feb 2010

Perspex for all reasons

Perspex has exceptional light transmission, excellent resistance to outdoor weathering, good thermoformability, and is UV stable
today12 Dec 2012

Access control at Kusile construction site

Turnstar, the largest manufacturer of physical access control products in Africa, has supplied 56 of its Triumph 4 full-height turnstiles, housed in converted shipping containers, to secure access to the Kusile construction site in Mpumalanga.
today7 Nov 2012
verified_userYork International (SA) Inc

Revival of the console air conditioning unit

An opinion piece submitted by Neil Cameron, Johnson Controls Systems & Service South Africa follows on the Revival of the console air conditioning unit: modern designs that are fast-fit (or retrofit), 30% more economical and eco-friendly
today19 Jun 2012

Electromechanical drive solutions

Apart from a broad spectrum of standard drive products such as window and skylight automation, natural building ventilation or even home DIY projects, they also design and implement turn-key applications, enabling them to solve nearly all linear motion requests
today10 Apr 2012

Vitreous enamelled steel for pharmaceuticals factory

For the first phase of the upgrade of the Adcock Ingram factory in Aeroton, Gauteng, Vitrex was called on to supply change room cubicles and benches, and Bitcon Industries, a division of Vitrex, was contracted to provide fire doors.  Cristian Cottino, sales and marketing director of Vitrex, says Vitraflex change room cubicles and Bitcon Rubidor fire door and frame assemblies were supplied and installed for the main contractor, Murray & Roberts Buildings.  The white Vitraflex change room cubicles were fitted with integral vitreous enamelled steel benches. Telescopic leg anchors were used to secure the cubicles to the floor. These facilitate cleaning and improve hygiene by reducing the potential for bacterial growth at the base of the stiles.
today11 Dec 2012

Allyson Lawless made an International Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering.

SAICE (South African Institution of Civil Engineering) is very pleased to announce that Allyson Lawless was one of four International Fellows to be inducted into the Royal Academy of Engineers on 5 November. Allyson has over the years developed close relationships with many government departments and has represented the voice of civil engineering and SAICE on many fora. 
today9 Jul 2012

Control valves reduce air-conditioning costs

Johnson Controls Building Systems has introduced a series of VP1000 pressure-independent control valves that promise to reduce the installation and commissioning costs for smaller fan coil and air-handling air-conditioning units.  “Traditionally, two separate valves are installed to regulate the flow and pressure of water through the air-conditioning units in response to the demands of a controller. The VP1000 valve performs the functions of both valves, with a differential pressure regulator and a regulating valve for flow adjustment. It is easier to install, more cost-effective and requires less maintenance,” explains Neil Cameron, general manager at Johnson Controls Systems & Service South Africa. 
today13 Nov 2012

Hygienic electrical systems for healthcare facilities

Legrand SA has launched a range of integrated electrical systems for healthcare facilities and other sterile environments where hygiene is a critical factor. 
today8 Oct 2012

Two rural schools win for sustainability

The AfriSam-SAIA Award for Sustainable Architecture is this year shared by two rural South African schools that could transform the way in which future educational facilities are designed in the country: Lebone II College in Phokeng, North West, designed by Activate Architects in association with Afritects, and Vele Secondary School in Limpopo, designed by East Coast Architects. 
today6 Aug 2012

Global trial points to energy-saving LED street lighting

At Rio+20, the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development held in Rio, Brazil, in June, the UN Global Compact Corporate Sustainability Forum released the results of an independent global trial of LED street lighting undertaken in 12 of the world’s largest cities.  The LightSavers trial found that the use of LEDs (light-emitting diodes) in street lighting can generate energy savings as high as 85%. The programme also indicates that citizens of the pilot cities where the trial was conducted prefer LED lighting, citing the social and environmental benefits associated with it. 
today3 Apr 2012

Precision water-jet cutting and profiling

AquaJet Profiles was established over 12 years ago to service the industry. This state-of-the-art service centre uses hi-pressure water-jet cutting technology to transform raw materials into working parts within minutes.
today29 Mar 2012

Folding stacking doors

Folding, stacking doors are ideal for creating indoor/outdoor living spaces, whether in the home, in hotels and lodges, sports centres or other recreational facilities. Charl Jacobz from Swartland Wooden Windows and Doors offers some pointers on what to look for when investing in fold-aside doors, sometimes referred to as stacking or concertina doors.  He highlights that the floor-to-ceiling height of fold-aside doors typically allows for excellent outdoor views and admits an abundance of natural light to the interior.  Fold-aside doors generally comprise a series of “sections” or hinged door leaves that can be opened and pushed aside so that they stack in a concertina style on either one or two sides of the opening. Because they can be opened and neatly stacked to the side they are a great option for maximising the free flow of space and creating a feeling of openness between indoors and out.
today14 Feb 2012
verified_userREHAU Polymer

The long term, eco-friendly solution for energy efficient buildings

REHAU’s thermally efficient uPVC windows and doors are revolutionising thermal insulation in residential and commercial building construction and renovation
today16 Jan 2012

The right fittings for safe escape from fire

RWA is a German acronym which, translated, means ‘smoke and heat extraction’. The smart technology designed into Geze’s RWA systems provides for safe, smoke-free escape routes in the event of a fire in a building.  It has been recognised that, more often than the fire itself, smoke from a fire in a building can be the primary cause of loss of life. With building regulations and fire prevention legislation becoming increasingly stringent to minimise this risk, it has become essential to ensure that smoke-free escape routes are easily accessible – and as quickly accessible as possible.
today16 Jan 2012

The difference between ductile and grey iron

Both Ductile Iron and Grey Iron have a carbon content of about 3.5% that inhibits corrosion. The addition of magnesium at the molten stage of the metal transforms the flakes of graphite, which is common to the grey iron casting process, into a spheroidal or nodular form.
today16 Jan 2012

Levelling the playing fields

Master builders associations have an important role to play in the “levelling of the playing fields” in the construction sector, says Hennie Bester, president of the Gauteng Master Builders Association (GMBA).  Speaking at the GMBA annual presidential dinner in Johannesburg, Bester said the building sector was struggling as a result of the inability of government departments to roll out capital projects and with the shock of collusion in the industry also having severely dented the industry’s image.
today19 Aug 2009

Manhole covers, grates and pits in ductile iron

A-Sales Connection, distributor of plumbing and associated products, recently launched a new range of manhole covers, grates and pits into the South African market. The Evercast range, imported from Australian-based Everhard Industries with the assistance of HaveStock and distributed exclusively by A-Sales Connection, is cast in ductile iron.

Warm edge technology

Many countries are committed to reducing energy consumption. Windows have been targeted as a major energy reduction opportunity in residential and commercial buildings
today16 Nov 2011

Built environment strategies and climate change

South Africa will be hosting the seventeenth Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP 17) and the 7th Meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol (CMP 7) in Durban this November. To coincide with these United Nations events, the International Union of Architects (UIA) will hold its yearly conference on sustainability in the built environment. Following the UIA events at COP 15 in Copenhagen and COP 16 in Cancun, the COP 17 Durban 2011 edition will further strive to crystallise a coherent set of climate change strategies for the built environment.
today6 Jun 2011

Fire-resistant cladding for hotel fire safety

The Grand Daddy Hotel off Long Street in Cape Town has become something of a landmark since the former Metropole Hotel was converted into what is termed ‘a fashion hotel’ with a rooftop trailer park. Each of the Grand Daddy’s Airstream Penthouse Trailers is air-conditioned and has an en suite bathroom. The classic trailers were sourced in the USA by the developers, Jody Aufrichtig and Nicholas Ferguson, along with others in the team, Stefan Botha, Sergio Dreyer and Francois van Binsbergen. The rooftop also features a mini-outdoor cinema and a residents’ bar beneath a freeform tent where guests can relax. The revamp of the hotel was the work of interior stylist Tracy Lynch and each trailer on the rooftop was custom designed by individual Cape Town designers.
today31 Oct 2011

Clay brick – a frontrunner for housing delivery

It is reported that between 1994 and June 2010, government financed the building of over 2.7 million homes for South Africans, giving shelter to more than 13 million people. Government spending on housing delivery increased from R4.8 billion in 2004/05 to R10.9 billion in the 2009/10 financial year. Yet there are still thousands of informal settlements across the country and more than 12 million South Africans are still in need of proper homes.
today26 Oct 2011

Floating islands

Van den Berg Garden Village, DH Environmental Consulting and Envirowise have just introduced floating islands here
today6 Oct 2011

Strong demand for sectional steel garage doors

Strong demand in South Africa for the Lux-A-Door range of steel sectional garage doors – not least as an alternative to timber garage doors – has prompted Duro Pressings to double the production capacity for the popular brand.
today29 Sep 2011

Double glazing in timber windows

Swartland, which was established in the 1950s in the Western Cape, has pursued an approach of continuous improvement that has seen it become one of South Africa’s leading suppliers of timber windows and doors.  The company has introduced double-glazed wooden windows to its premium Cape Culture Collection. This window is reportedly the most energy-efficient tested window on the market.
today28 Sep 2011
verified_userREHAU Polymer

Reducing energy losses with Rehau uPVC windows and doors

REHAU Tritec is a 60mm, three chambered system with over 20 main profiles to allow for the construction of all the most popular fenestration products including casement and tilt and turn windows
today21 Sep 2011
verified_userEcho Prestress

Echo Prestress: Quality underwritten by ISO and SABS marks

Echo slip-formed prestressed slabs are effectively purpose-made, manufactured to a standard 1200m width, which can be cut to non-standard widths as architectural design may prescribe
today3 Aug 2011

Firsts for sustainability and OHS in construction chemicals

Now in its 101st year of supplying construction chemicals – and renowned globally for reliability and innovation – Sika also sets itself the highest standards of environmental management in compliance with ISO 14001.  Sika SA managing director, Paul Adams, says, “Achieving ISO ratings necessitates a continuous improvement in management systems. In gaining ISO 14001 certification, Sika demonstrates its total commitment to sustainability. We are continually striving to source new and environmentally-friendly raw materials and are focussing on the elimination of harmful solvents in production.”
today9 Jun 2011
verified_userFranke South Africa

Franke WC pans are designed to reduce water consumption by up to 60%

WC Pans consume up to 90 percent of water usage in commercial buildings. New technology has been introduced to produce a range that delivers high performance and aesthetically pleasing designs
today26 Jan 2011

High performance matting for retail centres

Shopping centres in major urban areas can attract thousands of people daily – and lots of people potentially means lots of dirt on shoes. It is important to provide effective entrance flooring systems so that the transfer of dirt and moisture is reduced and interior floors and galleries remain clean and safe underfoot. The most effective solution is an all-in-one combination which will scrape, dry and clean and ensure that dirt is not transferred into the centre.
today8 Apr 2011

R5.4 billion in incentives for energy efficiency

The restraint on availability of electrical power supply is one of the factors that is obstructing the rollout of building projects. Speaking at the recent Building Industry Crisis Summit, which was hosted by Master Builders South Africa (MBSA) in Johannesburg in February, Andrew Etzinger, general manager for resources and strategy at Eskom, offered delegates a clear picture of the current status on electricity supply versus demand. He also outlined Eskom’s plans to increase its power generation capacity as well as the incentives it already has in place to encourage all users of electricity to reduce their current levels of consumption. Etzinger appealed to building professionals and contractors to influence their clients to make energy-efficient choices upfront – in the design of buildings and specification of materials, as well as in specifying the right equipment in lighting, office equipment, heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) systems, including pumps and fans, and in installing power management and control systems.
today6 Apr 2011
verified_userGeze SA

"Invisible" swing door drives for interiors

With the new ECturn Inside swing door drive, GEZE links barrier freedom and a clear design advantage: thanks to the small dimensions
today8 Mar 2011

Doors you can rely on

South African supplier of strip curtains, impact doors and the successful Albany RapidRoll® Doors, Maxiflex Door Systems, is also the appointed agent for the South African market for the high-quality industrial door range manufactured by Teckentrup in Germany. Teckentrup industrial doors are designed to deliver long-term hardwearing service in tough everyday conditions. They are especially suitable for factory entrances, industrial warehousing, logistics centres, and loading areas.
today26 Jan 2011

EPS wall panels simplify residential upgrades

Many old commercial buildings in Johannesburg’s central business district are currently being transformed from derelict offices into secure and comfortable residential accommodation. Craig Paton-Ash of Ikhaya Futurehouse Systems says, “These refurbishment and conversion projects are challenging for building contractors,particularly when it comes to transporting heavy, bulky construction materials, like conventional bricks, in small, passenger lifts.
today9 Jan 2013
verified_userTurnstar Systems

Turnstar - winner of SASSDA best product of 2012 award

Turnstar Systems, South Africa’s leading manufacturer of physical access control products, won the ‘Best Stainless Steel Product’ category at the South African Stainless Steel Development Association (SASSDA) awards near the end of last year.
today29 Nov 2010

Increasing production of EPS building panels

Construction of a new factory for Ikhaya Futurehouse Systems, in Centurion, Gauteng, is nearing completion and will enable the company to meet growing demand for the its thermally insulating walling panels.
today12 Sep 2010

Concrete versatility suits development of human settlements

“Concrete is the material with the proven track record to provide tried and tested – as well as innovative – solutions for sustainable housing,” says Adele de Lange, technical marketing consultant: human settlements at the Cement & Concrete Institute (C&CI).
today20 May 2010

Simple to sophisticated electrical controls

The South African office of the global Legrand Group recently launched the Arteor range, which encompasses simple switches to the most advanced automation systems, as well as other electrical fittings, for the residential, commercial and hospitality sectors.
today12 Nov 2010

Time to tidy

Complete solutions to paper based record management - end to end filing solutions, service, advice and support. Tidy Files will implement procedure to give staff clear guidelines on how to handle active
today18 May 2010

Retail expo of environmentally friendly building products

The Alert Hub  in Pretoria is an innovative exhibition and retail centre hosting a permanent display of environmentally friendly building products. It offers exhibitors the opportunity to exhibit and retail their products to building professionals as well as the public. And it offers customers the chance to view the latest green building products under one roof. Alert Hub development manager, Gerhard van Deventer, notes, “Until now, customers had to visit separate showrooms and wait for annual shows to view these products; now they’re accessible every day, and in one centre.”
today16 Feb 2010

EPS insulating panels for construction

The Ikhaya Futurehouse System (IFHS) of thermally insulating walling panels is designed to improve building comfort, enhance structural performance and reduce energy required for heating and cooling in commercial, industrial, institutional and residential buildings.
today17 May 2010

Environmentally responsible water services

June 5th marks World Environment Day and, in this regard, eThekwini Water and Sanitation (EWS)  highlights two of its current projects, the Western Aqueduct Project and the Advanced Pressure Management Plan, that are contributing positively to the city’s environmental balance.
today5 May 2010
verified_userTurnstar Systems

Controlling access with prestige revolving doors

Turnstar has launched a new range of high-end prestige revolving doors, available in both manual and automatic operation. The steel and glass revolving doors are available in two leaf, three leaf and four wing
today8 Feb 2010

Steel windows deliver preferred features

A wide range of steel windows, doors and door frames, aluminium windows and doors, as well as Wispeco garage doors, is available from Duro Pressings. The Duriview range of steel windows is the first to be manufactured from the D range of hot-rolled window sections specially designed for Duriview and produced by Mittal Steel. This is a high performance range of steel windows manufactured to match performance standards and preferred features identified by architects and specifiers.
today31 Oct 2012

Winners of the SASSDA 2012 Stainless Steel Awards

The SASSDA Stainless Steel Awards were started in 1998 with the aim of recognising innovation and exceptional achievements in the stainless steel industry. This year’s theme was “100 years of stainless steel”, in keeping with international celebrations of this milestone. 

The SASSDA Stainless Steel Awards were started in 1998 with the aim of recognising innovation and exceptional achievements in the stainless steel industry. This year’s theme was “100 years of stainless steel”, in keeping with international celebrations of this milestone. 

The art of fine doors

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