Africote International
Original coatings for Africa
Supplier of a comprehensive range of acrylic interior and exterior paints, cementitious wall coatings and floor screeds, decorative plasters, special effect coatings such as rust and copper paints and chalk paints to achieve an aged...
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Manufacturers of Distinctive Decorative Coatings
Since 1973 Cemcrete has developed a range of cement-based products that can truly claim to be the best that Africa has to offer.
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Everite Building Products
Roofing & Cladding Solutions
Manufacturers of Nutec-cement building products including roofing, roofing trims, ceilings, vertical cladding and building accessories suitable for residential, commercial and industrial applications.
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Kaytech Engineered Fabrics
Engineered Fabrics
Kaytech Engineered Fabrics are suppliers and manufactures of geosynthetics and geotextiles in the civil engineering industry.
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today19 Nov 2018

RoofSeal Datasheet | Roof Waterproofing | Cemcrete

The RoofSeal Acrylic system embraces a primer/bonding coat, an impregnating RoofSeal coat, a very tough spun bonded polyester membrane, a second impregnating RoofSeal coat and, when all work is dry (minimum 3 days), a final RoofSeal coat. RoofSeal is waterproof, very durable and ultra-violet light resistant.
today13 Mar 2018


A blue, modified one-part moisture-curing polyurethane primer specially designed for difficult and dense surfaces, such as fibreglass, before tiling onto these surfaces. Also suitable for priming the backs of mesh-reinforced or resin-backed tiles, as cementitious adhesives are not compatible with these products.
today23 Jun 2017
verified_userKaytech Engineering Products

Kaytech | SealGrid®

Composite asphalt reinforcement interlayer. SealGrid® consists of high strength glass fibre roving knitted to a paving fabric to form a reinforced composite paving fabric. Application areas of SealGrid®: under or between asphalt layers where high horizontal or vertical stresses occur…
today23 Jun 2017
verified_userKaytech Engineering Products

Kaytech | RockGrid® PC

RockGrid® PC is the first composite reinforcing geotextile to be manufactured in South Africa and offers the reinforcement characteristics of geogrids and wovens in conjunction with the favourable hydraulic qualities of nonwovens.
today23 Jun 2017
verified_userKaytech Engineering Products

Kaytech | Miragrid GX

Weak and unstable soils are easily strengthened by the inclusion of Miragrid GX geogrids. Miragrid GX geogrids act to structurally increase the load bearing capacity and tensile resistance of the soil beyond its natural limits.
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today8 Mar 2019
verified_userKaytech Engineered Fabrics

Kaytech shores up R72 coastal road

Kaytech RockGrid PC and bidim used as geosynthetic wrap-around reinforced shoring for new culverts on the busy R72 near Port Alfred.
today16 Apr 2019
verified_userKaytech Engineered Fabrics

Randburg Renovation given Kaytech Stability

Randburg renovation given kaytech stability with the first South African manufactured composite reinforcing geotextile for a retaining wall.
today24 Aug 2016
verified_userSika South Africa

Sika introduces Sikalastic-560

Sikalastic-560 is a hybrid, economical and eco-friendly liquid applied waterproofing solution based on Sika Co-elastic technology (CET). This durable and versatile product is suitable for new construction and refurbishments on roofs.
today5 Feb 2014

TAL introduces Tilemate tiling tool range

TAL, supplier of a wide range of tiling solutions for all tiling requirements, now introduces Tilemate tiling tools for tiling installers.
today31 Mar 2014

Kaytech saves time and money in retaining wall reinforcement

Scheduled for completion in October 2014 is the new multi-level Watercrest Mall in Waterfall, near Hillcrest in KwaZulu-Natal. The steep slopes of the site necessitated the construction of safe, durable, flexible retaining structures, the costs of which can be debilitating in terms of materials and construction time.