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Matco Unimat

Matco Unimat is the only ‘drainable’ rubber runner. It is a versatile open holed mat with excellent drainage properties. It’s an anti-slip properties.

Matco Ringmat Extremely tough rubber matting

Matco Ringmatis an extremely tough rubber matting system. Its slip-resistant and has connectors available to link matting for larger areas.

Matco Unimat The only ‘drainable’ rubber runner

Matco Unimat is the only ‘drainable’ rubber runner. Its A real asset in helping to prevent slipping in wet /oily areas and ideal for event caterers.

Rubber Paving & Flooring | Van Dyck Floors

Recycled rubber paving is extremely tough and resilient to damage and stains. EnviroBuild paving and flooring products have virtually zero water or chemical absorption, resulting in no oil absorption from leaking vehicles, accidental spills, etc. These factors make EnviroBuild products very easy to maintain. Simply hose or sweep off dirt and dust. For more aggressive dirt, simply clean with a cloth/mop dipped in a soapy water mixture or use a high-pressure cleaner. Damaged pavers can easily be lifted/extracted and replaced. A variety of other colours and speckled combinations can be made on request depending on the order volume.

Rampmat: Economical Anti-Fatigue Mat

Rampmat is an economical anti-fatigue mat for the workplace. The raised circular surface offers superior slip resistance. It is made from hardwearing NBR rubber and has drainage holes for spilt liquids. The moulded bevelled edges reduce trip hazards.

Polyrib Mat: Hard Wearing Needlepunch Matting

Polyrib Mat is premium quality entrance matting featuring an attractive ribbed design. It is ideal for use in light commercial entrances, recessed or loose lay with bevelled edging. It features a robust non-slip rubber backing.

Coba Africa | Hospitality Facility Explorer

Various Rubber Matting for a hospitality Facility.

Matco Ringmat Safety for children’s play areas

Matco Ringmat is a durable rubber matting suitable for playgrounds. It has a long lifespan even in outdoor conditions, with open holes to for grass growth.

Matco MK3 Recycled Rubber & Plastic Drainage Mats

Matco MK3 is a 100% recycled rubber & plastic drainage mat, that is an anti-fatigue, non-slip. drainage and protection mat.

Matco Rampmat Honeycomb rubber for all seasons

Matco Rampmat is our raised circular surface honeycomb pattern mat that provides grip while scraping dirt and moisture. It is also slip resistant.

Coba Africa | Leisure Facility Explorer

Various Rubber Matting for a leisure facility.

COBAdeluxe: Slip-Resistant Matting

COBAdeluxe has excellent slip resistance in wet or oily areas. The circular open holes rapidly ‘drain away’ liquid spillage. COBAdeluxe creates a safe and very comfortable standing surface. It is manufactured from hardwearing natural rubber…

Matco Bakkie Mats

Bakkie Mats are hardwearing & made from recycled tyres. They are durable, slide-resistant, flexible and double up as sand tracks when your wheels get stuck.

Matco Rampmat An economical anti-fatigue mat

Matco Rampmat is an economical anti-fatigue mat for the workplace. Its made from hardwearing NBR rubber, with a raised circular surface for slip resistance

Matco COBArib

COBArib is a durable, anti-slip fluted rubber mat. Made from natural rubber, it has fine ribbed surface and provides insulation from noise and cold concrete

Matco Bubblemat

Bubblemat mats have raised surfaces that stimulate blood circulation on foot movement. They are made of 100% natural rubber and are water resistant

Matco Workplace Matting

Matco Workplace Matting is a range of industrial applications such as for or use on stairs, countertops, workshop floors and load boxes.

Matco Treadwell

Matco Treadwell is an entrance floor tile made from recycled materials. It is an exceptionally durable nylon carpet and looks stylish.

Mat-lok Ultra-Heavy Duty

Mat-lok Ultra Heavy duty: unlimited foot, regular shopping trolley and wheelchair traffic. Internal / undercover use and external / ramp use.

Matco COBAdeluxe Rubber Bar Mat

COBAdeluxe from Matco is the ultimate rubber bar matting. It is effective in minimising glass breakage, and its open holes provide for efficient drainage.

Bubblemat: Hard Wearing Rubber Mat

Bubblemat is a hard wearing rubber mat with a raised surface that stimulated blood circulation on foot movement. The safety bevelled edging comes standard.

Matco MK3 100% Recycled Rubber & Plastic Drainage Mats

Matco MK3 is 100% recycled rubber & plastic drainage mats. It is easy to install and is an anti fatigue, non-slip, drainage and protection mat.

Fatigue-Step: Anti-Slip Floor Tiles for Wet and Oily Areas

Fatigue-Step is anti-slip floor tiles for wet and oily areas. Its interlocking open holed tiles is ideal for industrial use. It has effective anti-fatigue properties for prolonged standing. The rubber floor tiles is soft yet resilient…

Knee-Saver: Take the Strain out of Kneeling

Knee-Saver is the ideal pad for all those uncomfortable kneeling jobs. It reduces knee pain and lower back stress caused by regular kneeling. It is manufactured from a closed cell PVC/nitrile blend foam, and is resistant to oils and chemicals…

MK1: Recycled Rubber & Plastic Interlocking Floor Tiles

MK1 is made from a recycled rubber thermoplastic compound. It is highly durable, suitable for industrial use. No adhesive is required. It is ideal for workshops, garages, storerooms, factories…

MK3: Drainage Mats

MK3 – 100% recycled rubber and plastic drainage mats. MK3 is an anti-fatigue, non-slip, drainage and protection mat. Easy DIY installation with interlocking system that conceals joins. It is ideal for industrial use, especially in areas prone to liquid spillage.

Coba Africa | Healthcare Facility Explorer

Various Rubber Matting for a healthcare facility.

Matco Fatigue-Step Anti-slip floor tiles for wet and oily areas

Matco Fatigue-Step is an anti-slip floor tile for wet and oily areas. It interlocks and has open holes for general industrial use.

Mat-lok Barrier & Entrance Mats

Scrap tyre recycling: The tyres are cut up to reprocess the rubber for use in entrance matting and equestrian surfaces.

COBAswitch VDE: Electrical Switchboard Matting

COBAswitch VDE is a lightweight mat designed for use in front of open switchboards and high voltage equipment. It provides safety for operatives against electric shock. The fine fluted surface has slip-resistant benefits.

Matco KwikLok PVC Interlocking Floor Tiles

Matco KwikLok is a 100% recycled PVC interlocked floor tile. It’s an ideal low-cost solution and requires no adhesive to install.

Mat-lok Extra-Heavy Duty

Mat-lok extra heavy duty: heavy goods, motor vehicle, foot and wheelchair traffic. Internal / undercover use and external / ramp use.

Matco COBAdeluxe

COBAdeluxe is ultra comfortable, safe and has excellent slip resistance in wet and oily environments; having the ability to drain away liquid spillage.

Coba Africa | Retail Facility Explorer

Various Rubber Matting for a retail facility.

Enviro-Mat: Made From Recycled Materials

Enviro-Mat is a sturdy doormat manufactured from 100% recycled materials. Raised pattern polyester carpet surface made from recycled plastic bottles. It scrapes and traps dirt / debris and is UV and fade resistant…

Matco Enviro-Mat

Enviro-Mat is a sturdy, heavy-duty doormat that is manufactured from 100% recycled materials and scrapes and traps dirt and debris.

Workplace Matting: Sheeting

The following workplace sheeting (matting) is available: Stud Flooring, Rice Sheeting, Pyramid Sheeting, Rhomboid and Rubber Crumb…

Coba Africa | Education Facility Explorer

Various Rubber Matting for an education facility.

Mat-Lok Product Guarantees

Mat-lok Reversible mats carry a six year guarantee from date of installation on all workmanship and materials in the mat subject to normal wear and tear and intended use, provided that (re-workmanship), workmanship has been carried out exclusively by Decramat….

Ringmat: Extremely Tough Rubber Matting

Ringmat is extremely tough rubber matting for general industrial use. It conforms to the Slip Resistance Test EN 13552 Category R10. It has open holes to allow gras to grow through. Connectors are available to link the matting for larger areas…

Triple Active Mat

Decramat’s triple action mat scrape, brush and absorb. It is a heavy-duty mat with static dirt attraction properties. It effectively scrapes dirt and wipes moisture and is safe for high heeled footwear and wheeled trolleys. Cut pile for easy cleaning…

Matco Rampmat

Matco Rampmat is an economical anti-fatigue mat for workplaces. It has a raised circular surface for superior slip resistance.

Domestic Matting Solutions

Matco is well established as a world-class manufacturer and supplier of rubber matting and entrance mats, as well as many other flooring products. Our product range supports safety and hygiene at home and in the workplace. Our domestic range includes recycled PVC interlocking floor tiles, drainage mats, doormats, steel mats, coir mats, exterior mats, knee saver and non-slip underlays…

COBAdeluxe: The Ultimate Rubber Bar Matting

COBAdeluxe is the ultimate rubber bar matting as it offers outstanding comfort for bar tenders and reduces glass breakage. It has open holes to provide efficient drainage, and offers excellent slip resistance…

Matco Fatigue-Step

Matco Fatigue-Step is a versatile interlocking rubber floor tile that is ideal for bars and kitchens. It is easy to install, move, clean and replace.

Mat-Lok Double-Sided Barrier Mat

Double-sided Barrier mat designed to handle heaviest trolleys, vehicles and wheelchairs.

Solid Fatigue-Step: Ultra-Comfortable Interlocking Tiles

Interlocking solid surface tiles made from a blend of natural rubber and nitrile. The tiles link together to provide a very comfortable anti-fatigue surface. Solid Fatigue-Step can withstand temperatures of up to 160°C and spillage of molten glass. Individual tiles can be removed and replaced with ease. Optional bevelled edging in yellow or black.

Matco | Commercial Flooring and Industrial Matting Solutions

Matco’s product range is diverse and extensive. There are flooring and matting products for many different environments. From durable anti-slip GRP flooring and high quality, impressive entrance mats, to safety matting for industrial, catering or leisure areas. With so much choice, you can be assured that Matco has the perfect, competitively priced solution for your building. If you are responsible for health and safety in your organisation, then we have also included some useful information on standing safety in the workplace. Find out how anti-fatigue/anti-slip matting can help to reduce musculoskeletal disorders and accidents in the workplace…

Matco COBA switch VDE

COBA switch VDE is specially designed mat, made out of natural rubber to be used in front of an open switchboard and high voltage equipment.

Matco COBAmat

A range of extremely flexible interwoven PVC safety matting available in a choice of bright colours and hole sizes for different applications.

Matco Solid Fatigue-Step

Matco Solid Fatigue-Step is ultra-comfortable with interlocking tiles. It has an anti-fatigue surface with tiles able to be moved and replaced.

COBArib: Anti-Slip Fluted Rubber Matting

COBArib is manufactured from hardwearing natural rubber. The fine ribbed surface has effective slip-resistance. COBArib provides insulation from cold concrete floors and has some noise insulation properties. It is available in a chunky COBArib Wide option.

Workplace Facility Explorer

Various Rubber Matting for a workplace Facility.

Matco MK3

Matco MK3 is an easy to clean, anti-fatigue, non-slip, drainage and protection mat. It is ideal for bar areas and reduces the risk of slipping.

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