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Elastocoat has the ability to span a crack as it expands when temperature increases. When the crack contracts due to lower temperatures, the coating will return to it’s original form without wrinkling because it has a “built in memory”.

Colour Hardener Sealer | Cemcrete

A non-yellowing clear, thermoplastic acrylic lacquer-based resin which displays excellent UV stability. Has very fast solvent release, i.e. drying properties. The sealer greatly enhances the colour and protects the surface from the ingress of dirt and grease.


Elastotex has unique crack bridging and spanning properties. It is designed for exterior use on suitably prepared masonry substrates.

abe.®cote 337 | Tough epoxy paint

abe.®cote 337 is a two component, solvent free, water-dispersed, polyamide cured epoxy.

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