Echo Prestress
A Name Truly Cast in Concrete
Echo Prestress is part of the Echo Group of Companies, although the oldest company in the group dates back to 1983, Echo Prestress opened for business in July 1995.
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Modcon Concrete Works
Modcon has 40 years experience in the manufacturing of moulds, lightweight and precast decorative concrete products to Architectural designs.
Resocrete products are fabricated from a range of specialized resin composites which once moulded, produce a product which is both durable and versatile, and can be cast into almost endless shapes and forms to meet the most diverse of design needs. Made from primarily waste products, recycled materials, by product materials and natural stone, resocrete compounds attain a 98% green build rating whilst retaining superior compressive strength, flexural strength, acoustic damping properties, as well as outstanding thermal blanketing.
Southern Africa Readymix Association (SARMA)
SARMA is a voluntary industry organisation that represents manufacturers, suppliers and stakeholders in the readymix concrete industry.
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today22 Jan 2016
verified_userSouthern Africa Readymix Association (SARMA)

Cost benefit and unlimited scope for design with precast concrete cladding

Precast concrete cladding provides the designer with substantial freedom in the choice of form, texture, and appearance, says Bryan Perrie, MD of The Concrete Institute.
today12 May 2014

Unlimited design freedom

Precast concrete cladding provides the designer with substantial freedom in the choice of form, texture, and appearance because concrete’s flexibility allows for limitless scope in expression and character, says Bryan Perrie, MD of The Concrete Institute.
today18 Mar 2011

Design flexibility with precast concrete cladding

The Cement & Concrete Institute (C&CI) highlights the advantages of working with precast concrete cladding. Key amongst these is that it offers the designer substantial freedom in the choice of form, texture and appearance for a building. In addition, precast concrete cladding is manufactured off-site in a dedicated facility where a skilled workforce can pay full attention to the demands for accuracy and quality of finish. It is important that input should be obtained from a precast specialist in the early decision-making stages of a cladding project.
today7 Jul 2016
verified_userEcho Prestress

Echo slabs secure Waterfall Estate

South Africa’s Echo group has had considerable success in finding and developing new markets for hollow-core, especially in security and retaining wall applications. As South Africa has one of the world’s highest crime levels, good security walling has become an unfortunate necessity.
today6 Aug 2014

Kilometre long security wall at Waterfall Estate

A huge security wall, just under one kilometre long and up to 4.2m high, has been built with prestressed hollow-core panels manufactured by Echo Prestress, on the 640Ha Waterfall Estate in Midrand, currently under development by Century Property Developments.