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Limestone Collection

LIMESTONE: Calcareous rock in the widest sense. In Anglo-Saxon nomenclature this term is often used to distinguish a non-crystalline marble, (namely a calcareous stone = limestone) from a crystalline metamorphic stone = marble).

Sandstone Collection

Sandstone: Calcitic sedimentary stone, made up primarily from fragments of detritus and mineral granules, having dimensions between 1/6mm and 2mm. There are a great number of types of Sandstone depending on the genesis, structure and composition: eolianite, arkose (feldspathic -quartz sandstones) and lithic arenites (which may also be calcareous containing calcite or aragonite), etc.

Union Tiles: Mosaics - Sandstone

Union Tiles range of mosaics – Sandstone

Natural Stone Slab Portfolio

The collection mixes the eternal beauty of natural SemiPrecious stones, fossils and petrified wood to create the unusual solid surface with the most elegant and most extraordinary designs. The Semi-Precious Stone Collection leads to the same materials traditionally used in jewellery, such as quartz, amethyst, agate and jasper. The series consists of eleven different colours and finishes that blend seamlessly with the finest materials from nature.

Johnson Tiles | Ceramic Inkjet Tiles: Sabi

A sandstone structured product with variable design and colour. Available in the following colours: Sabi Natural and Sabi Storm.


TALFIX is a grey quick-setting high-strength cement based adhesive ideally suited for, but not restricted to, smaller DIY installations and tile replacements. Suitable for fixing ceramic, porcelain, dark-coloured natural stone (granite, marble, sandstone, etc) tiles to walls and floors.

Pool Copings / Stair Treads Collection

Pool Copings and Stair Treads from Union Tiles Natural Stone Collection

Union Tiles Mosaics - Venetian

Union Tiles range of mosaics – Venetian

Union Tiles Natural Stone Basins

Union Tiles range of Natural Stone Basins, Composite Baths and Sanitary Accessories.

Goldstar 18

TAL Goldstar 18 is a grey quick-setting high-strength cement based adhesive for fixing ceramic, porcelain, dark-coloured natural stone (granite, marble, sandstone, etc) tiles to walls and floors. The adhesive was designed for easy use, allowing an 8 hour pot life. TAL Goldstar 18 can be applied in bed thicknesses between 3 – 6mm, and up to 12mm in isolated areas only.

Ceramic Tiles: Sandstone

A speckled lava stone finish on a matt, flat surface. Available in the following colours: Sandstone Ash Grey and Sandstone Desert.

Natural Stone Collection - Index

Index to Union Tiles’ Natural Stone catalogue consisting of marble, travertine, granite, sandstone, quartzite, limestone and slate. Stone is the natural choice in green architecture. Natural stone flooring, walling and countertops will not need to be replaced for a very long time, they are 100% recyclable, do not emit VOC’s into your home/building, and can be cleaned with PH-Neutral detergents that are bio-degradable.

Fireplaces | Natural Stone | Union Tiles

Union Tiles collection of Natural Stone Fireplaces

Stain Free Grout

A cementitious grout specially designed to minimize the staining of highly porous tiles, such as sandstone and slate, overcoming the ‘picture frame’ effect encountered with standard grouts. Suitable for filling wall and floor tile joints between 3 – 12mm wide.  Available in Light Grey. Offers resistance to moisture ingress and fungal growth.

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