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Commercial Flooring and Industrial Matting Solutions 2018-19 Catalogue

As you will see from this catalogue, our product range is diverse and extensive. There are flooring and matting products for many different environments. From durable anti-slip GRP flooring and high quality, impressive entrance mats, to safety matting for industrial, catering or leisure areas. With so much choice, you can be assured that Matco has the perfect, competitively priced solution for your building.

Matco Trio Brush

Matco Trio Brush is an attractive and hard wearing entrance matting. Its suitable for recessed matwells or lay to surface with bevelled edging applications

Matco Super Scraper

Matco Super Scraper is a quality barrier mat for exterior use. Its the ideal choice for facility entrance loose lay with PVC Edging or in a matwell.

Matco Premier Star Gripper Plus

Matco Premier Start Gripper Plus is ideal for recessed entrance wells. It is interlocking entrance tiles designed for a matwell.

Matco Spectra Clean

Matco Spectra Clean has a textured top surface providing outstanding scrubbing action, whilst absorbing moisture to save your floors from dirty footprints.

Matco Q-Beez

Q-Beez feature 2 different zones. The first zone is the drying/scraping zone. The second zone is the collection zone to collect and contain the dirt.

Eco-Lay Recyclable Underlays

Eco-Lay products are manufactured from the finest quality recycled rubber granules that are bonded together using synthetic rubber binders. Eco-Lay products are not air-filled and therefore do not collapse. Their unique compound formulation ensures that the individual rubber granules are kept in close physical contact with one another to provide a strong lattice structure that is bonded to a non-woven polypropylene scrim.

Premier Star Gripper Plus

Premier Star Gripper Plus is interlocking entrance tiles designed for a matwell, it is ideal for recessed entrance wells. Two surface options are available, polypropylene carpet and woven brush. Solid surface tiles effectively capture dirt to protect interior floors. Hardwearing woven brush inserts scrape dirt and wipe moisture. The PVC base tile is manufactured from 100% recycled materials. Premier Star Gripper Plus is suitable for high volume footfall in commercial locations.

Matco Trio Scraper

Matco Trio Scraper is a superir high traffic entrance matting system. Install in recessed mat wells or loose-lay with bevelled edging.

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